Title: But Who
Prompt: Faithful & True
Word Count: 107
Rating: G
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): N/A
Summary: Fairytales take on different meanings when you look through another character's perspective.

Little steed, faithful and true,
Who dares to put the reins on you?
You chomp the bit and throw a fit,
But who do you listen to?

Young maiden, lovely and fair,
Who dares put up your gorgeous hair?
You glare and pout and put them out,
But whose crown will you soon wear?

Old dragon, ancient and strong,
Who dares silence your magic song?
You roar your name and spout your flame,
But who always proves you wrong?

It's the hero, truth be told,
Who rides, grabs girls, and steals the gold.
All was well in the stories we tell
Until this fool got too bold.