Chapter Four

I moaned as I pushed myself out of bed, rubbing my aching back as I did so. The cushion most definitely wasn't comfortable.

The events from yesterday flooded into my mind. Inigo coming into a school where I ran away from him, Louise, my twin brother, who I didn't like that much magically arrived with him, the gossips from all those flying moths they call students, the irritation that burned beneath my skin whenever glares were pointed in my direction—everything seemed so bad. I sighed inwardly, cursing my wretched luck. I wasn't even able to come back to my sanctuary by myself.

Inigo twisted in his slumber, burying his head under the pillow. I wondered if he was able to breathe, but then again, if he died, my life would be so much easier. He just had to share a room with me, didn't he? Whatever happened to girls and boys that are not allowed to room with each other?

I groaned as I stood up, passing Inigo's bed and heading to the washroom. If I bathe early, things would be a lot easier for the both of us. I shuddered as an image of him catching me naked passed my thoughts.

I grabbed my towel and uniform, dashed into the bathroom, placed the utensils on my washing machine, and locked the door firmly.

I sighed inwardly as I began to undress. This is going to be a long day.


When I emerged from the bathroom, already fully-clothed with a towel wrapped around my hair to prevent strands from dampening my uniform, Inigo was glaring down at me, his arms crossed over his chest. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"What?" I asked, crossing my own arms.

"You took a damn long time in the bathroom, woman," He replied darkly, and I sneered.

"That's all? Goodness gracious, if that's the only problem you have, then why in the world are you still standing here, talking to me? You could go in now, you know. That is—" I paused, smirking as I did so, "—if you don't want to be late."

He muttered something silently, which I immediately assumed to be a curse word. I snickered, allowing him to pass through my scented bathroom—I hope he comes out gay.

I grabbed my backpack immediately, shoving books and notebooks inside as fast as I could. I needed alone time—and my time in the bathroom didn't count. Without bidding the guy in the bathroom goodbye, I ran out of my room, not forgetting to gently shut the door as I did so.

I headed to the courtyard, a quiet, serene place where Lorraine usually studied, along with other honours. I spent my time in the courtyard sleeping under the huge apple tree that people say have been there for so long that people have forgotten how it was there. It was the only tree in the courtyard, and the apples that grew there were fantastic.

Lorraine was with Dreana, who was munching on a muffin while reading her English book. I approached the two of them, taking my designated spot beside Lorraine and leaning on the trunk of the esteemed apple tree. "Hello," I muttered, sounding very hoarse and exhausted. I cleared my throat before speaking again. "Hey guys."

"How was your night?" was Dreana's first question and I flashed her my signature glare.

"Nothing happened! God, like I would do anything with that sicko," I replied, sticking my tongue out. Dreana giggled and Lorraine smiled, her cheeks reddening as she tried to prevent her laughter.

"We knew nothing's gonna happen though. Not after—you know." Lorraine winked at me not-so-inconspicuously, but that was okay since we were probably—hopefully—the only people in the courtyard. I felt my cheeks heat up, and I slapped Lorraine lightly on the shoulder, who, in turn, giggled happily.

Dreana tapped my arm giddily, her touch harder than normal. "Oww!" I muttered, but she dismissed my cry of pain as she immediately pointed to the entrance.

I raised my head to look at whatever had caught her attention, but I immediately regretted doing so. My breath caught in my throat, my heart pounded against my chest, and butterflies seemed to create a concert in my stomach. "Galathea."

Her name was Galathea, and she was the school's fourth most popular tomboy. She was a member of the Forever Four, a team composed of (obviously)four members, each heartthrobs themselves. Galathea was—amazing. Her hair was cut about two inches above her shoulder, her eyes were the bluest of blue, and she had pale skin. She was a basketball player, and is the best I had ever come across. I had a crush on her ever since I had entered this school, and she was one of the reasons I didn't want to leave it.

Dreana was already beckoning the tomboy to come near us, and I yanked her skirt back, dragging her along with it. She didn't stop calling though. Galathea turned at the call of her name, and she began to head towards us. My heart pounded in my chest faster, which was probably near impossible, and I began to shift toward Lorraine. Lorraine giggled, and she whispered, "Speaking of."

"Hey," Galathea greeted, her voice as low as ever. I gulped silently.

A chorus of "Yo" and "hello" emitted from Dreana and Lorraine respectively, and Galathea turned to me, expecting a reply.

"Hi," I said, my voice sounding strangely normal. Galathea smiled, and I almost melted. She sat down in front of us, placing the basketball she had brought with her on her lap.

"Oh shit." Lorraine muttered silently, and she looked at Dreana quickly. "Did you turn off the washing machine in our room when you left?"

"Washing machine?" Dreana repeated, raising an eyebrow. "Ooohh, yeah I did—oh shit I did!"

"Listen," Lorraine said to us, smiling. "We have to go, cause like our room might explode, and yeah—bye!"

I glared at Lorraine and Dreana. "I'll come with you guys, I'm an expert with washing machines. I room alone, remember? I can—"

"No thanks, we can handle it," Dreana replied with a grin. "Just stay here and keep Galathea company."

I glanced at Galathea, who gave me a mock salute. I felt myself redden, and while I was thinking of an appropriate response, the two fled to tend to their "washing machine problem."

I sat back down, looking anywhere but at Galathea's eyes. She was bouncing her ball on the grass, but was failing desperately.

It was her who broke the silence. "Hey, how's it going?"

"It's fine," I replied, a little too stiffly.

"I heard you were chosen as a partner," she said, moving to sit beside me.

I clenched my fists tightly, trying to remain placid. "Yeah, I was. No big deal, really."

"I'm not surprised," Galathea said, leaning her head back on the tree and closing her eyes. "You're rather pretty. And smart." I blushed, but couldn't utter a word. My insides were tingling with happiness. "not to mention you can win any verbal argument."

I laughed awkwardly. "Well, you—uhh—you're great at b-basketball."

"You watch me play?" She asked, grinning.

I nodded immediately. "I can't really play, so I really admire those who do. I'm not really athletic."

"Hmmm." Galathea seemed to think for a few moments. "How about I teach you later? I have free period after lunch."

"I have English. Well, I can always skip. . ." I muttered, trying to rearrange my schedule immediately.

"You seem to do that a lot," Galathea said, laughing. "I'll see you after lunch?"

"You bet on it," I replied, smiling.

"Heria's looking for me. You know how she is—that dictator. I'll see you later then?" Galathea stood up, brushing dirt out of her pants.

"Yeah—I'll see you later."

Once she was out of sight and hearing distance, I squealed louder than I had ever squealed before. My cheeks hurt from smiling, and my laugh sounded very melodious to my ears. I was too happy. Galathea—she actually noticed and knew who I was. I—

"So you replaced me with a girl?"

A deep voice interrupted my internal screams of joy. I glared at Inigo, who was standing a few feet in front of me, hair messed up as always, and uniform crumpled—probably from packing.

"What's it to you?"