It was one of the best days in my life. I'm so happy that I got back with Eva now. She's the best part of my life. She's my family. My EVERYTHING!

"Oh, I have twenty missed calls from Amanda." Eva said calling her back. "Hi...sorry I was with Adam...yeah...okay." She turned her gaze to me.
"Is there's something wrong?" I asked. "They are coming."
"Who?" I raised one eyebrow.
"Amanda and the others."
"Oh, I forget to ask her."
"Ok.. let's go downstair." I said standing up.
"Like this?" She pointed at me with a question look on her face. I was half naked, only wearing my jeans.
"Why not?" I smirked. "You wont go out of this room until you wear your t-shirt."
"Fine." I picked up a white t-shirt and wear it. "Happy?" I asked her.
"Very." She smiled. "Now we can go downstair." She held my hand and we went down.

Why they are coming? I guess there's something. Ugh I hope it's not a bad thing.
We walked into the living area.
"I love you." Eva whispered. "I don't think so." I sat next to her on the couch. "SERIOUSLY!" She almost yelled.

"Don't yell at my friend." Benjamin said walking toward us with the others. "Hi guys." I smiled widely.
"WOW! I didn't saw this smile from a long time, what's the secret?" Jane narrowed her eyes. "Eva and his bed in the same place, duh." Amanda smirked. "Shut up girls!" Eva glared at them. "Ugh! we didn't get A in the history project." Benjamin said. "Why?" I asked him. We did a great job. The script was good, even the place.

"You have to watch it first." Jane pulled a CD from her black bag and put it in the DVD player. "Where's the remote?" She asked looking at me. "On the table." I pointed at the small remote. She picked it up and passed the movie to the part that I was asking the ouija board a question.

There was something. A white shadow behind me. "" I stuttered. There was something in the Abandon house. We weren't alone!
"I didn't saw this when I added the effects." Jane stated.
"I guess the camera lens wasn't clear." Katie said. "Yeah I think so." Eva whispered. "No." My eyes widened. The eyes. The red eyes was behind me. Why they can't see it? Why I see this eyes everywhere!

"Are you ok?" Eva asked. I was staring at the red eyes. I couldn't believe what I saw. "Close the movie Jane." Benjamin commanded her. "It's ok babe." Eva held my hand. "'s not." I looked down. I shouldn't enter this house. "Adam it's just...". I interptuped Jane "Just what?" I stood up against her. "Not like what you think." Jane looked down. "What I am thinking about?" I asked her. "Adam." Eva stood up. I closed my eyes and sighed. "Are you ok?" Jane asked me. I swallowed and looked at her eyes. Should I tell them what happened to me?

"I just..I want to be alone." I whispered. "If there's something, you can tell us..we are your friends." Jane walked toward the entrance door. "Let's go guys." She said and walked out.

"Are you ok?" Eva asked. "I said I want to be alone." I looked away.
"Are you sure."
"Yeah..I love you."
"Me too." She smiled and walked out the house.

I took a deep breath and went upstair. I needed to know more about the abandoned house. What happened to the family? Why they left the house? Why no one moved in it? I opened my white laptop and typed the house address in google. Maybe I will find something. I pressed on the first link. A newspaper article from six years ago.

'Family has been found dead'

Last night, a twelve years old girl called the emergency after she found her parents dead in the living room. The police officers didn't found anything. The parents eyes were opened, also there mouths. It is like they saw something scared them.
The child didn't saw anything, just heard her parents screamed. Now she will live at her aunt's house.
This is one of the strangest causes. No blood. No broken things. No stolen money. Just screams.

Oh no. I shouldn't go there. I'm so stupid! What happened to the parents? Is this going to happen for me? I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. I needed to know more. What did they saw? I'm sure they saw something. The red eyes!

I heard a noise, coming from the downstair. I walked out my room to checkout.

Our short movie was playing on the TV. Who did this! I'm sure Jane turned it off before she leave.
No one was there, just me. I turned the TV off and lay on the couch.

Why all this happening to me? Why just me? Maybe it's happened to my friends too but they don't want to talk about it.

My eyelids got heavy. I have to go to the college tomorrow and ask them. I closed my eyes and hoped everything will be alright.

Next morning, at college. Katie's POV.

I saw a fear in Adam's eyes. Why he always want to be alone? He wasn't like that before.

"I can't understand him anymore." Jane mumbled. "Who?" I asked her. "Adam.." She whispered. "Umm..I don't think he's ok."
"I know, but he don't want to tell us, even Ben noticed that."

Of curse he will. He was friend with Adam since the nursery. Then they met Jane in the elementary school. After that they met Eva and Amanda in the middle school. And they met me in the high school.

"Do you want to sit with them?" She pointed at Adam and Benjamin. "Yeah, sure." I smiled. I was so worried about Adam. I want to know if he's ok or not..

"Hi." Jane said. I smiled and sat on the green grasses. "Hi girls." Adam smirked. "How are you Ben?" Jane smiled. "Fine." He smirked. "Why you don't ask about me?" Adam glared at her. "Because you will say, I want to be alone." Jane said not meeting his eyes. "Are you sad about yesterday babe? I'm so sorry..what about a kiss? You will forgive me?" Adam smirked. He always says 'babe' to Jane, just to make her mad. "Don't talk to me." She narrowed her eyes at Adam. He laughed.

"Guys..I want to ask you something." Adam said looking down. "Ok." Benjamin said. "Can we join the little circle?" Amanda walked toward us with Eva. "Sure..hey babe, sit next to me." Adam said to Eva. She smiled and sat next to him. "So, what you're talking about?" Amanda asked. "Adam want to ask us something." I replied. "What's wrong?" Eva asked him. "Hmm, well.. Ummm... Is there's something weird happened to one of you in this weeks?" He asked. "Something like what?" Jane asked him back. "Something..unusual." He answered. "Umm.. Do you mean supernatural things?" Benjamin asked him. "No..well, kind of." Adam looked away.

"No, is there's something happened with you?" Eva held his hand. "Me? Oh.. No, I'm just asking." He smiled looking down.

He looks so handsome with this smile. Ugh I wish I was in Eva's place. Holding his hand when ever I want..
But why he's asking about this things. He's not believing in it. Did he believe it?

Adam's POV.

I guess I'm the only one who saw this things. I didn't do something wrong in the house. I sighed and squeezed Eva's hand tightly. She looked at me and kissed my cheek. "I love you." I smiled. "Ew! I told you thousand time to do this lovers things alone." Jane said with disgust face. "Sorry, we can't hide our love." Adam grinned. Jane glared at me.

I turned my gaze to Eva. But, it wasn't her eyes. It wasn't her face. It wasn't Eva! The same light green eyes. The long black hair. Her face full of bruises.
I stared at her eyes not moving any muscles. I was hardly breathing. She leant her face to the right side slowly.
"Love me." She whispered.

I felt someone shaking my shoulders. Calling my name. "ADAM! ADAM!"
I held my head with my hands, and closed my eyes. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME." I yelled. I'm sick of it. I want to know who's this girl.
"Adam it's me. Look at me." Eva held my hands. I opened my eyes slowly. Hopeful the weird girl disappeared.

"BOO!" The girl whispered in my face. Her face was so close to mine. She was the only thing I saw when I opened my eyes.
I screamed in fright and covered my eyes with my hands. Why she wont leave me alone! I don't even know her!

"Adam please look at me.." Eva said. I opened my eyes again.
It was Eva. Her eyes filled with worries.

"Adam are you ok?" Benjamin asked me. "I-I think so.." I whispered. " what happened to you?" Eva held my hand. "Eva... I..I don't sleep enough lately.. I guess that's all." I lied. "Don't worry guys, I'm fine." I smiled weakly. "Why you don't sleep?" Jane asked me. "I really... I don't know." I sighed. "Don't do this to yourself, you should go and have some rest." Jane said. Rest? I forgot this word since we made the short movie..

"I have to go to the library, you will be ok babe?" Eva asked with smile. "Yeah.. Don't worry sweetheart." I whispered. "I will go with you." Benjamin said. "Me too." Jane held Benjamin's hand and helped him to stand up. Eve kissed my cheek and whispered. " I love you.. Please be ok."
"I will." I smiled. "Good.. Katie take care of him." Eva commanded Katie. "W-wait, wait.. I don't need a nanny." I raised one eyebrow. Katie giggled. "Yes, you do." Eva stood up. "I will see you later." She said and walked with them.

"Where's Amanda?" I asked Katie. "She said she have something to do." She retorted. "Ah ok." I said.

Katie's POV.

Oh my god. It's just me and him, alone. Should I follow Jane, or stay with him.
"So, nanny.. I'm tired, let's go to my house.. If you're not busy." He smiled. I'm dreaming! He want me to go with him to his house! I can't believe it. This is the best day ever! "Yeah.. Let's go." I said standing up.

We climbed into his car silently. He looks amazing while he's driving. With the black sunglasses and the light blue shirt. I couldn't stop looking at his face.

"Is there's something wrong in my face?" He asked with smirk.
"Ahh.. N-no... I.." What should I say?
"I like your sunglasses." I smiled sheepishly.
"Do you want it?"
"No, thanks."
"If you want to get back it's ok.. You don't have to be with me.. I'm fine."
"Stop saying you're fine.. I know you're not, you have to sleep in my watch."
"Yes ma'am."
I smiled and watched the road.

He park the car next to his house, and we got out the car walking toward the doorway. He unlocked the door. "After you." He opened the door with smile.

I walked inside his house. "So, do you want to eat something? I asked him. He looked at me and laughed. "Hey, stop laughing. I didn't say a joke." I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, but you look like a real nanny." He barely held his laughter. "Funny." I glared at him. "Ok then, I will go to my room to have some rest. You can watch TV, and do anything you want." He said. I nodded.

I turned the TV on and sat on the couch. I hope he sleep well.
I can't wait to tell Jane about that. I guess I'm the happiest girl in the world today.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Adam screamed. My heart ached for him. I stood up, and ran fast up the stairs.
The door was open. OH MY GOD!