I nervously saw him from afar

He viciously shivered in his wheeled chair

I remembered our long days at the bar

Where his legs used to be. Are now so bare

No helpful nurses or doctors around

So I mournfully sat down beside him

His thick banages were so tightly wound

I held out my hand so to touch his chin

I could not believe my eyes

The frightful Horror that met my clear sight

The crimson red blood soaked through like wet dyes

My life flashed past and my eyes became tight

All those happy times we spent together

I am sure I cannot tell him the Truth

Seems like they have all gone, gone forever

He smiled at me with many a tooth

Missing than before and our together...

No more!

I have obviously been having some technical issues!

Anyway, this One-Shot is what I did in my English lesson, there is rhyme so look out!