Unchanging Current.

The reflection in the mirror
smiled and reached for the flowers
on the window sill, it laughed
and washed the remains of the
salt from its cheeks, it moved
slowly to the next expectation.

Whenever the shadows talked,
it answered and quickly reacted
with proper emotions, the broken
movements of its limbs going unnoticed,
the unnatural curve of its smile
completely ignored, it was slowly being replaced.

The shadows didn't notice,
but while they played out their movie,
the reflection was swallowed,
it was gone out of reach, and with blood
on its lips the new creature
greeted them, empty eyes and no name.

The pits on its face screamed:
'it was all a lie', but the shadows
didn't listen, they were there for
their peace of mind, the creature was numb,
and with stiff limbs and rotten skin
it walked, away from dreams, into the abyss.

Both reflection and creature,
connected by a fragile string of death,
were lulled side to side, 'good and evil',
the waves whispered, 'dead and alive',
they saw the current through a bleary sight,
knowing there was no escape, they were bound to the ground.

They knew their time was borrowed,
their blood sang of forgotten
promises, echoed the pain of their loss,
their fingertips turned to bones
as they reached into the burning ashes
of their life, something already gone.

There was nothing to prove,
they had never been alive,
that tick- tock always heavy,
forever dragging them down,
their laughter was stolen,
only water to fill their minds.