Chapter 66- The Battle for New York Part One

Two hours later

A jet flew past over the trucks, firing down at two tanks on the ground. They had finally arrived at New York City in Staten Island, which was now a battle zone between the two forces. The British and American fleet had taken much of the north while the city itself was proving difficult to capture.

"Once we're out of here we have to make our way towards Brooklyn there we'll meet up with Emily and fight our way towards Central Park were the tower is located. Brooklyn right now has been take, we'll have to fight our way through Staten Island." Oscar instructed, "Any questions?"

"Just one, are we there yet?" John asked, earning a laugh from the group.

"Almost, just a few more minutes." Oscar said.

Weiss looked over at Penny who was shaking in fear, she took hold of her hand and smiled, "We'll make it out of this Penny." She said.

Penny smiled at her, "I-I know…"

The trucks came to a screeching halt, causing everyone to fall.

"What's going on!?" Alicia asked.

"We reached a dead end, cars are littering our way!" the driver said.

"Everyone out, we start from here!" Oscar said.

Everyone exited the truck, as well did the soldiers in the others. The soldiers immediately engaged some stray UoR soldiers and worked their way towards the battle zone.

"You kids be safe, we got your asses covered back here. Just make sure you get to Brooklyn alive." The diver said.

Oscar nodded and mointed to his group, "Let's get a move on" he shouted.

The group made their way through the ruins of Staten Island, many buildings were completely destroyed allowing for view of the bay. It was filled with many allied ships that were being attacked by UoR aerial units. There was little resistance along the way as Staten Island had many of its UoR soldiers on the Northern end. A few minutes later they arrived at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, it had seen much damage. The entire right side was gone while the left seemed unstable.

"Holy shit." Nathan said, "You don't really expect us to go through that?" he asked.

"It's either this, or we fight our way around and die." Ruby said.

"Always sunshine and rainbows with you." Nathan mumbled.

"Relax bro, we'll get through this." David said.

"Alright everyone, this bridge obviously is unstable but it's our only option. Stay close and move fast." Oscar said.

They group stayed close together as they made their way across, the sounds of explosions and gunfire being heard off in the distance. Up in the sky was an ongoing battle of air supremacy, the UoR having the upper hand in it. Not much else could be seen other than the war torn Brooklyn. They eventually reached the other end, meeting up with a chopper pilot.

"You Oscar? They told me some resistance team would make their way across from here!" he shouted over the helicopter.

Oscar nodded, "Yea that's us!"

"Get on, Emily is waiting!" he said.

The team boarded the chopper and were soon on their way. On their way the view of Manhattan Island slowly came into view, a lot of smoke was viewable coming out from it.

"What's the status of Manhattan!?" Sam asked.

"It's divided between forces, if we can get to the park and take down that tower we'll be able to take the city!" the pilot said.

"Sounds like a plan." Nora said.

"It won't be easy." Susan said, "That tower is full of precious data that could prove useful to us." She said.

"So we take it and blow it up. Simple as that." Viola said.

"For once I agree with her." Andrew said.

"Guys stay focused, we're almost there." Kevin said.

The chopper soon arrived at Downtown Brooklyn in a small base of operations. Many vehicles and personnel were there, ready for battle.

Everyone exited the chopper and were greeted by a soldier, "Welcome, I ca safely assume you're who everyone is talking about…. Penny is that you?" he said.

Everyone looked at Penny who had a shocked look on her face, "G-General Carter?" she said.

"I told you to call me Nick." He said chuckling.

Penny ran over to him and hugged him, "I can't believe you're here." She said.

"Umm, care to introduce us Penny?" Valerie asked.

"Oh right, everyone this is General Carter. He kept me safe throughout much of the early days of the war." She said.

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you; now please, if you make your way down there you'll find Ms. Emily. I shall see you later Penny." He said.

Penny nodded and walked along with the others, "Damn Penny, he sure is hunky." Nora said.

Penny giggled, "Yea and old, he's a sweet man. After I got separated from James he found me and helped me stay alive." She said, "There's more to it but I'll tell you all later."

The group arrived at the center of the camp were Emily was surrounded by soldiers she was briefing, she saw them and excused herself from the soldiers. She ran over to them and gave Oscar and Alicia a big hug.

"Oh my God it's so good to see your faces again!" she said.

"It's good to see you to Emily." Alicia said.

"Penny, oh my gosh you've gotten so big and beautiful." She said, pulling her into a hug.

"It's so nice to see you again Emily." Penny said.

Emily smiled and looked at the others, "You have no idea how happy I am to see all of you again. Come I need to get you all informed." She said.

She walked over to a table where a soldier, who had a UoR mask helmet on, gave her a data pad.

"Thank you." She said, "Now I'm sure Oscar and Alicia have informed you about what's going on." She said.

"More or less." Zoey said.

Emily giggled, "Now, we have a lot of activity on the Brooklyn Bridge, the UoR is making it difficult to get across and we need to get our tanks on the other side." She said.

"Why not just call an airstrike?" Melanie suggested.

"It's not that simple, the bridge is already damage heavily on the far end plus we have many of our soldiers already fighting it out over there." Emily said, "Our best bet is to have some of our UoR Condors take out as many enemy soldiers, problem with that…"

"The Condors are very agile, small and fast hover choppers, unfortunately what they have in speed they lack in armor." Susan cut in.

"Meaning if we don't send in more troops to distract them our birds will fall out of the sky." Emily said, "I was hoping you guys could lead the attack on the bridge."

"Of course we will." Oscar said, "Let's move out." He said to his group.

"Team five through eight we are moving out, have Condor units one through three on standby. We are taking back Manhattan!" Emily shouted, earning a cheer from the soldiers.

"You sure have gotten popular." Melanie said to Emily.

"I'll explain everything once we take back the city." She said with a smile.

The group boarded on a chopper, along with a few other sodliers, and were taken towards the start of the bridge. From the air they could see the ongoing battle between the two sides on the bridge, many destroyed vehicles and dead bodies could be seen as well. The chopper landed and the team rushed onto the bridge, jets and choppers flew past them as they made their way across.

"Roger that, it seems they're sending in a lone Condor pilot to assist us." Emily said.

"I thought you said we had to clear the way?" Penny asked.

"We do, this will be our support for a bit. Once we have the advantage the other Condors will be here to tear them a new one." She said.

"Now that's what I like to hear." David said, earning a laugh from Nathan and Andrew.

The group arrived close to the end of the bridge were the soldiers were fighting. Oscar, Sam and Alicia instantly began shooting at them while the others took places on the other ends in order to push back the UoR soldiers.

The Condor zipped past over them and began firing its machine guns at the UoR troops, they fired back and launched a rocket which missed by the vehicles quick turning. It stopped firing and flew under the ridge while the soldiers moved up more.

Some UoR troops that were close to them engaged in hand to hand combat with the allied troops. Penny jumped out of the way of a sudden explosion and landed in front of a UoR soldier, he aimed his gun at her but it was kicked out of his hand by mask helmet wearing allied troop. The two went at it, throwing punches with quick speed and excellent dodging. The allied troop was kicked in the head, knocking off the helmet and letting the soldier's long hair flow out. She growled and took her knife and stabbed it through the soldier's throat. She turned around and gave Penny a smile as she walked back.

"I-Impossible…" Penny said, looking at who it was.

"What?" Caroline asked, "Surprised to see me?" she said.

A rocket zipped past them and Caroline took Penny behind cover, Nora and Weiss moved and gave confused looks at Penny and Caroline.

"You!?" Nora said, "What the hell are you doing here!?" she asked.

"Helping you win this damn war. Now through this grenade at them!" Caroline said tossing Nora a grenade.

Nora tossed it and the grenade caused a section underneath some UoR troops to fall down. The UoR soldiers were being pushed back more and more, Emily called in the Condors who almost arrived instantly. The choppers massacred the soldiers and left nothing standing. The allied soldiers shouted in victory and moved on into the city. In the distance the One World Trade Center could be seen severely damaged, it had most of its top missing and many large holes in it. As for the Statue of Liberty, it had been destroyed in the initial attacks of the war.

"Nice work guys." Emily said as they grouped together.

"Whoa, it's her!" Sam said, aiming his gun at Caroline.

"Relax Sam, she's one of us." Emily said.

"Weren't you with James?" Oscar said, "What happened to him?"

Caroline sighed, "Let's take back the city, story time can come later." She said.

"Everyone follow me, this city is a death trap. Who knows what the hell is in there." Emily ordered, "The rest of the soldiers will lead an assault on the other side and meet us back at Central Park." She said.

They grouped up with a tank and made their way through the war torn streets of Manhattan. They made excellent progress through the streets, killing many UoR soldiers along the way. They were soon forced to move deeper into the city, the streets becoming a maze to them as they fought their way through. They soon arrived near Time Square, it had seen serious damage as it was close to unrecognizable. A rocket was heard being fired and it struck the tank they were traveling with, destroying it completely and killing those inside.

"Everyone take cover!" Emily shouted.

They were soon surrounded by various UoR soldiers, "Drop your weapons!" one of them said.

"Do as they say." Caroline said.

Everyone else looked at one another and did as they were told. The UoR troops gathered the weapons and tossed them into a pile away from them.

"Well, well, if it isn't the princess herself." Vector said, approaching them.

"Hello Vector, still playing the mindless servant aren't you." She said.

"Where's your prince, did he die back in Russia?" he said, making Caroline growl at him, "You know your father isn't too happy of what you and James did. I'll save you the pain and kill you myself."

"What exactly is your plan?" Ruby whispered.

"Just wait." Caroline whispered back.

Vector looked up and saw a Condor flying towards them. It managed to dodge the protruding steel from the buildings and hovered over them.

"Excellent, we'll have him get rid of them. Hand me the communicator." He said to one of the troops.

"Attention pilot, I have a request for you. Would be so kind to rid these no-good for nothings for me." He said into it.

"Sure thing. Vector." He said back.

Vector looked at the Condor with suspicion, "Impossible…" he said.

The Condor fired at the soldiers in front of the others, killing most in the process. One of the soldier grabbed a rocket launcher and fired it at the Condor causing it to fall down near them. Caroline yelled and tossed throwing knives at the two other soldiers. She swung her fist at Vector only to have him stop it and throw her on the floor. Penny soon joined in and tried to do some damage but Vector was quick to dodge her attacks.

"Even with the serum you're still weak." He taunted.

He grabbed Penny by the neck and positioned her in front of him to block any bullets the others would try to fire at him. She whimpered as she tried to set herself free.

"Let her go!" Oscar shouted.

"I don't think so." Vector said, being joined by two other soldiers.

The two soldiers were heard yelling in pain as they were launched from where they were. Vector looked behind him, his eyes widened at what he saw.

"Let her go Vector!" James said, standing by the wreckage of his Condor.

"B-but how!" Vector said.

"Caroline now!" He shouted.

Vector looked at his side and was met with Caroline's fist. Dazed, he let go of Penny who got out of the way. James put on a mechanical looking glove and held out his hand. It fired a bolt of lightning at the ground in front of Vector and it tossed him to the side. Sam aimed his gun at him, making sure he didn't try anything else.

Penny looked over as James made his way towards them, "J-James…." She said.

James sighed, "Hi Penny…. I've missed you."

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