A Lost Love
This is a poem about what it is like to have someone who
you love die... It's quite depressing, please R/R ^_^
I feel the pain, like a vorpal dagger in my profound heart,
This swelling darkness, suffocating from the start,
A piercing knife cutting straight through my soul,
My love, I'm coming, I will escape this deep, empty, hole,

Tears of loneliness; my blood spills, a fearful red,
A highway stretching to the sunset, a road I must tread,
I will escape into a timeless void where darkness reigns,
Our love does not falter, yet I feel these excruciating pains.

Our souls were entwined, yet now you have gone,
I fear that alone in this world, I won't survive long,
If only I could be with you, enjoy your divine presence,
In this dismal place, towards death there a slow descent.

By James Womack