Just a short story that I wrote and actually completed ^.^ Feel free to review and read!

It was the magic of his eyes that drew her in. It transformed him, made him even more beautiful than he already was, with his angel-dust blonde hair and startlingly blue eyes. You could tell he was a good soul.

Lies. All lies. Deep down inside he was manipulative, deadly, a voice in the Garden of Eden. But even with all that fire inside of him, she could still sense a deadly calm. She wanted to disrupt that calm, wanted to shake the very foundation of his being.

She was an angel and he was a demon in hiding.

Of course he probably couldn't help it. After all, there might be something in his past, or family, or something that made act that way.

Little did she know how close to the truth would she come.

It all began when he started stalking her. She would see him out of the corner of her eye, watching her, making the blood rise to her cheeks and her feet stumble. She could see him analyzing every move she made, forcing her to dramatize every gesture, laugh louder, talk faster. Her anxiety was rising every day, and she soon stopped eating during lunch, knowing she was being watched. Bad decision.

One day, she fainted dead away in the school's library. As per usual, her shadow was following her as collected quotes for the newspaper (she was a good honors student, seeking the perfect high school resume). She was busy glancing at a book, just for a moment, couldn't do any harm, when the world slipped away, and suddenly the ground was the ceiling, and everything was swirling away. All she could see was a bit of gold as her shadow bent over her, his mouth whispering franticly, "Are you okay?"She tried to speak, searching for a snarky comeback, but only the faintest thread of a whisper came out. "I'm okay, just need a minute. I haven't eaten all day…"

"You need to eat more, come on; we're going to get food now,"

She stumbled to her feet, clinging to the angel devil with all her strength, and forced miniscule bits of food into her stomach, feeling spikes of unease. She wasn't in control anymore. Instead, he was, and he was ruining everything as he coaxed food into her.

"That's it," He said. "You're coming with me afterschool. You really must eat more,"

They both had afterschool band practice until late that night, and she supposed that it really was quite essential for very story to have music running through it.

Hours later, she somehow found herself in the rain with him, jumping in puddles and talking about anything and everything. For a few moments, she was free o any burdens. They grabbed food at a local hamburger/grocery store, and carried it back to the band hall, where she slowly felt the pressure of being perfect settle into her stomach again.

When she came in sight of the band hall, she froze. "I don't want to go in there," She said, tugging him away. "Let's eat…somewhere else, anywhere else,"

In reality, she just didn't want to deal with the people, and the stress, and the stubborn music that refused to yield under her tight, controlling nature.

She found herself having an impromptu picnic under an alcove near the front entrance of the school, the rain pounding away, but not a drop touched them. The cold air was making her shiver, and her thin majorette jacket wasn't helping any. Somehow, she found herself wearing his jacket. Somehow, they were sitting closer than ever, his side pressed against her. Somehow, she felt safe, protected even, from the worries that plague her world.

Time moved steadily, and soon they found themselves heading to the band hall, hand in hand. She peeked through a window to make sure the band wasn't practicing, making sure she wasn't needed, and then wandered off, promising herself they'd come back soon.

The rain kept drizzling, a perfect backdrop to her night. She, all of a sudden, was in his arms, and he was kissing the top of her head, whispering, "Angel, angel" over and over.

Suddenly, she pushed him away, fearing she was coming close to actually feeling something for him. She couldn't, after all. Love was a forbidden feeling, not allowed in her carefully constructed world. It broke too many boundaries, tore down too many walls, and was a distraction she couldn't afford if she wanted to escape her tiny, isolated town/prison.

"What's wrong?" he asked, but she only shook her head, paused, and then spoke. "When I was six years old, my grandma died. I used to hide in my grandpa's room whenever there was a thunderstorm, and he'd tell me all the rain was the angels crying, and that grandma was up there too,"

"And all the thunder was God in a bowling alley, and the lightning was when he'd get a strike," He murmured eyes half-closed, arms around her. What a marvelous way to put it, she thought, and took a deep breath, feeling at peace for the first time in years.

"I'll always protect you," He said. "I'll be your guardian angel."

For the next few days, he kept his word. He showered her with affection, whispered sweet nothings in her ear, and even arranged a movie just for her during lunch. She was happy.

Then, things changed. He stopped texting her, stopped speaking to her, cut off all contact completely. She felt heavy dread settle in her stomach. A month went by. She threw herself into her music, started going for long, intense runs despite the below-freezing weather. She lost huge amounts of weight, and whenever she saw herself in the mirror, there was hollowness in her eyes.

Her life went from heaven to a living hell.

She figured out the perfect plan. That morning, she put her plan into action. She woke up at 5, curled her hair into perfect ringlets, put on just enough make-up to hide her flaws and herself perfect. She put on her special dark green dress, the fabric as soft as silk over legs, and her elegant high heels that she normally reserved for special occasions. After all, today was a special occasion. A smile flickered over her face as she regarded her appearance. Perfection.

The night air was intoxicating. The wind mussed her carefully styled hair, but she didn't care. She was free, or close to it. She crouched next to the highway, high heels dangling from her hand. Every time a car rushed by, she felt the wind whoosh through her body, the scents and smells of the night air making her almost drunk. It was time.

She waited for the perfect moment. A car began to appear in the distance, the headlights momentarily blinding her. Her legs tensed, the movement all too familiar to her from long practice. With a jerk, she leaped forward, her legs hitting the pavement in time to the music in her head. Bach A minor concerto. The violin had just reached its crescendo when a familiar voice broke through her running haze.

"My angel!"

The violin screeched, and she felt her body jerk backward, her world fracturing in a way that was all too familiar. She felt the ground tilt and the smell of musty books overpowered her. Everything dimmed, and then brightened. He was shouting at her, but there was no sound. She could tell he was screaming her name over and over by the look in his eyes, the frantic worry. The car and the highway had vanished, replaced by trees, and her personal demon was right there, in her face, screaming. She lifted her hand to her head, and felt the wet-stickiness of blood.

"Don't you ever do that to me again!"

The sound had turned back on, revealing the full force of his fury.

"I would kill you if you ever do something that stupid ever, ever again!"

A moment's pause, and a cold, calculating look appeared in his eyes. She just smiled faintly as she realized what he was thinking about. "I don't think I would ever get another chance anyways,"

He glared at her. "I am not taking the risk that would leave me ever again. You are mine,"

She laughed softly, pain echoing in her ribcage. A broken rib, maybe two, she thought idly. "Since when have I ever been anyone's," She said softly. "Unlike you, I am a free soul,"

His blue eyes flashed dangerously. "Not anymore," He said, and started advancing on her. She felt a thin shred of panic, but he was supposed to be her guardian angel. She should be safe, right?

"You shouldn't abandon someone just because they're watching from afar," He said, drawing something shiny out of his pocket. Her eyes widened.

"But I-I didn't," She said. "I waited for you,"

"And you'll be waiting for me still," He said, and a flare of pain outshone all the other aches in her body. The world swirled, and the music in her head played the somber 2nd part of A minor, a melody of madness.