Continuing Normal Life (For Now)

Maria Ciliega, a regular girl, received her powers with a mission. She had completed forming the newly known group, Virtue Girls. Starting it with her friend, Cheyenne, prior to her pregnancy. They have made new friends and teammates: Hikari, Joan, Christina, Dymphna, Reina, and Flora. But they have also made some enemies as well: Jadvyga the witch and her goons, Dr. Set, and the little known Tempter who hides in shadows. Nothing of note has happened since the battle in the caverns below. The girls were able to have some down time, but not even that can last for something in the distance is brewing...

Hikari was in the lair with Dymphna. The two of them were in their maiden forms. The area they were in was a circular room, with a round red foam mat under them. The door behind Hikari leads to the exercise room. While the door behind Dymphna lead to the main lobby.

"Okay, Dymphna." Hikari stated. "You didn't get the pattern right."

"Sorry." she stated.

"Now, let us try again." She stated as she picked up the rubber dagger; John in his human form came in. Hikari yelled, then Dymphna.

Hikari did a straight thrust towards her. Dymphna dodged and did a middle block and a back fist strike to Hikari's temple. She, then, did a punch to the solar pelxis.

"Okay, let's get back to the start." Hikari stated; the two got back to their positions. "I think that's enough for today. We'll need to work on some of the stuff we discussed later."

"What are you two doing?" John asked as he approached them. The two looked at him.

"Hikari was sharing some of her knowledge of Tae Kwon Do with me." Dymphna stated.

"That's good." He replied. "Each of you has unique talents and knowledge. For example, Hikari is very excellent with various martial arts, while Dymphna excels at computers and light machinery." He took a short pause to raise his hand. "It's good that you are sharing each others' knowledge; people usually think sharing knowledge and truth is like sharing a pie. Let me tell you, it's not. When you share knowledge and truth, it is added to and can multiply; so the more you share, the more there is."

The three entered the main lobby after the girls changed back to their human forms to get something to drink and to rest. Dymphna got herself some lemonade while Hikari made herself some tea.

"Oh yeah." John stated. "The package from the Konopi had just arrived yesterday."

"That's cool." Hikari asked.

"I'm having Flora look at the package and see how it works. I'll head down to see if she needs help or not." he explained. He left as Reina came into the room stomping her feet. One was able she was frustrated and not in a good mood.

"Oh, hello Rei…" Dymphna stated. "Are you okay?"

"No." Reina replied frustratedly. "I'm tired of those stupid people."

"What stupid people?" Hikari asked.

"The stupid people from high school showed up." Reina replied.

"Not those guys." Dymphna stated.

"Yes, Dymphna. Those guys." Reina replied. "They kept irritating me asking me if I slept with you yet. I had to keep saying I didn't."

"Wait, you two are a lesbian couple?" Hikari asked the two in shock.

"We're not." The two of them replied at the same time.

"Oh, sorry." Hikari answered. "But the two of you do make a cute couple." She continued in a joking manner.

"OKAY, THAT'S IT!" Reina stated. "Dymphna, let's get boyfriends!"

"Wait, right now?" Dymphna asked.

"Yes." Reina replied.

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?" she asked.

"We can't be called lesbians just because we don't have boyfriends." Reina explained. "Getting a boyfriend guarantees that we are called straight."

"I guess so." Dymphna stated in agreement.

"Let's go." Reina said grabbing Dymphna's hand.

"Alright." she replied.

"While you two, do that I'll head back to training." Hikari stated.

"How come?" Dymphna asked. "You already trained for 3 hours."

"The Titans of Martial Arts will come soon." She replied.

"Who are they?" Reina asked.

"They are the best martial artists in the country." Hikari explained. "And I'm hoping to join their ranks. I have to defeat three of them in sparring to join."

"What about your brother?" she asked.

"He is already a member of the Titans and is the undefeated champion of them." Hikari continued. "My brother, Shingen Matsuyama, is the top one. He is closely followed by Agnimutthi Vikrama and Rudolf Pajarinov. They are the top three in the Titans."

"Okay." Dymphna stated. "See you later." Then she and Reina left.

"Now, I can drink my tea in peace." Hikari stated. She got the tea up to her lips and there was a loud crash, spooking Hikari causing her to drop her cup. "OH GREAT! I JUST SLIPPED MY TEA!"

Dymphna and Reina were out in the city streets. They were looking around for guys to invite as they were walking down the street. Then, a guy came up to them.

"Oh hey there." he stated. "How's it going?"

"I'm doing good." Reina stated.

"Wanna come back to my place?" he stated.

"Forget it, hot shot." she replied.

"What, how come?" he asked.

"Because we don't take garbage like you." Reina replied. The guys walked away. They continued walking down the street and another guy appeared. "It's your turn, Dymphna."

"Uh, okay." she stated and walked up to him. "Uh, hello."

"Hey." he replied, waving to Dymphna.

"What's going on with the decorations?" She asked him.

"Haven't you heard? The Blue Angels are coming tomorrow." He replied.

"Okay." She responded and paused. "Um, are you single?" Dymphna stated screwing up. Reina facepalmed.

"Uhh, sorry I already have a girlfriend." he stated in a confused manner. "Thanks anyways." He walked away.

"Boy, what a way to make it blunt." Reina commented to Dymphna.

"I'm sorry," she sincerely responded. "I never done this before."

"The way to do this is to be subtle about it." Reina added. "There's another guy coming down. Try again."

"Okay." She stated as the guy approached them. "Uh hello." Then, the guy noticed her. "How are things going?"
"Things are going good with me." he stated. "You?"

"I'm doing good." she replied. "Uh, it is true about the Blue Angels. They are coming tomorrow?"

"Yeah, a lot of the city is going to see them perform their newest aerial show." he stated.

"Can I go with you to the show?" Dymphna asked shyly.

"Of course." he stated. "I love to take you along." Reina smiled and did a very positive gesture. She gave Dymphna a thumbs up, and Dymphna did the same to her. "I'll have to make an agreement with my four girlfriends and three wives."

"It's a Mormon." Reina stated to Dymphna. "Run for it." So, the two ran off as fast as they can. The guy didn't notice them run off; he was busy on his phone. The two stopped at a corner farther away. "That was close."

"Yeah." Dymphna said in agreement.

"And still no guys." Reina said. Then, she looked at a billboard with a supermodel on it. "Maybe they would like us more, if we looked more feminine."

"Be constantly twenty pounds underweight and end up exhaling our meals?" Dymphna replied. "No thanks."

"I know but…" Reina added. Then the two got enchanted by a muscular guy walking down the street. He had a mustache and a trimmed beard as well. The two girls were looking at him as he walked by. He didn't notice them. After he left, they snapped back to reality. "Damn it, why does that always happen?"

"I don't know." Dymphna replied.

"This is not working." Reina said. "It's not like I'll fall for the next guy I bump into." And she bumped into someone. "Can you watch where…" She saw a new guy and her aggressive attacks completely vanished. "Uh sorry, about that."

"That is fine." He stated. "I'm Omar. What's your name?"

"I'm Reina." she replied.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Reina." He said. "Have you…" Shortly afterwards, a truck came by and stopped. A beam fired out of the door and zapped Omar. He fell to the ground completely paralyzed.

"Omar!" she stated. The rear doors opened up and several armored women armed with rifles came out. Their armor was colored pink and they had an arm band with a black rose on it.

"Get the man!" one of them stated. They begin to fire on Dymphna and Reina, and the two were forced to take cover and transform. While this happened, two more went over and tried to reach Omar. Reina shot some lightning and zapped one of them. The other headed back into the van.

"Dymphna, get Omar." Reina stated.

"Okay, I'll go, then." Dymphna replied scared. "Just give me cover." She raised an ice shield before heading towards Omar. The women began to fire at Dymphna. She was able to keep her shield up. Reina continued to fire lightning bolts at the attackers. She reached Omar who was laying down on the ground.

"Who are you?" Omar asked.

"I am the Maiden of Purity." she replied. "One of the Virtue Girls."

"The Wirtue Girls." A woman's voice stated. "Ladies, hold your fire. I vant to see her." Then, the fire stopped. An older woman came out of the truck. She was dressed in a pink military uniform and cap. A black rose with a white swastika was on the emblem of the hat. "So, you are one of the Wirtue Girls I vas hearing about. Vhy not just hand him ower and ve'll be on our way."

"We aren't going to hand him over." Dymphna stated giving Reina time to come out.

"Vhy not? He's a man, you're a voman." She stated out the obvious. "He is inferior to us. Vhy care for him. The only thing he is good for is slave labor."

"That's not true!" Reina stated.

"Oh, is that so?" the woman asked. "How come?"

"I might not know a lot about sex and gender. That's in Maria's knowledge. But what I do know is that, there is a difference in being a male, being a female, and being evil. And you are neither, male nor female, you are evil." Reina replied.

"I see you would rather partake in relationships with a weakling." she replied. "Very well. I will be on my way." She got into the van. "As for the rest of you, kill them all." The doors closed as the van drove off. The four women remaining began to open fire on the girls as Dymphna raised her shield. The stun wore off on Omar and he hid for cover. Reina let out a powerful burst of lightning and zapped the opponents knocking them out.

"That was close." Dymphna stated.

"Oh yeah." Reina said. "We need to go back and find Omar." At that moment, John appeared in his German Sheppard form.

"What was all the commotion about?" he asked.

"We were out looking for boyfriends." Dymphna explained.

"Why is that the case?" he asked in a suspicious look.

"We were tired of being called lesbians." Reina replied.

"You two," he stated. "Back in my time, it was the men who ask the girls to be their partner in life, not the other way around."

"But how will you know when you find the one that was meant to be for you?" Reina asked.

"Simple, you don't. If there is one for you, then he will appear." He said. "If you rid of your ideal guy, he will be easier to find. But remember, not everyone is suitable for marriage nor bf/gf relationships. Knowing that, it will be easier to deal with this in your life."

The two girls returned to their regular forms. Reina decided to escort Omar back to his home and was surprised to find out he was Christina's brother. Meanwhile, Dymphna decided to go back to her house. But on the way back, her cell phone rang. A text message appeared on her phone.

"Look behind you." it said. Dymphna turned around and then a feeling of joy filled her.

"BEN!" she stated and ran over to him. The two of them hugged.

"Dymphna." he stated.

"I missed you so much." she stated.

"I missed you as well." He replied. "I made it back to you as I promised so long ago."

"And we are together again at last." she said. "There is a show with the Blue Angels in it. You want to go to it tomorrow with me?"

"I'd love to, Dymphna." he stated happily. The two spent several hours talking to each other before parting ways.

Meanwhile, there was a National government conference going on. And the counsel was seated, the police officer, Nicholas, was there to represent his city.

"I'm glad everyone has come." the leader stated. "We have come to discuss various topics on our agenda. But first we must discuss our top priority for of our meeting: The Virtue Girls." That got Nicholas' attention. "You have seen the news reports about them. They are shaking up the order and will soon threaten its power."

"Sir," Nicholas interrupted. "Pardon my interruption, but shouldn't we be more focused on other things like the increased poverty. It's been at its highest in decades."

"Nicholas, you are being naïve." he stated. "Those people are nothing but lazy bums who refuse to work. Can we get back to the Virtue Girls we need a way to deal with them?"

"I don't see anything about them that is important." Nicholas interrupted a second time. "Why do you have to bring them up?"

"They will threaten the order with a coup. They will use their power to overthrow the government and take our power away from us." he replied.

"You don't have any proof of that." Nicholas stated a third time.

"They are already gathering people to join them as we know it. They will try to destroy the peaceful order that is established." the leader stated. At this point, Nicholas had had it.

"Listen to yourself." Nicholas stated. "This 'order' you speak of has done nothing for the common man. And these girls are trying to help the situation. All that you have proven to me is that you people are stuck with your heads up your butts from the very delusions you believe."

"SECURITY! THROW THE CRACKPOT NUTCASE OUT!" the leader stated. Two security guards came and threw Nicholas out of the conference room. "Okay, now as I was saying before getting interrupted. We need something to get rid of the Virtue Girls."

"I believe I have a solution to the problem." a voice stated. The audience turned toward it.

"Oh, Dr. Set, it's you." the conference leader said. "My you've… changed."

"Don't remind me." he replied. "I probably have a solution to the problem while taking notes on the naïve interruptions."

"And what is this solution?" the conference leader asked.

"Behold." Dr. Set stated showing his plan. "This is the plan we can use against the Virtue Girls." The conference looked over the plan and applauded at the doctor's plan.

"That is brilliant, doctor." one stated.

"Now, those blasted Virtue Girls won't know what hit them." another added.

"When will this plan be put into effect?" the first one asked.

"Gentlemen," Dr. Set explained. "The plan is already in motion as we speak."