Joan: Campus Crisis

Joan and Christina were engaged in an intense battle between each other. Both had fought with fierce determination, duking it out to the end. Then, finally Joan made her final blow which gave her victory. She moved a knight to a black square close to Christina's side.

"Checkmate." she stated.

"Duh." Christina replied. "I would have won if we used the Persian rules for the game."

"You did well though." Joan replied. "We can play again if you want."

"I had enough. You had five victories in a row." Christina explained. "Besides, I have to go to the airport soon."

"What's going on?" She asked.

"My husband, Ahsoka, is coming home today." Christina replied. "I can't wait to see him again."

"Okay. See you later, then." Joan said as she waved. Christina left the room happily and excited. Joan turned to her chess set and began to put it away.

"Now, what to do." She thought. "Since, the girls are busy today, maybe I can catch up with Corneille and see how he's doing." She got up and left the hide out. She walked to the college to see him. The trip was uneventful and it was sunny outside.

She arrived at the library, where he usually hung out. It was a large red building built with brick and mortar. She entered the wooden double doors. The first floor had two computer centers and a few shelves of encyclopedias. She went up to the receptionist.

"Excuse me," Joan asked. "Is there Cornielle here?" She looked at him.

"He's upstairs as usual." She replied. "He's the only student here that still gets to the books first. Who knew? I thought he would go to the computers."

"Yeah." Joan added. She went upstairs and found a desk with two piles of books on it, among them was an English/French dictionary. Corneille was sitting there, fatigued from reading. He had the crimson dress shirt and black dress pants that Joan bought him. "Hey there." He looked up to her.

"Ello everyone." Corneille tried to say without the translater. "Ow are you? Fine. Thank you."

"You've improved on your English." Joan stated in awe. "That's good." He put the translator back on.

"Actually, my English stinks." He answered after putting the translator mask back on. "What is even worse is I don't know how to read English. Despite, the fact I can read and speak French and Latin."

"When did you learn to read and write in French and Latin?" Joan asked.

"Back when I was in the 'Middle Ages' as you call it, I was a guard at a French monastery." He explained. "I was in charge of guarding the monastery's bible. It was also chained to prevent it from getting stolen, so people can come and read sacred scripture at any time. My friend was a friar who was there. With the consent of the bishop of Orleans, my friend taught me how to read and write when his hand got injured."

"Oh…" She stated.

"I remember back then, the monks had to copy the scriptures, page by page, and it had to be done completely by hand. And every single page was a work of art, in its own right." He explained. "Each page was worth, in modern terms, a lot of money."

"Cool." She replied.

"And two guys called me a 'retard' for not having good English." He continued; Joan was shocked. "What is a 'retard'?"

"You don't want to know, Corneille." She stated. "It's an insult to people."

"I understand." He replied.

"You want me to help you with English?" Joan asked.

"Yes, please." He stated. "I'm worried about how long this mask will last."

"It takes batteries." Joan explained. "But knowing that John made that, I'm not too worried about it."

"Batteries?" he asked. "Assault and battery?"

"No." she replied. "Not that battery." She sat down next to him and began to help him study. A study session went by smoothly with no intrusions. After the study session, they felt like they accomplished something.

"Joan, when you went to college?" he asked. "What did you want to be?" Joan was surprised that he asked that.

"Me?" she asked blushing. "Well, I wanted to go into writing."

"Writing as in books?" he asked, logically.

"No, I wanted to write for television." she answered.

"Television?" He asked. "That item with the moving paintings?"

"Yes." She replied. "I was so eager for the occupation too."

"I know it is." He stated brightly. "Many people would envy to have a creative mind."

"I was, but I didn't do it." She replied sadly. Corneille got confused at the statement.

"Why didn't you go with it?" He asked sincerly.

"There was a bunch of stuff." She explained. "Most of the shows on television aren't that good, because the writers always thought about the money first." He became frustrated. "In addition, some of my ideas kept getting picked at because it's not marketable.

"Why worry about the money?" He asked her. "It's a just commodity."

"But some people think money is king." She responded accidently irritating him.

"That is extremely selfish." He stated. "Money should never master of any person."

"But yet people still think that money is king." She stated. "I don't like it either Corneille, but some people think that way."

"Is there anything I could do at college besides reading, studying, and taking classes?" he asked.

"There is, yes." She stated as she grabbed his hand. "Come on, let me show you around." She pulled him along after gathering the stuff he was studying. She toured him around the college, showing him the various things he could do around the college.

"I'm getting thristy." He stated.

"The drinking fountain is over there." she replied pointing to one on the side. "Just turn the handle and water would come out."

"How convenient." He stated walking over. "Do they have an automatic pump that brings the water up from the well?" He asked thinking there was a well where the water fountain was.

"It's a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea." Joan explained. He pulled the trigger on the fountain… and blood sprayed out. "Oh great, did someone break the water again?"

"I doubt that Aaron or Moses did this." Corneille replied.

"Whoever did this…" She stated. The two heard screaming.

"Must be in the direction of the screaming." He replied. The two followed the screaming. They ended up at the sports stadium. All over the field were players laying on the ground. They rushed over to help them. Joan picked one of them up, one of them tried to speak.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"It just came out of nowhere." the athlete stated. "It just came out of the basket and launched balls at us. Whatever the balls hit it drained the water out of, I'm so parched."

"What are these people?" Corneille asked. "What they from?"

"They are from the soccer team?" She replied.

"I'll watch over them." He replied. "Can you find some water?"

"Sure thing." Joan replied. She scurried over to the sink to test the water, again blood came out of it. She hurried as fast as she could to the vending machine to check for anything. All of the Vitamin Water and Energy Drinks had blood in them. The only drink that was in the vending machine that didn't have blood on (or in) it was the milk. "Of course." She pulled out a $20 bill and bought some milk for the people lying in the stadium.

"Thanks." An athlete said as Joan handed him the milk.

"I'm sorry, it's only milk." she stated.

"Right now, any fluid is good." he replied as he began to drink it. Corneille dragged more people in to get drinks as she continued to give more fluids to the people that got towards them.

"We've got so many people who are thirsty." He said. "I hope you have enough." Corneille looked at them and noticed something on the people who were dehydrated. "What's this?" He lifted one of their arms and noticed a red circle and what looks like something drilled into their skin. "Does this look like black magic?" Joan turned her attention to another and saw the same red mark on another's leg and third ones arm.

"Something is sucking the plasma and water out of their bodies." she replied. Corneille noticed a monster right above her opening his claws. The monster was about ready to jump. He ran towards Joan as the monster leapt. He pushed Joan out of the way and the creature tackled him instead.

As she got back up, she saw Corneille struggle against the monster. It was a monstrous humanoid with pale skin. His hands and arms like lampreys, its fanged mouth smelled of rotten eggs and it licked its lips with its forked tongue. She transformed and then threw a fireball at the monster; it backed off to extinguish the flames.

"Corneille, are you okay?" she stated as she ran to him. She saw he was severely drained of water.

"Hello there, Joan." he struggled to say. She learned he somehow knew the outfit didn't hide her. But the other athletes, didn't see the transformation.

"I can't believe you did that for me." she replied.

"I'm a paladin at heart." He stated. "Never mind me. You help everyone else. I'll be fine at the moment." She looked up and saw the monster was healed up, looked at her angrily. She took a rather cutesy fighting stance with her rapier. He raised his hands and charged at her.

She jumped out of the way of the hands swinging around at her, making sure she didn't step on anybody. He spewed out rancid breath and the smell got to her scenes. She covered her nose in disgust.

"Haven't you heard of a breath mint?" She asked sarcastically. It got closer to her and she stuck her rapier out. It jerked back as looking it didn't want to get poked. It tried to reach for her and Joan blocked with her saber. She threw some more fireballs at it as it leapt into the air behind her. She turned around; it grabbed her by the throat she tried to get out and couldn't.

"I'm going to suck all the fluids out of you for being such a pain in the ass." it stated. Joan saw something.

"One thing is for certain." Joan replied. "You're open." She stabbed him straight on with her rapier and made a big cut across its abdomen. A jelly started to come out of him.

"NOO!" it stated, using its hands to cover it dropping Joan in the process. She was only a little drained of liquids. The creature fell over dead after a lot of the jelly spilled out of it and continued spilling until the only thing remaining was the skin and bone. Nothing else was left.

She got up and gathered the milk. Despite her thirst, she gave the milk to the others who were thirsty. There was none left for herself after she gave the last drops to Corneille. Then, in her mind, she heard a voice.

"Let there be a dome in the middle of the waters, to separate one body of water from the other." the voice stated. Joan got stronger as she unlocked her angel mode.

"All you alright, Joan." Corneille asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks." She replied. He helped her back up. "On a much lighter note, did you decide on what club to join?"

"I've made a decision." he said. "I decided to join the history and drama clubs."

"That's cool." Joan replied.

"I can share my knowledge very well with them." He replied. "I can even help them improve those clubs should they ask me to."

"I'm glad you made a choice." Joan stated. "Now, we can get back to studying."

"I would like to calm down." he replied. "I had enough adventure for a day." As the two returned to the library, he did a double take.

"Huh, what's wrong?" she asked him.

"Umm, never mind." He replied. Then, he remained silent. "I thought I saw an iron golem walk by, but it was probably my imagination acting up."