Some say that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Alas, I say, with a little wisdom, you find that Beauty is within everything:

Within the Darkness, with her shades of midnight,

In which the stars shine, and Nature slumbers;

Within the Light, with her blinding rays gleaming off every surface,

Overpowering the Darkness with little effort;

Within Nature herself; her perfect balance of Life and Death,

And both Light and Dark reflecting each creature she holds;

Also, even within Death herself, who comes to rule the balance in Nature's life,

And the balance and relationship, thereof, in each of these elements.

Who then, can say, with this insight at heart, that there are things in which Beauty does not rest?

Even in Pain and Suffering, you find Beauty in that these give indication of Life and Emotion.

Again, who can say that not all has Beauty?

Beauty, I say, is not within the eye of the beholder, but within everything,

And any and all can see it, if they so choose.

(c) Natasha Kurtz, 2012