First day at college.

"How do I look Jane?" I asked. She looked at me with her small brown eyes, she's half japanese. "you remind me of aunt Ruth." she said and laughed. I didn't answer her back, I was staring at someone, his name is Adam, he's tall and white, his hair brown with a hazel eyes, god i'm in love with his eyes, he's so handsome! All the girls talks about him in high school, but his heart choose one girl, she's a nice girl and I respect there relationship.

"Hello! From earth to katie!" she waved her hand. Then she saw Adam. "So that's why I was talking to myself." she said stepping closer to me and pushed me. "OW! What's wrong?" I practically yelled. "You still love him?" she asked with smirk. "Who?" I asked back. She looked at Adam then at me. "Ah, you mean," I pauses for a moment. "Yes.. i'm still loving him.." I sighed. I know I'm doing the wrong thing, loving someone who loves someone else, it's really hurt but what can I do? I can't control my heart.

Adam saw us and got closer with his best friend Benjamin, he's genus boy, he's very good and helpful person, but he's blind.. "Sup Jane and Kristina?" Adam asked with smile. What! Who's Kristina? He forgot my name! "Her name is KATIE not Kristina stupid head!" she yelled, I laughed a little.

"Ah, my bad. I got the worst memory in here." he said while holding his head. Well that was true. "" Benjamin said through laughs. "It's ok" I said and smile.

Adam was looking around, I guess he's waiting for someone, ugh stupid me of curse he's looking for... "did anyone seen Eva?" he asked. "No... Oh there she's." Jane said pointing to Eva and her best friend Amanda. she looks so pretty with her long blonde hair and short dark blue dress, she have got a wide blue-gray eyes with yellow ring and a real white skin, she's so white so so white and glowing like a vampire with a thick full cherry red lips. "Hi." Eva said with wide smile. "Hi." We all retorted. Adam got closer to Eva and hugged her. "I miss you babe." he said. "I miss you too." she whispered softly. "The movie just started" Benjamin said and rolled his eyes. "You know nothing about LOVE!" Adam said stepping closer to Benjamin. "Whatever." Benjamin mumbled. "Who's in Dr. Eric history class?" he continued. "Me!" we all retorted. This is amazing! I can't believe it I'm so happy yaay. "Awesome!" Jane yelled excitedly. "That's gone be unforgettable class.". Benjamin said and smirked.
Amanda smile.

The next period in history..

"Most of you get bored in the history class..." "and SLEEPY!" Adam breakout Dr. Eric speech, he's right I'm feeling sleepy from the first lecture, I guess not just me. All the students laughs about what Adam said. "Agreed!" Jane yelled. "What's your name?" Dr. Eric asked pointing to Adam. "Adam." Adam replied. "Ok Adam, what's your favourite kind of movies?" Dr. Eric asked. "Umm horror.. why?"Adam asked back while he's scratching his head. "Choose five students." Dr. Eric commanded Adam. "Okay umm.. Ben, Eva, Amanda, Jane and.. Katie." Adam said. Did he say my name! I guess i'm not invisible anymore. "Am I dreaming?" I whispered. Jane pinched my arm. "Ow.. what was that for?" I asked covering my arm. "Just to make sure that you're not dreaming."She said and smirked. I glared at her. "Ok, now we have seven groups, each group will shoot a different movie. " Dr. Eric said. "You want a long or short movie?" one of the students asked. "20 minutes enough, I want the movies on my desk by next friday." Dr. Eric replied and smile warmly. I guess i'm gonna love this class, plus Dr. Eric.

Adam's POV. At night..

I closed all the lights in the room and flop down on my bed, I closed my eyes and starts to drift off, until my phone started to ring.

"What?" I answered with my eyes closed.

"Dude we don't have time!"

"Who are you?"

"Adam wake up, it's me Benjamin!"

"Hi dude."


"For what?"

"Duh! The movie."

"Ah you call me in this time to talk about the project Einstein?"

"Come on Adam I'm serious."

"Umm I will meet you tomorrow after college."

"Great I will text the girls."

Next day, at juice shop.

"So, horror movie, six characters." Jane said. "We need a place" Eva said. "Umm, what about the forest!" Benjamin suggested. "Hello Einstein it's not a vampires movie." I said and smirked. "What about abandoned house?" Katie asked. Now that's what I was waiting to hear. "Nice idea girl." I said and smile. "I LOVE IT!" Eva said excitedly. "OUIJA!". Amanda whispered. All eyes on Amanda. Ouija? Is she speaking french? "Ah, you kidding right." Eva said. "I'm serious, this is a good idea for a horror movie." Amanda said sternly. "Wait wait, what's the ouija?" Benjamin asked. "Ouija is..." Amanda said not finishing her explanation. "here we go." Eva mumbled. "Shsh, keep going Amanda." Jane said. "Okay, is a flat wooden surface which has letters from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9 and a sun and moon symbol. A movable indicator or a planchette is used to supposedly answer questions that it's players ask." Amanda continued. "Who's answering the questions?" I asked. "Duh! Ghosts, this board is considered to be a spiritual gateway used to contact the dead." Amanda explained. "Yeah right" I rolled my eyes. "How to make this board?" Katie asked. "I will make it" Amanda said. "And I know the perfect place." I said and smirked.

Hey guys. This is my first time to publish story and my first time here. It's story about a guy who face a supernatural activities. I'm not a very good in this, so don't be tough with me XD. I hope you like it. enjoy reading, and please PLEASE leave some reviews I'd love to read them. Happy holidays all and merry christmas.