He keeps yelling.

We are risking a lot by just writing this.

If they ever find out, we are dead. Names, locations, ages have all been change for our safety. We will be executed if we don't take precautionary measures.

It is dangerous for you to even be reading this.

Exit this. Close it. Leave it alone now!

Why did we choose to put this down on paper, or maybe on a website where they are less likely to find it, you ask? We are warning you. We are warning you now, be careful. Let this entire story be the warning. Be careful, be cautious, beware.

One more thing before we start this.

We are so sorry if something happens. We are sorry if you can feel the same eyes that have watched us for years. We are sorry if you have to sleep with light on every night just to make sure nothing is lurking in the dark corners. We are sorry.

Okay, let's get this started.