The day the Aliens attacked.
By Amanda Clewis
dedicated to Miss Lillian Masch
Eau Gallie High School, what a strange place! Why anyone would name a school "Rocky Water, " which is what it translates from the french. An interesting name, it is, for an interesting school, that is an enigma to anyone that tramples through its tiled hallways. This is not a story about the school, but about when the aliens attacked.
It starts out as a normal day, ten minutes after I have woken up and am dressed, my mother calls me from the bottom of the stairs to tell me it is time to get up. She obviously has not noticed my black and neon green alarm clock. (Though her head is screwed on, she still forgets it sometimes.)
Between her and my father I figure I will never have to pay for my shrink bills, if the white coats find out I am crazy.
I grab my blue sack, I can in no way call it a backpack, it barely holds my sketch pad. I decide to make an apperance at the breakfast table, though if I slipped out the back door, it would only take her a couple of hours to figure out I ws gone.
"Hey, dear. How did you get dressed so fast?" (She asks me that every day. It's like a ritual now.)
"Magic." (The other half of the ritual.)
"What would you like for breakfast, hon?"
"I'll just grab a couple granola bars. I have to go soon." I go into the kitchen and take possesion of the granola box. Two left, and they are the chocolate chip kind, good. I take the box flaps apart and fold the box, and drop it in the recycling bin under the sink. I walk to the fridge and write granola bars on the evergrowing shopping list. Mom goes shopping ever few weeks, -or- when she remembers. Granola bars is number fifty on the list, if she notices, she'll probably go today -or- tomorrow.
I take my keys off the key rack, everyone knows they are mine, I am the only one with a mojojojo keychain. Mojojojo is just a cartoon character, he means nothing else to me, but he is a cute monkey.
I go to the carport, and open the door on my 'sixty-six black mustang, my baby.
It is a normal ride, nothing exciting, the hour scenic ride ,(We live in the boonies, just outaside Melbourne, I go to Eau Gallie because they offer more Ap programs, than any school in the county.), I had to remember to keep my eyes on the road, and a quarter into the drive Mrs. Stienbeck tried to hit me with her Studebaker.(She doesn't like my car, she told me once.)Nothing I was not prepared for on this trip.
I get to class thirty minutes before the first bell, I like it that way, I can sit on the patio and draw.
I can only think of things that are boring that happened in first through the beginning of fifth, and I do not have much time, The National Enquirer is coming to get the story soon, so I will go on.
Okay, so its lunch time, I go out to the patio again to eat with some of my friends, an interesting bunch. (I am still trying to figure out why I always end up with the anime people.) Daniel, a man with very little time on his hand, has gone to get his lunch, and a yahoo for me, so me Sherry, Alicia, and Crystal, and some kid named Robert, are sitting at our usual table. A hideous coil of blue metal, that matches all the other tables. When all of a sudden we see this blinding green light coming from the band room.
"That's odd!" Sherry comments.
"Ahh, it's the band kids, they're all odd." I have a grude against the jazz band, they would not play "My Funny Valentine," "Route 66," -or- "Salt Peanuts" at their last concert. Pieces I had suggested they played. They do not listen to me, They have something against people who refuse to join their band, I'm a great drummist and saxophonist, but if they are playing major hits, that all sound the same, instead of the minor hits, why should I join? It may also be they resent I got my training in England, and most of them have been born in Melbourne, But I digress.
The light begins to brighten, and their is a loud explosion. I hope the instruments were not damaged.
A being, who was this brillant silver color, steps out of the band room. It raises its hands and says "Hello, Earthlings, I am one of your beloved teachers. Some of you may not have heard of me, my earthling name is Miss Masch, and me, and my husband, whose earthling name is Billy Zane, have inflitrated your beautiful earth, and soon all of you shall be insane, like you are suppose to be. bwhahahahaha."
That is my story, and I am sticking to it, until I get another idea in my head.