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Chapter 1- Seven Years

"It's no use!" she thought to herself, "They're going to catch us anytime now"

Looking over to his sister, Andrew saw the fear in her eyes, "We're going to get out of this alive, I promise." he told her.

No matter how hard he tried to sound reassuring it just wouldn't work. As the gunfire is heard outside of the shop, Andrew continued to start their car.

"We're going to have to run" Andrew said, disappointed. "No matter what happens you keep running don't stop for anything, do you understand me Weiss?"

"I do…" Weiss said with a shaky voice.

Grabbing her hand they exited out the back door and into an open area. Weiss turned to look at the town, now engulfed in flames as gunfire is heard in the distance.

"Focus Weiss, we have to keep going!" Andrew said turning to her.

"Look at this, do you honestly think we'll survive this?" she said, tears in her eyes.

Before Andrew has time to answer an airplane crashes nearby causing the two to be disoriented. As Weiss lied on the floor she saw people approaching her, she was relieved to see people coming to their aid but is soon frightened to see that they are armed. As the men approach them they begin to look more hostile and are revealed to be part of those responsible for the attack.

"They're just teens", one of them said.

"We have our orders", the other said with a sad tone in his voice.

Andrew is picked up and forced onto his knees; they do the same to Weiss. Andrew looked over to his sister, tears in his eyes; he mouths the words 'I'm sorry' to her. He is then shot in front of her.

"No!", she screamed,"You monsters!"

The men than point the gun at her and shot her.

"Ahh!" Weiss yelled as she awakes in a cold sweat, sitting up, the poor 18 year old girl puts her hands up to her face and quietly cries.

"What the-, Weiss what's wrong?" Viola asked, woken up by the noise.

"I had another nightmare…" She said tearfully

"What happened I heard screaming?" Andrew, her older brother, asked as he bursts through the door.

"Oh, ugh, n-nothing Penny and I were pulling a prank on Weiss, it went bad." Viola said, winking over to Penny who had also been woken up.

"Yea, we tried to put a spider in her shirt while she was sleeping, but the spider jumped on me and I kicked Weiss." Penny explained.

"Prank, I never took you for the pranking type Penny. Well try and keep it down, you know how the Reformers act at this hour." Andrew said as he walked out of the room.

"Thanks guys" Weiss said.

"Hey, anytime Weissy." Viola stated

"Please don't call me that." Weiss said shakily.

Penny noticed Weiss' fear and took hold of her hands, "Do you want to talk about it?" she asked.

"I really don't want to at the moment, what time is it by the way?" Weiss asked.

"It's 5am, I guess there's no point in going back to sleep now." Viola said as she got up.

The other girls in the room were still asleep; Viola decided to open up the window to let whatever light there was in. She stared out the window onto the ruined street, the once busy road no crowded with non-working cars and scrap metal. "God how I miss my old life" Viola muttered to herself.

It has been seven years ever since the initial attack, the US, UK, Russia and many other countries are occupied by The Union of Reform, a government that includes China, Japan, North Korea, The Philippines, New Zealand, India, and Vietnam. In the years leading up to the attack, the world had seen drastic economic downfall added with various government changes in many countries, thus leading to the UoR's birth. They became experts in technology, medicine, and soon enough a greater nation. They saw themselves as the new generation and saw the other superpowers as flawed and corrupted, some say it's an extreme view but after the takeover no one dares to speak up, save for a few brave souls.

The current date is June 17, 2050. Weiss, as well as everyone else in her room and the one across, are all part of The Resistance. Although their branch is smaller than most, they are one of the most essential to the entire Resistance. The Resistance was formed by them a year after the attack, they have proven successful in many of their efforts and have helped small pockets of army troops retake certain areas, but recently their leader has disappeared, and the Resistance has been receiving heavy loses. Added with the lack of any military support in recent years, they have grown desperate.

A few minutes pass and there was a knock on the door, Penny opened it revealing it to be Oscar, second in command of the Resistance, although he was relatively young, 26, he can surely fit the part.

"Rise and shine everyone, you know the rules of this place you stay only one night and you leave the following morning." He said as cheerfully as he could.

"Got it, we'll meet you down in the lobby in a bit" Viola told him.

"By the way Oscar, has Andrew been able to find where they're keeping Melanie?" Weiss asked.

Oscar looked down at the floor, "No, unfortunately he hasn't, but I know he's close to finding her, you girls hurry up now." He said and exited the room.

Oscar's girlfriend, Melanie, was taken hostage some weeks ago. He refuses to give up trying to find her, having to deal with that and the fact the leader of the resistance is nowhere to be found, he is way beyond stressed. But he does well to hide from his friends.

Viola started waking up everyone else who hadn't been awoken by Oscar's outburst. "Just five more minutes." Nora complained.

"Come on get up! We need to get going!" Viola said forcing her up.

"You know that's not how you wake Nora up." Ashley said, "You're supposed to say that they're serving bacon downstairs."

Nora rolled her eyes, "Very funny blondie." She said.

The girls gathered their things and made their way out of their room and downstairs. The guys had already left their room and were waiting for them to show up.

"All set?" Oscar asked.

Viola nodded, "For the most part."

They made their way out of the building, which was a rundown hotel. They were on their way back to their HQ in Camarillo in order to resupply and have some time off. They walked down the street viewing the depressing sights. The town was in ruins, people were sleeping out in the streets and in the caved in houses they once called home. In the distance they could hear Reformer airships and the speaker system announcing the usual propaganda.

"How long till we get home?" Sam asked.

"Four hours max." Ben said.

"Oh great.." Nora mumbled.

"Don't worry we'll be there in no time." Jack said. "We could play some game on the way there." He suggested.

Nora glared at him, "I'd rather not." She hissed.

Andrew and Ben laughed, "Jack, you of all people should know Nora isn't exactly the playful type anymore." Ben said.

"He gets points for trying." Viola said.

"If there's a point count than I'm in the lead." Ashley joked.

"You'll be dead if you don't stay quiet!" Nora hissed.

"Relax Nora, we're just having a little fun." Weiss said, "You can't go wrong with that."

Nora groaned and walked a bit farther from the others, "Idiots." She mumbled.

Sam smiled at the others behind him, "Why can't we have more days like these?"

Oscar chuckled, "Because we're leaving under occupation by a psychotic nation."

"Fair enough. Did you pick up a signal yet?" Sam asked.

Oscar shook his head, "Nothing yet, I'm sure once we're far enough I'll be able to contact the others that we're on our way home." He said.

After a few minutes a loud humming noise began to sound off behind them. It eventually grew louder with every passing second.

"You guys hear that?" Penny asked.

Everyone stopped and looked around. The noise was getting even louder, frightening them a bit. A few moments later a Reformer airship flies over head and makes a round-a-bout, it than starts shooting down at them.

"Run!" Oscar yelled.

Reformer troops begin to arrive on scene and a large firefight ensues. They hold off but see that they are quickly about to be overrun. "Sam, take half of the team and head that way, I'll take the others and go the opposite way." Oscar shouted.

"You got it, you make sure to return in one piece." Sam said and ran off with along with Andrew, Penny, Viola, and Jack.

"Ok, you four follow me." Oscar ordered.

Ben, Weiss, Ashley, and Nora follow, dodging gun fire as they head down the street. The drop ship fires down on them and manages to get them against a wall; it begins to hover down onto the ground, as the remaining troops surround them.

"We have you surrounded! Do not attempt to escape or we will open fire!" One of the soldiers yelled out.

The drop ship lands and it opens up its bay door more soldiers rush out followed by their commanding officer.

"Oscar, it's been a while. How are things?" he said with a grin.

"You know damn well how things are traitor." Oscar yelled.

"That's a bit harsh to say, I like to see us as frenemies." James said.

"What do you want from us?!" Nora asked.

"You are one hard group to find, now you are going to answer me this simple question, where is your leader?" he asked.

"In all honesty, I don't know. Even if I did, I would never tell the likes of you James!" Oscar hissed.

James groans and grabs his combat knife, putting it up to Oscar's throat.

"You tell me, or you can say goodbye to your pathetic life." James said.

"James please don't do this, none of us know where she has gone off to. Please James." Weiss said, attempting to reason with him.

James sighed and looked at her with a small smile. "Weiss, you and these four are lucky I'm in a good mood." He put away his knife and walked back to the drop ship. "You come with me, you're no longer of any use" He said as he tossed Melanie onto the floor.

"Melanie!" Oscar said as her ran towards her and embraced her.

"I would kill her but that really wouldn't be so much fun." James said, "Troops, inside the drop ship, we have more important matters to attend. Oh and Melanie" James tossed what looked like a credit card, which are in fact called Shards, the current currency in occupied USA.

"Thank you for your cooperation" James says, imitating a tip of the hat, "This isn't over Oscar! Consider yourselves lucky that I'm on a deadline!" the bay doors close and the drop ship flies off into the distance.

"You okay?" Oscar asked Melanie.

"Yea, just glad to be back. Weiss I see you learned from me to try and find the easy way out nice work" Melanie said as she got on her feet.

"What can I say, I learned from the best" Weiss said as she hugged her tightly, trying to hold back tears.

"Hey at least we got cash" Ben exclaimed, walking over to the card. "How much do you think we got?" he asked, earning a few groans and pitty laughs.

"I don't want to be rude here, but we better get going. I'm sure the others would like to see Melanie back" Nora stated trying to hurry up the group.

"Right, I'll contact Sam to meet us somewhere nearby" Oscars said taking out an old cell phone.

On the drop ship

"Sir why did you let them live?" a Reformer asked James.

James sighed, "I know I'm supposed to be hunting them down, but it's no use if we can't get their leader also."

"But she's been gone for a couple of years now; she could as well be dead." The soldier said.

"You may be right but then again you may be wrong. Plus it gives them false hope."

"False hope?" the soldier asked.

"You make them think they have the advantage, making them more vulnerable to attack from the outside and the inside."

The soldier nodded, "It's an… interesting plan."

"Head to HQ, I have a meeting with the commander to get to." James told the pilot.

"Yes sir." The drop ship begins its ascent into space to the orbital station.