He keeps yelling

Always is a weird concept. It is something the human mind conjures up to give the human comfort. When someone says 'We will always be together' or 'I will always be here.' They are lying. Always is a synonym for forever. Nothing is forever. Death comes, your life ends. Your skin will rot away it will be gone. Your bones will turn to dust eventually. It seems the only things that last forever are the things that are already gone, but when you are younger you always used the word 'always'. I know because I did.

I was sitting at my desk as always.

The kids were being annoying as always.

Our teacher was waiting for the three hours to be up as always.

The seat next to me was not empty like always.

Amas was sitting there. I guessed he would be sitting there always. I stared at the stranger trying to get used to the idea of being next to him. Amas did scare me even though I thought it was stupid to be afraid of him. Amas didn't seem scary, he didn't try to scare me, but I had a nagging feeling that I was supposed to be. I had a feeling I should treat him different. but deep down I didn't want to. I didn't want to hurt him, but I had to. I had to be mean, or else other people ,including my own parents, would be mean right back to me. I had to protect myself even though I wanted to protect Amas from the other kids.

I turned away from Amas. I felt guilty. I tried to focus on the 'Daily Starter' ,but someone had stolen my paper off of my desk! Amas grabbed my paper, wrote something, and passed it back.

On the corner of the sheet he had written,"Do you have a paper I can use? "

I took out my notebook, ripped off a the first sheet of paper I had.

"Sorry," I said "I drew on the back of it but the other side is clean."

He shrugged and looked at the drawing. He reached over and scribbled another note on my paper.

"Thank you, Shaun."

I nodded. I stared at my paper confused. Why had I helped him?I was in trouble. If the other students had seen what I did I was going to be casted out. That's how it was in my school. If you talked to even to the wrong person, those people you once called friends would ignore you and everyone else would probably ignore you. Even the person you had talked to, the one that basically got you in the mess would ignore you.

How do I know this, you ask?

Well, I know this because that's what happened to me. Well, sort of. Our class went to lunch after we turned in our 'Daily Starters'. I got my lunch from my locker and went to the lunch table where my friends and I sat at.

I didn't have much friends, I barely talked to anyone in my class,but these kids who sat at my table always saved me a seat. Unless they had a reason to ignore you the normal kids always sat together. Today they didn't save me a seat. When I got to the table they all stared at me with a look of disgust on their faces. The boy who sat in my seat stood up. He walked over to me until our faces were inches apart.

"Go sit with your boyfriend, Stumpy lover!" he growled. I stepped back. The kids at the table started laughing.

"Don't get to close to her! She probably has a disease from her boyfriend!"

"Yeah, that's why he doesn't have arm! I heard he had such a bad disease in his arm that they cut it off."

"You can't get a disease in your arm, stupid!"

"Yes you can!"

I didn't want to stick around any longer. I walked away from my- No. Their table and tried to find an empty one. The only table that had somewhere for me to sit had only one occupant. It was Amas.

No one was going to let me sit with them anyways. I was just told to stay away from a lunch table in front of the lunchroom. Hopefully, Amas wouldn't even notice me. I walked to his table and sat down. He looked up at me in waved. Well, tried to not be seen.

I sighed and waved back. Amas didn't seem enraged that I was sitting next to him. I guess he didn't care that I was an outcast. It didn't cross my mind then, but Amas didn't care that I was sitting there because he was an outcast to.

I unpacked my lunch. All I had was a sandwich, pudding, and a juice. I was about to grab my juice but Amas threw a notebook at it and made it fall.

"You are so lucky there was a lid on that!" I wanted to yell at him, but I needed to be nice. He was probably the only person who would talk to me. Well, he was the only one who would write to me. I grabbed the open notebook and read the message.

"If I give you my chocolate pudding will you give me your vanilla pudding?"

"Yeah, take it." I picked up my juice and set it next to the chocolate pudding.

Amas took the notebook back, wrote something and passed it back towards me.

"I'm sorry."


"I should have just went to my locker and got a notebook this morning. I am sorry. Well, at least I have the notebook now."

I smiled at that.

"Yeah you do. How come you don't speak english?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"I'm sorry. Let's start with more simple questions." I tried to think of one. I took to long so Amas wrote his own question on the paper.

"What is your favorite color?"

"Purple. What is your favorite color?"

"I like the color red. It's a beautiful color."

"Okay. So, what's your family like. Is that to personal?"

He shook his head and grabbed the notebook.

"It is just my mother and I. My mother is very sweet, amazing, and scary when she gets angry. Though she almost never does! Ryan ,our teacher, let's us stay with him until we can get our own place. I see him as apart of my family.

He and my mother went to college with each other before she met my father. They took a class on languages that are lost to todays society. They were learning about one hand sign language when they first met. My mom said they were just study partners and close friends back then,but I believe Ryan had a small crush on my mother."

I looked up at Amas shocked. He lived with our teacher? I feel bad now. We shouldn't have mentioned our teachers name,but I remember I could change it so he will be safe. For now at least.

Amas laughed my expression.

"Is it wierd that I live with our teacher?"

"Sort of." I laughed to.

Amas and I answered simple questions. We talked/wrote all lunch break. I was surprised at how much I opened up to Amas. I trusted him,but now I wish I hadn't. I wish I would have never talked to Amas. I wish he and I never talked to each other. I wish he could have ignored me or I wish I would have yelled at him more.

I wish that seat next to me could have been empty like always. I wish Serah could have sat there like always. But now Amas was there and I was sort of happy by the idea of having my friend always being there. I was glad to have a friend always there.

Always isn't forever though.