Cinderella was one of my favorite princesses growing up. Mainly because I wanted to talk to mice and other small mammals.

However I do have a few questions:

1. Why didn't she poison her stepfamily? She clearly had access to all food in the house.

2. Why didn't she...Leave? Ya know pack up and sneak out? Work someplace else? Get married?

3. Where in France is this story? I know its french because I read the book.

4. Why did the princes father name him Charming? Is it a sarcastic nickname?

5. How did the mice learn English?

The only answers I have are:

1. She didn't poison them because she loved them even if they where cruel.

2. Cinderella didn't leave because she had nowhere else to go. And if she ran everybody probably knew who's kid she was and would take her back home.

3. A complete lack of Imagination named Prince Charming.