Henry: *look at Jin* What's wrong?

jin: oh i am glad ya are okay because i felt bad
Henry: Why is that?

jin: well, because i made accident when ya fell when i was battling with bad guys i figured ya mad at me
Henry: I wasn't mad.
jin: ah really? ya saying ya forgive me?
Henry: *Nods* Yeah, I didn't watch out for it was coming

jin: *smiles little and pats his head genty* okay kiddo
Clara: *look at Dylan* What about Dennis and the twins?
Melanie: They're becoming rebels to us.
dylan: yeah *sighs*
mu: they did threaten to beat me up if i tell henry truth but i did telepathy henry without them find out
Clara: I know they'll become Shadows like the other Shadow ghosts.
mu: yeah but i told them bad idea and they dont' care because they had no choice to obey the shadow boss
dylan: i wish they shouldn't join bad shadows
Melanie: Should we face them?
mu: how?
Katelyn: I don't know, it'll be risky
Matthew: Bad Shadows are cold ghosts
mu: ya saw what they did to their parents in cold blood

dylan: *sighs* we know, guys and they are stubborn i know
Melanie: Don, Katelyn, Sunny will stay here, you guys go after them. Who knows what the Shadows will do to them?
mu: well..*sighs* guess it is not hurt to check on them if they are ok

dylan: hm all right
jin: i will keep eye on henry
Melanie: *look at Henry* We will *nods*
-Ghost Zone-
Sung Ki: *whimpering*
Ryu: (as Jin) - Shush Sung Ki...*spying on the Shadow castle*
Sung Ki: I think this is a bad idea.
Ryu: *look outside of the castle and saw Dylan and Mu are coming* What are they doing here?
Sung Ki: *points* And Jin?
hadi: *behind and smiles creepy like Cheshire cat then whisper to them* what ya doing here?
jin: ya think they going ok?
Ryu and Sung Ki: *shrieks and turns around* HADI!
dylan: well, we have to be sure, jin
hadi: hhahaha! *tilt head creepy* wow ya seen your faces
Sung Ki: Not funny...*look inside of the castle* I wonder what they're - *sees Dennis moaning on the wall and his face was turned around along with his body*
hadi: hmm? cousin dennis…? oh man
Ryu: What's going on? *look at Dennis's back*

hadi: not good….shadows are bad and they doing bad things on him
Dennis: *turned around and his face shown like a Shadow and then he ran*

hadi: aw man he turning into bad shadow
Ryu: He's transforming into a bad Shadow. This is bad.

hadi: *sighs* oh man mu did warned them about that

Sung Ki: I don't know if we should go in, but it's pretty risky.

hadi: we have to check out and not worry we are superhuman ya know?
dylan: oh man did ya see that, melanie?

Sung Ki: *look around for Melanie* I don't see her anywhere
Ryu: I think she didn't go with you
dylan: *sighs*
jin: she will be okay to keep eyes on kids, right?
dylan: guess so

Sung Ki: *look around for Melanie* I don't see her anywhere
Ryu: I think she didn't go with you
dylan: *sighs*
jin: she will be okay to keep eyes on kids, right?
dylan: guess so

Sung Ki: Okay then, we'll go in..*goes in through the window*
hadi: *goes to castle when does invisible like Cheshire cat does*
dylan: *nods and goes inside too*
Ryu: *shrugs and goes inside and follows everyone else*
jin: *goes inside with ryu* we better careful

*Mission impossible theme song*
*They all look around in the castle like secret spies*

Mark and Kristy: *already turned into Shadows and looking out for trouble*

hadi: *whisper* not good

Ryu: *hears Hadi and then a Shadow Demon's voice*
hadi: ?
Shadow Demon: You go to Sector 1 and you go to Sector 5 and guard those places from Dream Shadows and Shinies

Sung Ki: *look at Ryu and nods*
Ryu: *nods back at Sung Ki*
dylan: *hears about dream and shinies then nods at siblings same time*
jin and hadi: *nods too*
*Sung Ki and Ryu trapped the Shadow Demon with the electrical nets made by Arashi*
Shadow Demon: *gets shocked*
dylan: *looks shock*
jin: *goes to free dreams or shinies*
Sung Ki and Ryu: *falls down from the ceiling and stands up and look at the Shadow Demon*
Ryu: Well, well Shadow Demon, what are you up to?
dylan: *walks to them*
Shadow Demon: *growls at Ryu and Sung Ki* Spirits from the Spirit Worlds...why do you always get into my way?
Sung Ki: Well...what's your devious plot, tell me!
hadi: *poking shadow demon*
Shadow Demon: What plot? My plot is to give nightmares to people and brings negative emotions around people as well and turn them into Shadows *turns around*
hadi: ya turned innocents into evil, huh?
jin: *whispers at dylan* shinies and dream shadows are free as saved
Shadow Demon: Yeah. I do turn them into evil even when they want to ask me to join.
hadi: ya mean tricked them mm?

Shadow Demon: These Shadows you see in my village are the innocents or bad souls' who wanted to join with the Shadows...so your cousins have become one of them

Ryu: You monster!
Sung Ki: Why can't you just say no to them?
hadi: ya know innocents were not evil
dylan: *sighs*
Shadow Demon: Because I want power, power to rule all the Land of Shadowlurk. I don't care what the Shadow Angel says *look at Hadi* Most innocents joined because they believed they did bad things

hadi: *rolls eyes* so they are misunderstood and ya made mistake but ya know ya don't allow innocents who are not evil as rule
Shadow Demon: I take their goody goody soul!

hadi: ah that's why ya want good souls as taste...but give them to back or we could fight
Shadow Demon: I ate them

hadi: *grins and get close to him* ah really? forgive me for this...*hits demon's tummy to make him vomit up to free souls*

Shadow Demon: Gak *spits some saliva out from his mouth* I digested them a long time ago.

hadi: oh man!
dylan: wait how long weeks ?
jin: Or years?.. oh man not good
Shadow Demon: Yes...*coughs and then steps away from Hadi*
hadi: *growls*
dylan: guess we are too late

Dennis, Mark, and Kristy: *all came in at the same time from different pathways from the hallway*

jin: hm? umm guys?
dylan: i can see them, jin
Shadow Demon: Time has come, fight or die.
hadi: *walks to demon* you want to die?
dylan: calm down, hadi
Shadow Demon: No not that...*look at his watch* Wait for it , wait for it...NOW!
jin: huh?
Dennis: *teleports behind Hadi and kicked him in the back*
Mark and Kristy: *attacked with their war fan weapons at Dylan and Jin at the same time*
hadi: ah! *flip-up and lands on floor then makes shield to block dennis's attack*
Ryu and Sung Ki: *keeps the Shadow Demon trapped by the net*
dylan and jin: *block attack then makes them sleep by spell*
Dennis: Such a coward to use those shield...
hadi: *grins* ya think i am? *kicks dennis's chin up hard*
Mark and Kristy: *immune to sleep* *continues to fight and blast dark rays at them*
dylan: oh great *dodges rays*
jin: *uses hurricane to keep them away*
Dennis: Oof! *chin up and flies into the air and then stop in air and he growls and blast Dark force at Hadi to make him/her fall down*
Mark and Kristy: *dodges in opposite directions when they ran from hurricane*
hadi: *fells down and sit up then coughing smoke* *makes use light bright spell*
Dennis: *teleports to escape from the light spell*
dylan: *uses chain to ties them like cowboy does

Kristy and Mark: *got chained by Dylan* AHH!
hadi: who's look talking, "coward"?
dylan: victory!
jin: *uses winds to trap dennis*
Dennis: *his invisibility became visible and then he got trapped by Jin's wind*
hadi: *get up and dust him/herself off* good job, jin

jin: no problem, hadi * dylan makes another chain of net to trap dennis*
Shadow Demon: Augh...why are Shadows of Evil are terrible at fighting? *face palm*
dylan: huh we are good than ya, demon
hadi: we won ha
jin: hush, hadi
Dennis: *gets trapped by the net and then he cut his way out with his needle attack and quickly escape through the hallway*
jin: *goes after dennis**uses daggers to pin him on wall*
Henry: *climbs through the window where he fell before and is in the same room and saw Dennis got pinned to the wall by daggers* O-O
dylan: *sighs*
Melanie: Henry! *cries for him* WAIT UP!

jin: i don't want to hurt ya, dennis...*hears henry and gasp* what ya doing here?
hadi: i thought they are stay home...
dylan: *goes to window and look at melanie or henry*
Henry: *helps his cousin Dennis to set him free* Here you go, Denn-Denn
jin: wait, henry! he turned into evil!
Dennis: *growls and then attacked Jin after being freed*

jin: ooooffff *got attack by dennis*
hadi: umm henry, dennis is not same dennis anymore because this shadow demon ate Dennis's soul!
Dennis: *grabbed Jin his neck*

jin: *choking* dennis! stop it!
mu: *appears at henry* henry….we are too late to save them from evil
dylan: *sighs*
Dennis: *punches Jin in the stomach really hard and hit him through the wall*
Henry: *Look at Dennis* What's evil?
jin: ahh! *coughing blood*

mu: ...*Sighs* evil means bad and kill or murder, do bad things...because look at dennis trying kill jin very bad
Mark and Kristy: *got freed from the chains and follow Dennis*
hadi: i thought they don't fight front of henry
Dennis: *continues beating up Jin*
dylan: *caught them by chain*
Henry: But Family don't fight...
dylan: i trying to stop them killing
Mark and Kristy: *groans*
dylan: we know but tell Dennis

mu: because that's why we trying save them from bad evil but they kept fought with us
jin: *moaning in pain* stop it, dennis!
Henry: *goes over to Dennis and pokes him*
hadi: henry...they are not same because they turned into bad as evil oh great..
Dennis: *about to throw another fist at Jin**he turns around and yelled* WHAT?!
jin: *coughing blood little then saw henry*...?
Henry: *Look at Dennis in fear* Why are you hurting, Jin?
dylan: yeah why
Dennis: *suddenly he turned back to his normal ghost self when he saw Henry and he tried to calm himself down and struggled* I don't know why...
hadi:...huh? that's new

jin: *trembling as pain and wipe blood off*
Henry: Why did you kill mom and dad?
Dennis: They tortured us.

hadi: well, they never "tortured" your brother, dennis
Dennis: *look at Hadi* Why they didn't torture my brother, Henry?

hadi: because they did loved him when henry told us yeah that's good question
Dennis: Does it mean -
Mark: That mom and dad were cold to us?
Kristy: Like to Katelyn, Melanie, Sunny, and Clara too?

hadi: i dunno...but your mother never cold at ya guys but i am sure your dad have reasons henry said parents kisses henry's forehead when henry went bed

Dennis: That doesn't matter...*looks irritated* It's all in the past. I don't care if he has reasons. he's not here anymore and they treat Henry like good.

hadi: ah, well,...*sighs* i understand ya are misunderstanding but at least henry's safe as good
Henry: *look at Dennis* Are you coming home, Denn-Denn?

dylan: hmm...
hadi: little problem, henry they don't have good souls
Henry: I don't care if you killed mom or dad anymore, I want you to come home...*he shows his tears and cried a little*
hadi: umm...*sighs and look at dennis* it's up to ya
Mark and Kristy: *turned themselves back to their normal ghost skin and look at each other*
dylan: ah..*frees them as unchained*
Dennis: *smiles at Henry* Sure, what ever makes you happy, Shadow Caller...
hadi: impressing
Henry: *wipes off tears and hugs*
Melanie: Shadow Caller?

jin: *get up trembling* ooohh it is hurts
dylan: *eyebrow raise* shadow caller sounds familiar
Melanie: Does that means? Henry calls for his dad to be nice with him like all of his dark siblings and plus me?

dylan: hmm could be, melanie
Melanie: Oh man, imagine that. He could be the one that was controlling our parents.
jin: *cleans himself and wipe blood off*

dylan: *blinks* ahh...maybe *

hadi: ok then problem solved and we going home then
Dennis: *heard what Melanie said and look at Henry* That explains why...
dylan: that's why parents treated henry nice
Shadow Demon: HELP! I'M ABOUT TO DRINK COCONUT JUICE *voice from distance*
*everyone look at shadow demon and sweatdrop*
dylan: um..sung i believe that's enough
hadi: *snickers*
Dennis: *picks up his brother, Henry and hugs him in his arms*
dylan: ok everyone, it's time to go back home
Ryu: *rolls eyes*
mu: ha why sung bring coconut juice, ryu?
Ryu: He loves coconut juice...

mu: i can see that and i believe shadow demon don't like it *chuckles and floats in midair*
*everyone went home*

Melanie: Uncle Yu! We got Henry back!
dylan: *nods*

jin: *moaning in little pain when come in*
hadi: but we got dennis, mark or kristy back
Clara: Ooh! Jin *help Jin sits down*
Yu: *sees Henry as safe* Ah..that's good *then sees the three kids* It's them again, why did they come back?
jin: *sit on couch* thanks clara
Melanie: Dylan will explain it to you
hadi: well, long story, dad and yeah dylan will

dylan: *sighs and explained at yu about shadow demon or happened until found out Henry shadow caller in hour to help him understand*
Henry: *already asleep on the way home and Dennis tucked him in bed and kissed his forehead*
Mark and Kristy: *went back to play go fish*
jin: that dennis...*muttering when Clara fixing jin's wound*
Kristy: Where were we again before we left with Dennis?
Mark: I don't know, we're random.
Clara: Did he say sorry, Jin?

jin: ah he didn't but he's busy to taking care of Henry
Clara: Oh geez, he never says sorry to me either

jin: i know right, clara?
Clara: But the good thing, he's home.
jin: guess so
Matthew: But we have to be careful when talking to them because they are really sensitive with emotions inside of them

hadi: that's true huh
mu: *floating*
Clara: Ah okay...
Melanie: *sighed* At peace once again

jin: yeah but i hope Dennis don't beat me up again
Melanie: Ah he won't, Henry will stop him because he's a caller right?

jin: point taken as right
Melanie: *nods*
Sunny: *playing with little Don*
Mark and Kristy: *trying to beat each other in a game*
Clara: *helping Jin with his wound*
dylan: *come back with yu*
jin: thanks clara again
Yu: *sitting by his table and reading news paper*
hadi: do dad understand about this, dylan?
dylan: yeah
Dennis: *on the roof outside looking at sky of blue*