One of my more successful attempts at rhyming poetry, it was a birthday gift for my lovely ThePervinErmin, my best friend ever. I had fun trying to make her birthday kind of vampire-themed, thus this poem and an (incomplete) vampiric tale were born. Enjoy!

Musings of a Vampire

human man or antelope
bears of quite large measure
all bring about the same taste
not one to drink for pleasure

the blood of a week-old cat, now
would much improve the mood
for, being a picky creature
he preferred a more delicate food

caterpillars he frowned upon
if they had blood he could not taste it
hummingbirds', swans', and falcons'
however, lovely - went unwasted

rodents, he so thought,
the humans under-rated
for their metallic flavour
rendered him elated

he smiled as he thought
wiggled his fingers as he sat
remembering not long ago
a once-refrigerated rat

for lizards he'd nothing to say
after fish his teeth he'd pick
for no matter the way he'd bite
their silver scales would stick

I have always felt that it seems a bit incomplete, but since my good ideas ran out after the refrigerated rat... I just struggled through lizards and fish, and then just gave up on making a perfect ending. Turned out all right in the end anyway, I guess!