This is the very beginning, early stages of my book. This first part is quite short, and I apologize. I am posting it as motivation for me to keep going. That said, please read, review, and tell me if you like what you see so far. Thanks!

Up, up, up I climbed, stopping on the landing to catch my breath. I always take the stairs when I have to go to the library, even though it's three flights up from my classroom, because of Sandra. She's a bully, and she likes to wait in the elevator after class and mess with any smaller kids who are clueless enough to get in with her. I made that mistake once, and it cost me a pair of glasses.

I should probably introduce myself. My name is Mallory, but my friends call me Mal. I'm 14 years old, a little on the chubby side, and very short for my age. I'm one of those kids nobody notices except the bullies, unfortunately. Well….the bullies and a certain librarian.

Speaking of the librarian, she's the reason for waiting out on the landing to catch my breath before I go into the library. Ms. Morgan is a stickler for quiet in her domain and when I went in the other day she lectured me for 'loud breathing' which apparently annoys the usually non-existent other people using the space.

Having caught my breath, I pushed open the heavy wooden door that led to the library, causing a bright shaft of light from the well-lit stairwell to illuminate the dusty dimness of the rows and rows of bookshelves in front of me. There are windows in the library and plenty of lights, but Ms. Morgan claims too much light fades the books and keeps the big room in a state of constant shadow with heavy shades on the windows and dimmed lights. It would be kind of restful, really…if she wasn't there, prowling around looking for something to scold me for.

Ms. Morgan looked up sharply as I opened the door, shielding her eyes against the bright light. I guess staying in the library as much as she does must affect her eyesight, because I've never seen her outside without a hat or at least sunglasses.

"What do you want today, Mallory Pryor?" she asked in an irritable tone. "Last time you were here you left a book open and face-down on the table, and the spine was damaged. I had better not find anything like that again today." She stared at me severely from behind a pair of silver-rimmed glasses that partially obscured her eyes, although they were still the blue-est eyes I had ever seen. Even though she terrified me out of my wits most of the time, I couldn't help staring at those eyes. Ms. Morgan was not amused. "Well? Have you lost your tongue entirely, girl?" she demanded acidly.

"Oh! N-no….I need…I need a book on Irish legends. Do you think the library has one?" I stammered.

Ms. Morgan rolled her eyes as though that was the stupidest question in the world. "Of course. Come with me…I don't suppose you are clever enough to remember my directions anyway." She stood up and came around her desk, heading off down one of the long rows of shelves with the click of high heels to mark her passage. She always wore heels, maybe because she was short like me.

My thoughts were interrupted by Ms. Morgan's voice once again. "Here is the book, although some pages appear to be missing. Are you writing a report or something?" She actually sounded…interested.

"N-no…" Why couldn't I sound confident around her? It wasn't like she was going to actually hurt me. I gathered my courage. "Just reading…for fun. I like myths and legends."

"Do you? That's good," Ms. Morgan said. There might have been a hint of a smile in the way the corners of her eyes crinkled suddenly, but I was probably just seeing things. "Keep reading. It might come in handy someday."