Sighing with frustration she left the room she was in and walked out into the large green gardens of her home. Although it hadn't been her home for too long, if anything it had belonged to someone else until they had just... Disappeared.

It wasn't like gods or goddess' to disappear but more than likely they had become one with another god or goddess.

The very thought made her shudder with fear, she didn't wish to become part of another goddess although she had been assured by Bastet that it wouldn't happen.

"You are such a unique goddess, no one would do that."

Isis had to agree with her on that, she was a unique goddess; although there were other's with a motherly touch, who endorsed magic and feminity, they didn't encompass them all into one being. And she was that being.

Although she was assured, she remember the threats back in a time when the Egyptian religion fell down, the whole world around her fell and she felt herself drift into a deep slumber only to awaken when she heard chanting.

It wasn't comforting these chants, they sounded cruel and when she looked over the human's who woke her she could see why.

Human's are so cruel to each other. She thought to herself and as she tried to use her magick to make herself appear before them she found herself unable to do so; I am too drained, I need more people...

It continued to happen, people using her name and yet they made such bad choices in there celebrations to her. She finally gained enough strength to show herself before a young girl, one who would go on and spreed the message of Isis, the mother, feminist and the giver of life and magick.

Over the years Isis felt her power begin to grow and she was able to help those who called to her, however she saw that those who choose to follow her were once more being hunted down, but it was different to how it was back then. This time her people choose to worship her in secret and in time she grew even more in name than in body, the people began to become aware of the other gods and goddess' that she had known back in the era and they came back.

Now she was here in her room, knowing that the revolution was upon them and she couldn't stop it, it wasn't her place to stop it.

She remembered one of the god's; Mars, she believed his name was, had roared at the outrage of them becoming assimilated and he was going to put a stop to it. However before he could do anything other than talk, or in his case yell, he disappeared, joining another god.

Every god and goddess in that room had felt the prick of fear touch them; although no one wanted it to happen to them they knew it would be inevitable.

"I fear you two will be next," She had told the two cat goddess' although they both smiled and nodded but it just happened before her eyes; "NO!"

Now only one stood before her; "Do not worry Lady Isis, we choose this, we could hear the mortals talk and it is what they want. We are still here, we can hear you," Baset assured her and she nodded slowly with tears in her eyes.

"Why must..."

"They want something less complicated, there may be many of us to choose from, but it's too much for them to look up and research, this way it is simpler for them,"

"I wish this wasn't the way,"

"Give the human's time, more than likely they will change their minds and do something else... We should wait and see, don't you agree?"

"Yes, I agree," She nodded sadly; but right now their fates, as always, was in the hands of the mortals who worshiped them.

If only... She shook her head and went to rest in her room, knowing that soon some mortals would begin to worship her due to the change in the sessions.

I will be next, like the other's, one day I too will disappear.