A/N: I know it has been a while, but I hope you like this. It was supposed to be longer, but I lost my plot chart for the moment, so I will just post this. :)

"No mom, I don't want to - Mom - NO! Ugh, just... wait. What? Ugh, look I'm here with Allison now and if..." The average looking man stopped talking with his mom and chuckled as he looked at his girlfriend next to him, tilting the phone away from his mouth. He locked his eyes with hers, eyes shining in amusement. "She told me to tell you she says 'hi.'" She nodded, enjoying the charming smile he had on his lips and how kissable his lips looked in the dim light of the alleyway.

His lifted his cigarette to his mouth and took a puff, just deciding to keep staring at his girlfriend. His cigarette illuminated the his hand, adding a light to his eyes while the cigarette hovered near his mouth. Finally with all the staring his girlfriend cracked and gestured for his phone.

He held up his phone to her ear, taking in a puff. He felt tingles on his skin as his girlfriend's hand brushed his to position the phone better on her ear, winking at him. He heard the muffled sound of his mother greeting her and forced back a cringe. He hoped she kept her promise and didn't give away the reason he asked his girlfriend out tonight.

As the squeaky voice stopped speaking to take in much needed air, the man watched his girlfriend's lips tug into a smile as she snuck in a response. "Hi, Mrs. Delino!"

"Keeping my boy outta trouble?" Mrs. Delino cried into the phone from her end, her voice cracking a bit.

The man watched, the box in his pocket seemingly weighing a thousand pounds as the smile stretched on Allison's thin, and cracking, lips into a wide grin. "Yes, ma'am!" Allison nodded her head, forgetting for a second that Mrs. Delino couldn't see her.

The man let out a sigh of relief, he was so glad his mother liked his girlfriend, or else the weight of the box in his pocket would be tripled with the knowledge that his mother would never agree to what he was about to do.

"I always knew you were a good girl, and which leads me to a little question my son, Grey, has probably..." Mrs. Delino was cut off as Grey plucked the phone from his girlfriend's ear and back to his own, smashing to the side of his face to muffle his mother's voice. He made a point not to look at his stunned girlfriend as blood rushed to his cheeks. Partly in anger, but mostly of embarrassment.

Grey knew he shouldn't have let his mother have the phone until he had asked the Big Question. His mother had almost gave away the surprise, too.

"I'm so glad she didn't hear that," Grey muttered voice slightly bitter, he only got a snarky reply back from his mother to 'ask the damn question already'.

"Since you haven't asked yet, I'll give you some advice." Grey held back an annoyed sigh. "Like this lover boy," Mrs. Delino snapped, even deciding to drop her voice down an octave to say with a thickly dramatic voice, "Will you fucking marry me, we have been going out for three years now, and I'm ready to fuck you real good." She spoke normally, "yup. Just like that. What she does next will let you know if she is a screamer or quiet during sex." He heard a sniffle. "My son's getting married!"

"I was about to when you called me. And, no. No, I will not repeat what you said, I don't think your idea of what to say would look good with this topic." Grey sighed, he knew his mother could be a little bad at the whole charm thing, so he wasn't surprised when he heard just how his mother had approached the marriage question and decided to ignore the whole screamer and whatnot thing.

He already knew she liked to scream.

Grey let a prideful smirk fall onto his lips, remembering the first time they had done a little night time exploring.

But as Grey looked to the side to see his girlfriend's eyes narrowed, a hand on her hip, and her head tilted just ever so slightly where her hair caught the faint light, making it shine in a halo around her head; he couldn't help the rising nervousness in his gut, wiping the smirk off of his face. Even with her obnoxiously puffy coat on to battle the winter, she looked stunningly beautiful in a way that drove him crazy, and with that gaze on him all he wanted to do was kiss her. That being said, Grey decided that his conversation had to end - quickly. "Look, uh, Haley is coming to pick Allison and I up, I have to go. Bye, mother!"

'Haley?' Allison thought, eyes narrowing even more. 'Who is Haley? Whatever, if it mattered, Grey would tell me.'

Grey hung up his phone. He sighed and looked at Allison, making them both chuckle. Allison leaned against Grey's shoulder and asked with a small smile, "So... What did your mom say?"

Grey scoffed and rolled his eyes, knowing just what that look meant. "Nothing, Allison."

Allison pouted, but shrugged it off. Allison knew she would get him to crack, all she really had to do was just stare into his eyes and wait.

And so she did, counting the seconds off in her head before Grey's resolve snapped.

She counted up to fifty-six before Grey let out a whiney moan and busted out a huge sigh, making Allison's thin lips reveal straight white teeth. She gave a laugh of triumph as Grey mumbled under his breath.

"Uh-uh, say it louder - better yet," Allison walked in front of him to whisper, "Shout it to the world," She teased, looking him in his beautiful jade eyes, so light and neon that they seemed to shine, even if there was no light source shining directly on them. She played with his ear, her eyes never leaving his. "Well?"

He gave her a dry look and quickly leaning down to peck her on the cheek then retreat just as fast, gazing into her eyes with a kind look as his hands made their way to her waist. Allison's mischievous look melted into the longing gaze Grey loved, he felt his heart swell. "She said..." He began, leaning down to Allison's ear, nipping it before whispering, "You'd make a good wife." His warm breath washed over the exposed skin of her neck, making her shudder at the sudden warmth on her frozen skin.

She felt her heart skip a beat as he then went down on one knee. Excitement bubbled within Allison as Grey's warm eyes met her hazel. She knew what he was going to say, but she still waited in anticipation for him to say it.

Allison shifted slightly with anxiety, when what had felt like hours of just staring at each other had really been just a minute, her nerves were going haywire, a blush resting on her cheeks. Grey was watching her reaction, a hand hesitating in his pocket, looking for any red flag that would make him pull the dick move of tying his shoe, but he found none.

Grey's hesitance confused Allison, but as she thought about it, she came to the conclusion that this was a bigger deal for Grey than it was for her. 'I mean,' Allison thought as Grey still just kneeled there, 'If I didn't know what Grey would respond with, I would hesitate, too.'

Grey, the guy that used to push Allison down at recess and chant, "Cooties, cooties, you have cooties!" was going to pull out that ring and ask to marry her. Allison could feel her cheeks throb as her smile grew wider as he finally pulled a little black box out of his pocket.

Grey, however, was more than just terrified about asking the 'question'. He didn't know if marrying her would be the best thing to do. He loved Allison, he couldn't deny that, he felt more for her than he had with any of his other girlfriends. But it wasn't her rejecting him that had caused him to hesitate. It was his lifestyle.

As much as Grey had wanted to tell Allison, he knew that telling her had the chance of scaring her off, or even worse, drawing her too far in. And knowing Allison, it was more likely that if he told her that in the night he wasn't working at his scam of a job, instead running around the city in a costume helping people who needed helping, she would want some part of it. Even if that part was just to wash his costume every night.

Even so, Grey's worry not leaving him, he pulled out the box and exposed a simple ring with a small, but nicely cut, emerald. Grey couldn't hide a smile at the adoring and shocked face Allison made when he showed her. "Allison," He began, only to be interrupted by Allison throwing herself down and hugging him tightly, saying yes over and over again.

Allison felt more than overjoyed, so happy she didn't know how else to express it but by pulling back out of hug and kissing him passionately. Grey responded, his hand not holding the ring going to Allison's lower back to pull her closer and deepen the kiss. After a moment, the two pulled back, Allison biting his lip and tugging on it suggestively, before slowly letting it go.

Grey got the message, and they both stood up, his hand wrapping around her waist to pull her close and he spun her around. He stopped and took a moment to gaze into Allison's darkened eyes, and in turn she wrapped her arms around him, letting her hips grind with his as she leaned back, a smile playing at her lips.

"Do I get to try it on?" Allison teased, pinching Grey's ass.

Grey let out a small chuckle, removing his hand from her waist, he dramatically took the ring from the box and Allison held out her hand. Letting the box snap shut, he put the box in his pocket and used his now free hand to slip on the ring.

Allison could feel her cheeks tense up as she smiled, hoping it looked as radiant as it felt.

"Now," Grey stated, feeling even more turned on by just how happy Allison looked, "we get to the fun part." As he said that, he squeezed her butt and lifted her up, arms holding her to his body while she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Allison suddenly remembered, as a cold breeze swept into the alley, that they weren't at home and pulled away, her lips still brushing his as she whispered, "We need to get to my house."

Grey ignored her and kissed her again, tongue sliding across her lip, begging for entrance that Allison didn't give.

Allison instead pulled farther back, shivering with both cold and the excitement at what was to come. "My house," Allison said firmly, smiling at Grey's pout as he set her down and then decided against it and scooped her up in his arms as if she was a princess.

Allison had yelped at the sudden movement, but in a moment of realization of what happened let out a happy laugh that echoed in the alley.

Grey returned the happy laugh with his own bellowing roar that mixed beautifully with Allison's as they escaped the alley and headed across the street, looking both ways, to Allison's apartment; and then they had their second special night.