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Once upon there lived a young servant girl named Ella. She was one of the many servant girls who worked in the palace of the great King Gregor and his family. Orphaned at a young age, Ella was left in the sole care of Synea, a tyrannical woman who had been scarred at a young age. Someone had once told Ella that Synea had once been the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, even earning the king's attention at one point. Gregor's jealous mistress scarred the once beautiful woman's face and changed her fate for the worse. The king couldn't bare the sight of her or the guilt that wore on his conscience. Once Ella started to come of age, Synea forced her to wear an old rag with a hood to hide her face. She was not permitted to look her 'betters' in the eye.

Ella had no friends and only took solace in the animals that the king kept. The horses were lovely, including the one designated for the Prince Micah. The animal stood tall and noble, its coat like black silk. She had little time for fun lately since two daughters of Lord Fingel had taken to torturing her. Neither would leave her be until she would be in tears while they yelled insults her way. The two savage women spread wild rumors that a disease had caused the skin on her face to fester and that was why she hid her face.

That day had been particularly bad and found Ella at the small pond near the stables. She was crying out loud for once, letting her suffering go beyond her own heart. Loneliness had plagued her all her life but she did her best to be kind to those around her. There was a rustling in the bushes and Ella gasped in fright. Her hood was down and if Synea caught her this way, she would send her for a hundred lashes again. There was a soft chuckle and an old woman emerged from the foliage. There was a sparkle in her gray eyes that made Ella wonder if she was what she seemed. "Forgive me for frightening you, child. This old body doesn't move as quickly as it used to. Would you mind if I sat with you?"

Ella smiled and spread out her cloak for the old woman to sit on. "You are welcome to sit with me." The older woman looked near starving and Ella could not bear to see anyone suffer that way. She halved the apple that was in her hand and gave the other piece to the beggar. "Oh thank you, child." She took a bite and smiled. "Small kindnesses have become scarce lately." Ella piped up. "It is small kindnesses that give us hope. At least that is what my mother used to say." The older woman didn't question the sadness that filled Ella's beautiful violet eyes. She wiped at the soot on her cheek and chuckled. "Cinder-Ella. You have suffered much, my child. You will have your happy ending one day. Just keep believing and be brave enough to grab for it when it comes along." There was a splash that caught Ella's attention and when she looked back, the old woman was gone.

Synea grumbled over the boiling pot in the king's kitchen. It stuck in her craw that she had once been the envy of every woman in the kingdom and was reduced to doing a peasant's job. How she hated that girl! Day by day, Ella had grown more lovely and it getting harder to hide it from the king and his son. In two night's there was to be a ball to honor the prince's birthday but Synea also knew that the king was forcing Micah to choose among the attendees for a wife. The boy had grown foolish, believing that love would bring a stronger match than position or wealth. It had been fun throwing in the child's face that she would not be able to attend since she was a servant.

Ella walked into the room and gravated to the darkness, hoping her guardian, Synea, would give her some peace. The woman was so cruel and had been the only real mother she had known all her life. The old beggar woman's words had given her a secret hope that she may go to the ball but Synea seemed to key in on the girl's hopes and dreams. She worked Ella harder the next two days then she had in the past 18 years of the girl's life. Her hands and feet were blistered so badly that she finally collapsed two night later in the stable from pain and exhaustion. "Oh please. I wish I could see him only once. One night of heaven." In the depths of the stable, she heard a familiar voice whisper, "Wish granted."

Micah wanted to hit something. His father was not his father at all but his adopted father. The man had never told him until that very night that he had been the child of his enemy that he had stolen during a time of war. He felt a sense of irony in raising Micah to put a sword in his own real father's heart. The guilt of the act weighed on his heart. Micah was not a cruel man. His adopted mother was an angel to him and the only person to show him what real love was. She told Micah that their first child had been born stillborn and his father had blamed God for it. In time he let his hatred fester and became a man that many feared rather than respected. They did have a second child, Link, who was more like his father than Micah. That night Gregor decreed that Micah would marry within the month or he would name Link his one true heir. That was the only reason he was going through with this farce.

The orchestra played a slow melody as he walked about the crowds of women his father had paraded into the palace but none gave him that thrill, that passion he longed for in a mate. His shoulder length black hair was combed back away from his face for a change and he was a sight in the gold trimmed cloth designated for royalty. Micah caught sight of a small woman with chestnut curls peeking inside the ballroom. Probably one of the servant girls sneaking a peak at the festivities. It would be best if it were him to warn the girl away. Others would not be as kind about it and she could be punished for simple curiosity. Slowly he crept towards the woman, her head turned away from him.

Once he caught her small hand in his own, she faced him and Micah felt his heart stop for that one moment. She was beyond lovely, bright violet eyes thick with black lashes. She wore a white empire cut gown trimmed in bright silver, her chestnut hair piled exquisitely on her head. Micah had never seen a woman so beautiful in all his years. The crowd of people began to clear and turned towards them. He bowed to her as if she were a princess. "Milady, would you dance with me?" The crowd began to whisper about the girl with the violet eyes. The prince seemed entranced to them all, which pleased the king and angered Link.

Her body swayed against his as they danced. "Please tell me your name." Her smile was brilliant. "Cinderella." He took her hand, guiding her into the dance that was already taking place. Her grace and elegance surely spoke of royal blood. Their eyes locked and never wavered, their bodies in sync with one another. His hand glided up her back as she gently pressed into him, her small body fitting just perfectly. It felt like a coming together of souls. They danced the night away, Micah steering them away from prying eyes into the moon garden outside the palace. They walked hand in hand, his thumb rubbing at her pulse. He couldn't hide the attraction. Her body was small but her curves could tempt a saint, which he was not. "May I kiss you?" Thinking she was highborn lady, Micah expected her to slap him. They had only just met. "You may kiss me and I will savor the memory in my heart." They stood under a small tree and as their lips met, Ella felt her body react. She gasped into his mouth, her arms wrapping around his neck, her small body shaking against him. 'Please never let this end.' She thought to herself.

Micah's hand cupped her breast and she leaned into the touch, moaning. Innocent as she was, Ella allowed his tongue past her lips. His body was so hard and yet, he was so gentle. The connection between them felt like magic. A warmth began to pool in her pussy, making her ache. She gasped as her picked her up bridal style, walking to where there was a small clearing where night-blooming jasmine grew. The scent was fresh and seductive, a sensual blanket on her skin. "I want to make love to you." Her small hands cupped his face. "Touch me." That was the only permission he needed. Unlike his brother, Micah was more lean muscle where his brother had more bulk, tightly spun muscle from the time he spent with the soldiers. It was known that the elder prince trained with his father's generals.

Ella felt the grass beneath her back, tickling her skin. His strong hands made quick work of the fastenings of her dress until the top was pulled down, exposing her light pink nipples to the cold night air. Micah gazed at her, wondering when he had seen a more sensuous creature. "So beautiful." With a low growl his mouth kissed down her neck, scorching a trail to one perfect breast. Ella's back arched and she gasped as he suckled on her breast. She could feel his hard erection through his leather breeches. Micah couldn't get enough of the taste of her skin. His eyes darkened as he thought of her pussy and how she would taste. Ella wondering hands began touching him through his breeches. The innocent yet arousing touch almost brought him to orgasm. He rose to pull off his tunic, picking her up with him to kiss her while letting the silky waves of her chestnut hair free for him to feel with his fingers. Ella kissed his chest, shaking in need for him. "I've never…."

Micah had assumed the girl to be a virgin. "I will be gentle, my love. You belong to me now." She hadn't noticed his hands traveling beneath her skirts until they ripped off her pantalets. His mouth did sinful things to her earlobe, numbing her mind to all else. God, his touch was addictive and she needed more of him. "Let me taste you." The breathless 'yes' could barely be heard above their heavy breathing. Ella leaned back as he pushed up her skirts, gasping at the feel of cool air on her hot pussy. He kissed her thighs and she bucked. Micah smiled. She would be a passionate lover, a perfect match for him. The first swipe of his tongue was heaven for them both. Ella cried out his name. "Micah!" Her taste was like a ripe peach and his tongue flicked at her clit, his arms trying to keep those wild hips still.

One of his finger intruded into that tight little cunt as he wrapped his lips around her nub and suckled. Ella's finger wound into his hair tightly. "Yes…oh that's so good..what are you doing to me?!" Her erotic little cries were making him crazy, his erection about to burst through his breeches. He slipped a second finger inside her, increasing the pressure on her clit. Her body went rigid…so tight… then relax as she came down from her first orgasm. Micah knew he was in love with this innocent siren. She was much too innocent to take him in her mouth just yet and he was aching to be inside her. Micah licked up the juices of her orgasm. He pulled her up quickly, devouring at that lovely pink mouth, letting her taste her sweetness on his tongue. "It will hurt at first but I will be gentle as I can, sweet one."

Micah sat up and rid himself of his breeches and boots, his hands on her waist. He sat her straddling his hips, his mouth next to her ear. "Trust me." Ella needed him too much now. "Please. I need you." She felt the head of his cock start to penetrate her. Micah waited for her to adjust to the feel of him inside her and slowly began to sheath himself inside her. Ella felt a small piercing pain that quickly came and went then he was inside her up to the hilt. They were both sweating, mouth to mouth as Micah began to move inside her. They laced their finger together as he rolled hips, thrusting inside her. In the depths of her rapture, the whispered "I love you" escaped her lips. Micah leaned forward pinning her down to the ground, her legs around his waist. He couldn't last much longer.

"You are the one I choose." Ella heard the words just before he spilled inside her for the first time, triggering her second orgasm. Her little nails scored over his back as he increased the rhythm. The pleasure was blinding, their voices erupting into the night air. Micah lossed all sense of time as he pounded into her, his release harder than he ever remembered with any of the courtesans. They were both shaking as they came back down from touching the heavens. Ella never wanted to leave his arms. Micah knew he had found his wife, his father be damned. He was going to be happy.

In the distance, the clock tower stroke midnight…

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