She screamed and her body convulsed, a lighting quick ripple that started from below her feet and threw her body off balance for a moment, her head thrown back in pain, tight screams clutching at the ribs in her throat, trying in vain to silence herself. Without warning, her chest tore, splitting in half with a ferocious scratching sound, and tiny, black butterflies swarmed from the cavity, filling the air in a disturbed pain and terror, the flap of their wings wailing in the night. They fluttered urgently, filling through the open window roughly, desperate of the feel of cool air upon their wings. The girl collapsed, a screaming heap on the floor, the sound decomposed into coarse chokes, caving in on herself as she clutched at her chest, a hole where her heart was, empty save for a white butterfly, spreading it's wings for the first time, flapping once or twice before taking flight as if to test out her ability, unsure and nervous in the air, following the rest, leaving the human shell hollow on the bloodied floor.