Author's Note: This is the final chapter of this story, but Michael and Claire will return in the future, I have great plans for them. By the way, special announcement at the end of this chapter.

Claire had never slept as soundly as she had after Adonis had been locked up. Though it was going to be awhile before the capture box could be returned to Crystal Cove, and so Claire thought that her best option was to put it in her conjuring room. Specifically it was placed in the same box her somewhat claustrophobic broom didn't want to go back to. Claire didn't mind that, as her biggest worry could now be put behind her she could deal with a broom with an attitude problem with a smile on her face. She was happy enough to the point that she woke up before Michael did, got dressed in a simple baby blue dress and was in a very cheery mood.

Michael himself was as happy as his wife, though he never really relaxed after a fight, though he had a smile or two the morning after Adonis was caught. The sight of Claire being up at near sunrise was a decent surprise but given what had happened he didn't blame her for being so happy.

Their normal routine didn't apply that morning. Michael went right to the living room and enjoyed the breakfast Claire had made, which happened to be bacon and pancakes with herbal tea. They sat down on the couch and, after Claire chose some classical music to run over the stereo, they enjoyed the new serene time they had in the last few days.

Claire set her plate on the coffee table and after a bit of maneuvering she was sitting back on the sofa next to her husband who has just finished his breakfast as well.

The witch sighed peacefully, "Feels better around here."

Michael sat back in the sofa, his arm going around her shoulders. "Well, now that Adonis has been taken care of…tell me, Mrs. Howlett, what should we do now?"

Closing her eyes, Claire softly said, "I don't know when we'll be able to go to Crystal Cove, but I hope it will be soon. Though he is locked up, I'll feel even better when that box is no longer in our home."

Michael chuckled, "I feel you. I'll try to put it into our schedule before long to relieve you of that burden."

Liking the sound of that, Claire raised herself up to kiss Michael on his cheek. This left a smirk on his face and they relaxed.

The moment ended with the phone ringing. Claire easily heard the low grunt of dissatisfaction as he reached for the phone from the coffee table in front of him.

He lost whatever frustration he had upon pressing the green button, not bothering with checking the caller ID, "Howlett."

A few seconds went by and Claire opened her eyes again.

"Claire and I took him down last night, thanks to what you gave us. Appreciate that, but anyway. What's up?"

Claire understood that it was Dakk Michael was talking to.

A few seconds went by and apparently Dakk had said something that got Michael's attention because the next second he turned to Claire. She sat up and was more at attention than before. Though she didn't know what they were talking about, but it concerned herself by the feeling of it.

Michael nodded once, "Yeah, we have nothing planned for awhile…okay, see you then." He hung up and put the phone down on the table. Turning to his wife again, Michael sighed softly, then smiled. "Seems we'll be heading to Crystal Cove sooner than we thought."

Claire tilted her head, "Why? Something happen with Dakk?"

"In a way. He's calling in a favors and he needs our help," he answered.

Author's Note: So there's my first finished original story (which by word count it'd be called a short novel or novella), but this is merely an introduction for the Howlett's and is only the beginning of their adventures. This is the first step in the timeline of the CHAOS Universe.

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