In the twisted world...the characters will be contain from two families.

Yu's family

Dylan, Matthew, Jin, Mu, Jing, Don, Jung, Hadi and possibly Ha, Quing, Ying, Hao, and Xin

Zhiyu and Huyen's family

Dennis, Mark, Kristy, Katelyn, Clara, Henry, Sunny, Melanie


Shang and Jun (brothers)

Xiao and Rui (brothers/sisters)

Jin, Arashi, and Miyuki (brothers and sisters)

Sung Ki, Thao (friends)

Kyle Lai (as ghost)

Chloe and Syan (ghost friends)


The Shadows

Akuma (possible or not)

Dennis, Kristy, and Mark (the rebels)

Samurai (possible or not)

Shadow Demon

Shadow Raven


Keeko (Jin's rabbit)

Zhi (now Yu's Fox )

Shadow (now Yu's Skasker)

Rocco (a German Shephard)

Character that will not be here.

Laura, Carlos, Dr. Ewell, Dr. Raymond, Fang, Fukie (fang's sister), the Nakamura, Dennis' friends, Ping Shao, Michelle, Hyun-Suk, Ajala, etc...