-Outside in the City to Los Angeles-
Henry: *walking with his family*
dylan: *walks with them and walk with staff*
Matthew: Ah our old home before we moved to San Diego
dylan: ha yep, bro
Henry: *look at the sky and saw birds flying*
dylan: mm it so peaceful here yeah
mu: *flying in sky as peter pan*
Melanie: I can feel there's no danger to our family anymore, but as for Henry, he needs to get used to people because he has been inside of our home for a long time you know. He never been to real school before
Zhi: *flying with Shadow*
dylan: that is true and I did talked with teachers or principal about this then so they gave chance as good news
shadow: whee
Melanie: So, he'll start high school?
dylan: *nods* yeah I did explained them about his hand and they understood as careful then so they won't let us down and they did taught superheroes before so he will be all right some of the superheroes or villains in school *shrugs* they have good rules
Melanie: Wait, are you taking him to a new school that's called Sky High?
dylan: yeah because this school people told me about that new school and they said this school is his chance to graduation
Melanie: Ah I see, I hope he will fit in well
Henry: Where's that school?
Melanie: In the sky and the sky bus will take you to school from home
Henry: Really? Is it cool?
dylan: yes he will and they will treat him like, "normal" kid like school...*to henry* yeah it is cool i had tour in that school...it's really very good place for young heroes or villains
Melanie: *nods* Yeah and you'll meet other different kind of species in that school. We never been there, but you have the chance to try it
dylan: *nods*
Henry: *smiles* That'll be exciting.
dylan: oh melanie? i thinking maybe they could give ya and your siblings the jobs at school
Matthew: *sighed and remembers* It feels like we came from a long way.
dylan: what ya think?
Melanie: Oh yeah they can *Nods* I know everything and my dad took me to Ghost School
dylan: *chuckles* ah that's all right then i believe ya will like new school *smiles* ha
Melanie: The school will start soon in the fall*
Henry: It's still summer though and I can wait *smiles and starts wondering and he walks with Chang, his guard fox*
dylan: lucky, they have one of rules about no kill huh...oh yes in the fall *smiles* *sighs* he's grew up fast, huh, melanie
Melanie: Yeah and it feel like it was yesterday
dylan: hahah tell me about it
Melanie: I just wonder about something, where did the demons go?
-Nega World-
Demons: *all fell from the sky into the land*
nega dylan: *sighs what now?
Nega Sunny: It's a demon
Damien: *groans and look around* Where am I?
Fang's sister: (as alive with her other sister Fang) You're in a Nega world
Fang: *smiles and makes a peace sign and nods*
Fukie: My name is Fukie, I am Fang's sister
nega dylan: *rolls eyes* oh great
Demons: *mixed in confusion and chattering to each other*
Demons: *all roared and charged to dominate the world*
Fukie and Fang: *Screams and ran*
Nega Sunny: *screams*
nega dylan: *rolls eyes* why ya are being cowards?!
-Back to Real World-
Melanie: Oh well, who cares where they are...
dylan: *shrugs* yeah
jin: this new school have kindergarten, middle school, high school, college...all of mixed together* cool!
Matthew: *look down* It feels like a long journey since we met you Dylan.
Melanie: Huh? What are you talking about?
dylan: ohh...*pats matt* well...we misses our real dad and our mothers
Matthew: Since when the first generation met you, all the adventures started you know
dylan: *nods* yeah i remember too, bro
Matthew: The first generation is dead you know. You and I are the only ones left. My wife died many years ago.
dylan: *sighs* yeah...we misses our old friends and cousins oh yeah my mindy's little sick today and she had stay home but i worrying about her
Matthew: Time goes too fast you know.
dylan:…yeah tell me about it
Matthew: *nods*
Sunny: *playing with his kids*
jin: maybe your kids could go to that new school, sunny
Sunny: I don't if they're halfas, Jin
jin: so? they have your powers like ya, sunny
Sunny: First of all...they're 3 and 4, second, they're too young to go to school and I'm not sending them to preschool.
jin: ok ok...
Sunny: Hmm and my wife is at work you know and our gender roles are switched
jin: ahh point taken enough and ah really ha
Melanie: *look at Sunny* What's next in our life now, Sunny?
jin: hmm?
Sunny: We defeated the Ewells, Demons, evil Shadows, and looks like we're done with enemies...
Melanie: But wait, what about China?
Sunny: Who cares about China? We love America here.
Melanie: What happened if China are taken over by Chinese black magic?
Qilin: *pants and then collapsed on all of his four knees*
jin: well, arashi does to china as jin sato's son...hm?
dylan: *look at Qilin* what happen to ya?
Qilin: The Chinese evil sorcerers are taking over the Shao's ancestor grave, we must go.
Melanie: Sounds like a mission to us.
dylan: *sighs* yep, melanie
Matthew: We're too old for battles.
Melanie: Well, how are the other siblings of Jin, Mu, Jung, Ha, and Jun?
Matthew: Yes, the other four
dylan: well...
jin: not worry we can help, mom we like american too but shao's ancestors need our help
dylan: ah all right
Qilin: Dylan's four children are fighting off the Chinese evil sorcerer
jung: why me?
jin: oh shush, jung! it's important ya know!
jung: ok ok!
hadi: huh wow no one ask my help
Qilin: I need one to be sent to China now.
ha: *hold jun to stop jun run away* okay which of us, qilin?
Jun: *whimpering scared*
dylan: I wish ya lots of luck, my dear children
Qilin: Who is brave enough to step up for war?
jin: my silbiings and i battled demons before we are all brave
jung: it going fun to fight bad guys ha!
hadi: heeheheheheh *grin creepy*
ha: well, qilin wants brave one
jun: *hold lantern and whimpers*
Qilin: So *look at Jin* Do you accept to join the fight?
jin: hmm yeah
austin and dustin: yeah dad's brave and calm!
mu: *floating and look at qilin* hmm
Qilin: *look at Jin* Good, come with me
hadi: *crosses arms* huh
jin: *nods then goes with qilin*
Melanie: *saw Jin and Qilin leaving* *look at Dylan* Do you think Jin will make it?
mu: jeez, shouldn't qilin need more than one? like, need team, right?
dylan: i am sure jin will, yes
jung: well, qilin's stubborn decision, mu *shrugs*
Melanie: Besides, great-uncle Ping is also in China too
Zhi: And my sister
dylan: yeah
shadow: I wonder your sister is okay, zhi
Zhi: No worries, I sent 3 of my pupkitties to help her.
shadow: oh goodie our brave pupkitties
Matthew: Ah, through the walks of life
Henry: *Saw someone was robbing a bank with superpowers*
Villain 1: HAHA! HAVE A NICE BURGALUR DAY! *escapes*
Villain 2: *puts bad luck on the car to make it roll over to the police car*
austin and dustin: let's get him!XD
Chang: *growls and captures the villain*
Henry: *stood there and do nothing*
austin and dustin: *stops villain too then captures villains too* we got two!
Chang: Excellent!
Police: *got them surrounded and put the 2 villains in the car to jail*
austin and dustin: *victory sign* hehehe! *to Henry* ya ok?
Henry: Yeah but I don't fight criminals.
austin and dustin: *look each other than look at him* well, what if they hurt innocence?
Henry: Then I'll hurt the villain
austin and dustin: hmm good answer but what if they steal important things or evil things to destroy?
Henry: *points the hand to give them a clue*
austin and dustin: oh yes that good answer too
Henry: There, that's the reason I don't fight and I don't find love at first sight and it will never happen to me
austin and dustin: point taken, cousin as good point but it WILL be happen because we don't know what happen next *lean each other* not worry ya will be fine really
Henry: *shrugs* Then you do all the work and I don't have to do anything
austin and dustin: well, your dad did worked hard to help to save innocents before *shrugs too* maybe we will figure out if there is anything ya could do, no rush *hands on his shoulders as patting his shoulders* we bet we will meet new friends at new school in fall
Henry: Maybe not, I know everyone will call me two-face instead of Shadowmask
austin and dustin: aw come on they have different powers like ya and us
Henry: Maybe far more different...but also, they're not ghosts or part ghosts, that'll be an issue you know
austin and dustin: well, there are some ahalfas or ghosts went to that new school we heard but not worry everything will all right, cousin
austin: well, our dad told us your grandpa hates one of ahalfas in past
Henry: Now you guys are creating fear about school in Sky High
dustin: *facepalm*
austin: no-no we don't fear
dustin and austin: we were talking about new friends and new classes
Henry: Well I'm not sure, but okay let's give it a try *smiles*
dustin and austin: yeah *nods with smiles back to him* we can try as agree
Melanie: Hey guys, let's go to Hollywood to meet the famous tv shows!
*everyone agreed and they went*
austin and dustin: awesome! *Goes with Henry, Cecil to after them*
Cecil: Hey! Wait for me!
Matthew: *chuckles* Kids these days *follows them*
dylan: *chuckles and smiles* yeah *follow too* do ya think your son going school too?
Matthew: Nah I don't think so, he already graduate college
dylan: ah alright
*everyone enjoying fun*