I actually wrote this on Christmas last year, though it's not really a Christmas story. I just wanted to try my hand at writing a breakup scene and this was the result. Enjoy!

For once, it was clear and Sonya could see the cobalt blue she so loved unclouded, even from this distance. Unfortunately, that just made what she was about to do even more difficult. Subconsciously her eyes flickered towards the sky which, ironically, was cloudy.

It's about to storm, she mused before returning her gaze to the approaching silhouette. As of late, whenever she saw him, his eyes were never clear so this was a welcome change. Almost. As of late, whenever she saw him, it would be at some ungodly hour. Three, four o'clock in the morning. He would disappear for hours on end, no contact with her whatsoever, not even to respond to her Are you okay? messages, then show up trashed to her place, eyes clouded and unseeing. And she would take him in of course. She would always take him in, but she would never let him touch her. He would always lean in, for a kiss, a hug, and she would push him away, leave him on the couch, while she retreated to her room. Sooner or later though, he would come knocking on her door, begging and pleading for her to let him in and when that didn't work, he would bang on her door yelling and shouting until she did come out. Then they would argue, mostly about the fact that he was using. Again. But sometimes about other things: their relationship, their families, their jobs, Katherine. God, she was so sick of it. Arguing with him until he angrily left, thus beginning the cycle all over again.

He stopped in front of her then, about a foot away looking warily at her and she wanted to laugh. He was wary of her? Shouldn't it have been the other way around? He stared at her but still, she said nothing, just silently appraised him with her cool green eyes. He was certainly dressed nice. His open leather jacket revealed a freshly-ironed dress shirt, tucked neatly into his low hanging jeans, ensemble complete with a tie and dress shoes. She felt hope rise in her.

"Sonya," his voice snapped her out of her reverie, "you wanted to talk?"

"You look nice," she commented in reply.

His face took on a guarded look immediately and he hesitated before replying.

"Katherine…" he began. But with that one name, Sonya felt her heartbeat slow down to a loud thump once, twice, before stopping completely. He didn't seem to notice. "Katherine's having this gathering to celebrate her promotion. She asked me to come."

It was as if an icy hand had forced its way into her chest and was now grabbing her heart squeezing every last drop of blood out.

"Oh. I see." She managed to get out. Avery let out a frustrated sigh.

"Look Sonya, it's not what you think. It's a work thi—"

"I'm breaking up with you." There. She said it. Distantly, she heard a rumble in the background.


"I'm breaking up with you." It came out easier this time and his expression hardened as he took in her clothes suddenly. The elegant white coat with the black trimmed edges that she always loved. Black mini-dress, matching heels, long dangling earrings, hair done up. She began to regret not changing her clothes before meeting him.

"And what, were you gonna celebrate afterwards?" His eyes narrowed, "or do you already have someone else waiting for you?"

It was her turn to narrow her eyes. The nerve of him to say that. Especially since he was going to meet up with Katherine, even after she had reminded him that, "My company had a charity ball. I came directly from there."

Surprise, realization, then dread shot through his eyes as he cursed.

"I'm sorry Sonya, I-I-I totally forgot. Why didn't you…" he began reaching for his phone.

"I did. Twice. Even left a voicemail and three messages." Another rumble filled the darkening sky.

"I'm sorry, I really am. But look, it's just one mistake..." Sonya barked out a bitter laugh.

"You think I'm breaking up with you because you forgot my party Avery? No, this absence only confirmed my thoughts and proved that you're not trustworthy."

"I…what?" He looked so lost, his beautiful blue eyes so confused that she wanted to reach out and touch him, wipe away the pain. But she couldn't—wouldn't—do that anymore. Distantly she wondered when their love had stopped being enough for him that he had to turn to Katherine and drugs to get him through the day.

"I barely see you anymore," the first droplet hit her face, "and when I do, it's three in the morning and you're trashed, drunk, stumbling over your feet and your words, smelling like all the drugs you've been taking, expecting me to take care of your stupid needs, your stupid self. I told you about this party and if you had just called to tell me you couldn't make it or even that you forgot and would be late, maybe I wouldn't be this frustrated," another drop. "But no, you dress up all nice for your precious Katherine who got you into this mess to begin with because all she needs to do is bat her pretty eyes and flash you with promises of drugs, of lust, and you go panting after her like some pathetic dog! I had to call your secretary to get through to you Avery. Your secretary!" She was hysterical now, tears spilling from her eyes. Or maybe it was the rain? But if that were the case, her vision of him wouldn't be so blurry. Besides, the rain didn't leave burning trails down her cheeks.

He didn't answer and for the longest time just watched her sobbing in the rain. Distantly he wondered if Katherine was waiting for him.

"I'm sorry," Avery finally whispered. Sonya felt the hand clutching her chest tighter and tighter until she was sure she could hear the shattering of her heart breaking into a million little pieces. She only shook her head, disappointment on her face as she left, murmuring, "So am I Avery, so am I."


"You were late. And you didn't even call." Katherine pouted.

"Sorry." Avery responded, exhausted as he took a swig from his beer can.

"It's alright. You'll just have to make it up to me now," Katherine purred, "let's get you out of these clothes. My goodness, you're drenched."

And as he began his descent into oblivion, Avery could see his vision blurring, though from the alcohol or the drugs he couldn't tell. Or perhaps it had something to do with the moisture on his cheeks. Meanwhile, the storm continued to rage.

So what did you think? Did I do a decent job of writing a breakup scene? ;) As always, reviews and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!