Chapter 2

Wall Guy POV

I knew she was coming. Rain, I mean. The Enemy-seriously, why couldn't our leaders think of a better name?- had informed me that she would be coming to Rightmill. From what I heard, she was wild, and I mean WILD. It really surprised me that The Guard hadn't kicked her out yet, but then again, they couldn't. She is powerful, more powerful than any other of our kind, and the GC knows that. They need her on their side. We want her on our side. Simple as that.

I'd never actually seen her in person, but the Big C-Counsel- said I'd know her when I see her. They said she had long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin, and most likely with a redhead. Rain supposedly has the power to control the weather, that is kind of unheard of and I don't know if I really believe it. I have the power of blending in, I try not to do it at school because the place is crawling with humans, and they don't know about our kind, and I'd like to keep it that way.

I park my bike, it was a black Indian motorcycle. I glance around after I get off. I see all of the groups in their usual places, and it reminds how much I can't wait to get out of this hellhole. I'm about to make my way to my usual spot when I'm stopped by Aleesha Whorington. I know what your thinkng: what the hell kind of last name is that?! But believe me when I say that is suits her very well. I mean, you can tell just by looking at her that she's a slut; she's wearing a skirt so short that you can see her thong when she bends over-which she does, a lot. I know usually guys are all for that, but she was way to desperate for my liking.

"Hey there, Nicholas..." she draws out my name in what I think is supposed to be a seductive way.

"Beat it." I say with a straight face.

"But why-y...? Don't you want go around to the back of the school for a quickie? I'm up for anything..."

"It's never gonna happen because I don't waste my time fucking sluts like you."

"Like whatever! You are totally going to come crawling back to me!" then she stomped her foot, she stomped her fucking foot! Who the fuck does that? Then again, she is a rich bitch and a whore-ington... ha ha see what I did there...? *crickets chirping* Gee, tough crowd.

I know what your thinking now, and I honestly am not a manwhore. I swear I'm not so don't get all judgy! In fact I'm still a -nevermind! You don't need to know that, it's my own business. I just don't feel like wasting my time on some sluts like Aleesha.

I lean against the wall and light a cigarette. That's when a car I haven't seen at school before pull into the lot. It stops and I see an annoyed looking blonde in the driver seat and a ginger in the passenger seat that keeps looking in the mirror. I can't really see them all that well through the windshield. The ginger gets out of the car first. She looks okay, nothing out of the ordinary though... but then the blonde gets out, and I know that It has to be Rain. Her hair is gold like the sun, her skin is a rosy color that looks good on her, and her eyes, her eyes are the most noticeable quality about her. They are the deepest blue that I have ever seen, like...rain.

She was hot. She was wearing a pair of faded skinny jeans that showed of her hips. Her shirt was a coral v-neck that I was wishing had a little bit lower of a v-neck... Her hair was hanging around her shoulders and reached to her elbows. Her eyes were glancing around the parking lot as she pocketed her keys, categorizing every group, and she rolled her eyes when she was done. Then I looked down at her lips. Oh shit, I shouldn't have, though. They were very pigmented and full, I wish I could kiss the hell out of her. With that thought I licked my own... OK, what the FUCK was all that? I gotta get my mind out of the gutter, I could not, repeat, could not think of her in that way, because that was against some major rules. We are enemies.

But then again, I was never really one to play by the rules...

She must sense me staring because she glances at me then does a double take, seeming surprised that I slipped under her radar. Well tough luck sweetheart, cause I'll be doing that a lot... Now she's staring at me with narrowed eyes like she's immediately accusing me of something. She probably knows that I'm part of The Enemy, or at least suspects it anyway.

Her ginger friend notices my staring, too and nudges Rain and says something. Rain just rolls her eyes like whatever the ginger said, she has heard a million times, and they carry on with a conversation on their way to the school's entrance.

After they're inside I decide to follow them. Yeah, I know, creepy. But hey, I need to keep a close eye on Rain, Big C's orders.

I saw them going into the office, which didn't seem all that interesting so I decided to go see Lance, my buddy. Before you ask, no he's not one of my kind, he's a human, but he does know that I'm one. He's the only one that knows, though. I met Lance in sixth grade. Usually I don't speak of that year, because honestly, who doesn't wish that their sixth grade year had never happened?

I met him because we both got stuck in detention. I was there because I took Kindall Wilson's tampons and ran down the hall screaming "KINDALL'S ON HER PERIOD!" It's safe to say that she still hates me for it... And Lance was there because he had too many tardies. Yeah, reasons for detention are very different... Anyway, Lance and I have been best friends ever since.

But my plans to talk to him came to a halt when I got to our lockers and found him making out with Kindall... Oh yeah, did I mention that Kindall and Lance are dating? No? Well, they are. Anyways, when I saw that particular sight, I quickly turned on my heels and headed to first period without my books.

On my way there, I saw a certain blonde girl patting her pockets, looking for something. I decided I would have a little fun, so I put on a straight face and shoved into her, hard.

"Hey!" She yelled at me, which was surprising, because no one ever talked back to me. Wow, that sounded really conceited, but oh well, I kind of am anyway.

I locked my jaw and glared because I can't let people think they can get away with this shit.

"I would watch it if I was you." I said in a deadly voice. Now she was looking frustrated out of her mind. Good.

"Well, you're not me, and I will do whatever I damn well please!" I glanced out the window on the wall next to us, and sure enough clouds were slowly starting to roll in.

"Feisty, huh?" OK, so maybe those aren't the best words to say to a girl that's already pissed at you, and could also possibly kill you with the wave of a hand if she wanted, but it was fun. Plus she looked really hot when she was pissed... What? She's a chick, and I'm a seventeen year old boy, do you really expect me to have pure thoughts?

With that I threw her a wink and walked away. What I wasn't expecting was for her to scream

"ASSHOLE!" at the top of her lungs, but, yeah, she did. I just smirked at her and continued on my way to Mr. Steiner's room for English.

When I walked in Mr. Steiner looked at me and said

"Nicholas Advern, do you have your books?"

"Nope." I said adding the most innocent smile I could muster. He just sighed and started today's lesson which I couldn't care less about.

Halfway through class, someone barged in looking out of breath. I looked up at the door, and smirked when I saw who it was.

"And where are you supposed to be young lady?" said a very stern looking Mr. Steiner.

"Umm... Here, I think.. Is this English with Mr. Steiner?" Rain said in a breathless way.

"Yes, it is. Ahh, you must me the new student... Riley, is it?" he asked fumbling for a name.

"Actually it's Rain, Rain Adkins."

"Very well then, Ms. Adkins, since it's your first day here, I'll excuse your tardiness, but I'll have you know Miss Adkins that I don't tolerate it. Please take a seat."

Lucky for her she got to sit next to me, seeing as it was the only empty seat in the class. She made her way over to the seat, and I heard he mumbling under her breath,

"Yeah, and why don't you take the stick out of your ass Mr. Steiner.."

"What was that, Miss Adkins?" Steiner said as the rest of the class was snickering.

"Oh nothing, nothing." She said with smile on her face

"That's what I thought."

"Just that you're a dickhead..." she said under her breath, and this time I started laughing.

"Is something funny, Mr. Advern?" I was silent while Rain just smirked, looking proud of her comment.

"Perhaps, you would enlighten me, Miss Adkins."

Then, with a sweet smile on her face, she said,

"Oh, Mr. Advern here was just laughing because I said that your head, reminded me of a male's genital."

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