Many years later after the demon caller was discovered. Dylan told Scumhunt and Selene about the demon caller is Damien. Scumhunt and Selene both looked at each other and nodded. Selene told Dylan that Henry must go on a jouney at age 13 with them alone together to pass the four tests and Selene invited Dylan to join with them too so Henry would need company when he's 13. Selene told Dylan to keep Henry inside of the house and stay away from the influence from the people because he will grow in fear of people and his owns power could do. Dylan and his family accepted the years passes by...
-8 years later-
Henry: -13- Dylan, I'm going with Selene and Scumhunt...

dylan: *look at him then sighs* i understand, great-nephew but please be careful if ya do your best because i don't want to lose ya as ya are our family, ya know?
Selene: You know, Dylan, as I told you a long time ago, you can join with us in the Ghost Zone in the land of Shadowlurk
dylan: i have had about enough of people dying on my watch...*hears selene and to her* hm that's true ya did told me and I was planning to join but i don't leave my family i love and well, ya remember Angelina was baby when i had to take care of her but i think my husband and wife. I believe Angelina grew up enough old i know shang and mindy trusts me
Selene: Trust me, you don't need to worry about that anymore, the main target is here is Henry
dylan: *takes staff* point taken, Selene melanie is little confuse about ya two sometimes ha *walks to portal*
Scumhunt: Hmm..let's go ..and it will take a year to complete all four tests
dylan: ah i see...year could long time ha *opens portal and to shang* i am going out with them for bit, ok? anyone joins us?
Selene: No ..we just need you and Henry to do this

Scumhunt: *walks into the portal with Henry*
dylan: oh...right and i am sure shang understand , yes when we did explained at Shang or mindy, melanie about this to help them understand last time *goes into portal*
Selene: *nods and goes into the portal too*

-Shadowlurk in Ghost Zone-
Henry: Wow, this forest is so dark and cold
dylan: mm ha this remind me about Halloween
Henry: I hate Halloween *roll eyes and walk*

dylan: i know ya do, great nephew *walks with him*

Henry: *looking around the places*
dylan: hmm
Selene: Alright Henry, we go find the lake of the Shadows
Scumhunt: Ooh what do you do over there Selene?
Selene: Eh..the caller has to dive into the lake and hold their breath and try to do forgiveness and carry on thing
dylan: *walking with them when listens what they say*
Scumhunt: And what else?
Selene: If the Caller doesn't drown, he passes the test, right, Henry?
Henry: Um..I never tried swimming before
Selene: You don't need to swim and you must force yourself to hold your breath as long as you can
Henry: Why?
dylan: are you sure for this, selene?
Selene: In the end of the test, legends said a caller can see all the maps of Shadowlurk. North, east, west, south. Now, we are in the north of Shadowlurk.
Henry: Who do I meet in my test?
Selene: Lake of Shadows. They're invisible to everyone's eyes...
Henry: Oh..I see.
dylan: hmm...
Scumhunt: *points* Here we are...
Henry: *sees the lake and goes to the front of it*
Selene and Scumhunt: *follows him*
dylan: ah interesting *goes with them*

Selene: Now, do what you must do
dylan: but what if it will go something wrong?
Henry: *take a look at them and then goes down into the lake and falls into it*
Selene: If he drowns, he will not return, if he pass, he will return
dylan:...*sighs and sits on rock* well, let's hope for him
As Henry goes very deep down into the lake and stop where he was. Henry tried very hard to hold his breath under the water. He then thought of his father and grandpa who have met them before when he was 5 and the image faded a voice spoke...
Scumhunt: *look down at the pond* *whistling in sea chantey*
dylan: *worrying about henry*
Henry: *bubbles rises from the surface, but continues to hold his breath*
Selene: Come on, don't lose conscious...
dylan: henry...*look at lake where henry is*
Henry then meet with the Lake of Shadows after he passed the test of forgiveness and the Lake of Shadows let him see the entire map of Shadowlurk*
Scumhunt: *done whistling and got bored*
Then Henry got the map inside of his head when the Lake of Shadows gave it to him, slowly, he rises back into the surface and gasps for air and swims back to the shore
dylan: oh! henry ya all right? *help him get out of lake*

Henry: *Nods* Yes I'm alright *lightly smiles* I pass *coughs* the test...
Selene: Yes. You did, now there's three more test to do
dylan: *sighs relieved* that's good *hears selene* ah
Henry: I know and it'll take longer to meet with the Lord of the Shadow Pets
Scumhunt: Pets? *looks shocked* I never heard of them
Henry: The Lake of Shadows spoke to me about my next test.
dylan: hmm interesting
Selene: Never seen them in my life, but you call for them

Scumhunt: Where is it?
Henry: In the west.
dylan: then we go west
Selene: That'll be a next season to reach there after Winter *smiles* We'll go there...
Henry: *arrives at the west of Shadowlurk and sees nothing* I see nothing and this is a dead-end

dylan: hmm! *look at dead-end* maybe it's invisible wall like disguise wall like, hidden, right?
Selene: Then you call for them, Henry...
dylan: hmm
Henry: *nods* Come out here, Shadow Pets, I need you here to pass a test.
*the ground starts rumbling like an earth quake*

Scumhunt: Oh dear, it feels like a 50 ton monster coming at us
dylan: *hold staff to still stand careful*
Selene: You shall *suddenly water drips on her and she looks up and saw a giant shadow dog and cat*
Shadow Dog and Cat: *barks and yowls*
Scumhunt: RUN! *suddenly tries to escape but Selene grabbed his arms*
Selene: There will be no running
dylan: aww shadow cat look cute
Henry: *looks really scared at them*
Shadow Dog: *growls at Henry and then grabbed Henry in his mouth*
dylan: hmm? be brave, great-nephew ya have pass test
dylan: bad dog! put him down please
Scumhunt: *sweatshops*
dylan: huh that reminds me about i had giant pets or small pets long time ago
Shadow Cat: *growls at Henry and then takes Henry from the dog*
Shadow Dog and Cat: *both look at each other and growls and then starts fighting each other*
Henry: *gets dropped by them to the ground and groans*

dylan *facepalm and help him get up* ya okay?
Henry: *nods* Yes...
Shadow Cat and Dog: *continues to fight*
Selene: Ooh I know what's this test. Go try to calm them down. This is a test of calmness
dylan: she's right, great nephew
Henry: Hmm *tries to think and then starts singing an ancient old song that Selene taught him when he was 10 years old*
dylan: *listens*
Scumhunt: Wow, he stills know that song
Shadow Cat and Dog: *look at Henry and smiles and then look at each other and forgive**they walked away*

dylan: ah ya did it, henry ya passed test, i believe
Henry: *nods* Yes I did...
dylan: *chuckles with smiles*
Selene: Next, we have to go to the south to see the Shadow of the Dreams but actually, I'm from the south of Shadowlurk you know.
dylan: *nods*
Henry: So, can I have a test now?
Selene: Phfft! No! Because the entire Dream Shadows population were wiped out and I'm the only one
Henry: *sighed*
dylan: it's all right, great nephew
Selene: But when I first met you, you already passed the test...looking into your memories and remember how it got there and sincerely it was removed.

dylan: hmm
Selene: You know, his mother, Fang?
Henry: Wait, I have a mother?
Selene: Yes you do, but you were scared of your mother's ghost and you want to go home?

dylan:….it's true, henry i was there and i know your mother
Henry: Oh...*looks down sadly* I sort of..let her go then...

dylan: it's okay but i believe it's time ya going to meet her soon because long time ago she did told me she is waiting when ay grow up enough old
Henry: Really? You think so?
dylan: *nods* mm really
Scumhunt: Alright, and, your birthday is in the next season you know, summer

dylan: that's true
Henry: *nods*
Selene: *look at Henry* I'll promise that I'll let you meet your mother after you passed the final test
Henry: *nods* I'm listening and we go east right?
Selene: *nods* And by the time we got there, we'll meet the Shadow Angels.
dylan: agree
Scumhunt: Shadow Angels? They exist here?
Selene: Yes they do and why?
Scumhunt: I thought there's a Shadow Demon.
Selene: The Shadow Demon and the bad Shadows are in the south so we don't go there...
dylan: *sighs* well, i did defected one of shadow demons
Selene: But you do know there's 2 more hiding somewhere...

dylan: yes *walks with them* if they don't attack us
Selene: I hope not...
As soon as Henry turned another year older, they arrived at the Shadow Angels' place
Henry: *look at the royal palace* It's so fancy
dylan: ah interesting
Selene: I also heard about the Shinies/Light Angel also live there too
Henry: And?
Selene: The Shinies or the Shadow of the Light lived in the middle of Shadowlurk you know, away from the other shadows
dylan: *chuckles* it feels like cinderella..hmm? ah i see yeah i remember
Selene: *sighs and takes a deep breath* Okay, you have to pass her test of Light-in-the-Dark test
dylan: well, i met shinies before long time go hm
Scumhunt: Hmm, that must be a quite of adventure
dylan: clara was one of shinies, your grandma
Henry: Hmm I wonder what it is *knocks on the door*
dylan: hm
Henry: *turns around* Wait, my grandma?

dylan: yes great nephew and sunny too because you can see how he had lots of energy
Selene: Bad Shadows of low energy of excitement =_=
dylan: *chuckles* your grandma is silly yes but ya see why how your shadow with mixed shinies and kind of good shadow race *to selene* i know
Selene: Oh yes, Melanie
dylan: correct, selene mark too...henry's father

Selene: Ah..*suddenly she heard the door opens*
Shadow Angel: *opens door* Hello? Who is it?
dylan: *look at Angel* oh hello, angel i believe my great nephew henry is here for pass test
Shadow Angel: Really? Come on in..*let them inside*
*everyone goes inside*
dylan: *goes inside with them*
Shadow Angel: Have a seat, we are going to do how to use a new system of battling with ghost powers
Henry: How?
Shadow Angel: By using these...the demons created it, so all the angels must create it as well too *gives the deck of cards to Henry*
Henry: What do I do with it?
dylan: ah i remember sage told me about those cards...
Shadow Angel: You read what the card says and then send for something to beat your enemies...
Selene: *to Dylan* Really?
dylan: ah yes really because sage showed us about that but very dangerous no joke
Shadow Angel: I know and those cards are reusable as well

dylan: hmm *sighs worry* do ya think that will help him get strong?
Shadow Angel: Yes...and some of the cards you can throw and the cards regenerate after explosion or a miss or goes back to the user.
dylan: I see...
Shadow Angel: Well that's it ..*look at Henry* Also, your test is a gift, Henry, I don't do light-in-the-dark test anymore because it's too easy. All you have to do is turn the lamp on in the dark
Henry: *annoyed*
Selene: Sometimes, too unpredictable...
dylan: I can see that well, could ya help him?

Shadow Angel: I already did..but *takes off her necklace and give it to Henry* Here, take my Crow's necklace, it'll help you guide you safe through with the battle of the Demon Caller
dylan: ...?! ya knew, angel?
Selene: Shadow Angel, I have one question to ask you, are there *gulps* any angel callers?
dylan: hmmm
Shadow Angel: Of course I knew, I can see through the eyes of the Shadow Caller
dylan: ahh all right but like, selene asked...are there any angel callers?
Shadow Angel: I do believe there is, but she lives in Israel
dylan: ah got it
Henry: Israel? I know that place, but I never been there
Shadow Angel: That's when all life starts
dylan: hmm i see *thinks if angel caller is good person as good side*
Shadow Angel: Her name is Yona

dylan: ah nice name
Shadow Angel: Yep and *look at Henry* You're set to go..
Henry: *smiles* Yay!

dylan: *nods* thank ya angel
Selene and Scumhunt: *look at each other and smiles*
dylan: hmm *chuckles and smiles*
Selene: We're back!
*everyone in the room was sad*
Henry: Huh? What's wrong?
dylan: hmm?
jin: oh! well...*sighs*
Melanie: *Look at Henry* You know your grandma? Well, she passed away is her time already?
jin: yeah we afraid so, yes
dylan: *sighs* i see...did she leave message or note before she pass away?
Melanie: So is Shang too
dylan:…..! *in shock*
jin: melanie! ya know how mom love dad
Sunny: He died from a heart attack when my kids scared him
dylan:…no…no...*trempling and walk backwards to rocking chair then fall on chair*
jin: ohh mom...
dylan:…not my shang...*sniffs*
Melanie: What happened if your mom thinks *look at Dylan* *sighs*

jin: oh man, mom's in shock...*sighs*
Melanie, but still aunt/uncle Dylan, you still have Mindy
jin: yeah she's right, mom
dylan: *sighs* I know….but it won't same without shang

jin: we know, mom well, we will use over it and dad wants ya happy i am sure really
Henry: *looks down and remembers how he felt when his father was killed*
dylan: *sniffs* but what about shang's ghost?
jin: *look at melanie*
Melanie: He gone with the other elemental spirits, Jin, Sung Ki, and Thao.
jin: yeah but we don't know if he come back or not as spirit
dylan: *sighs* i see
mu: *pats Henry's back to comfort him*
Melanie: You know, we still need to change to make things right for the Shao family to carry on

dylan: hm understood yeah
jin: yep we have to do this
Melanie: You know, our ancestors told us most of their siblings were killed in the war to fight for justice and their country you know. We have to fight for our family as too!

jin: yeah to save our families's futures too
dylan: yes i know but i don't like to lose the love ones, melanie
jin: we know but we have to do for our sakes we have to be strong, mom

Melanie: *sniffs* I think we should end the enemies' doing with us on the Shadows *look at Henry* my dad's generation is gonna end up dead if Henry doesn't lives on
dylan: *sighs* all right, all right we have to save our generation of family, I am agree and Henry's future *look at henry* so now he have pass test about his cards
jin: really? he passed tests?
dylan: yeah *stand up*
Henry: Yes and?
Melanie: We must stop the murdering from evil ghosts...the Ewell ghosts has rest in peace a long time ago, Vera the Shadow Leader is gone, and now we have this demon and shadows are coming after Henry

dylan: yes…two of them as shadow demons
jin: but where are they?
jung: they are hiding anywhere and they knows we are too strong to them
Melanie: And also, we need to stop the Demon Caller too...
dylan: yes that too...
hadi: it was Damien guys
Selene: *look at Henry* You'll be able to use the Cosmic of Shadow to help you to stop the Demon Caller and all of this attacks...

dylan: *sighs* i hope ya pass test about your cards, great nephew
jin: let's do to stop them!
Henry: I will...
dylan: *nods at henry* don't get kill, henry and do your best
Selene: *look at Henry* If you want to see your mother again, you'll have to summon her, not me because I don't know where she is
Henry: Oh..
dylan: ah i do summon if ya want
Selene: You'll need encouragement from her *nods*
Henry: *sighs* Whenever I feel like...whenever I feel like ...