The bad: This is not a new chapter. This story, or at least, this part is officially over.

The Good : I'm making a sequel for this story. So, all of you that follow this story, you probably should go red the part 2 story now.

The Normal: The reason why I chose to make it as a new story is so that you could choose whether you want to read part 2 or not. If you don't want to, you can just think of this story as complete, since, technically, it is.

The best: However, it would make me very, very happy if you could go and check out the new story. Maybe follow and/or favourite and/or review? Especially review. I love review. I will try my hardest to give you what you want if you write them in your review.

The Normal: The story would be rather different than this story. For one, it would contained more.. m-rated elements, drama, and even new characters.

The Bad: I'm going away, so I'm taking a short hiatus. So, there will be no new chapter until I got back from my 'something', which would be probably around early July.