After my rather odd interaction with B.L.U.E I decided I needed something to keep my mind occupied. I jumped from watching TV, to reading and just about everything in between. I couldn't ease the anxiety that sat like a stone in my stomach.

I sat on the edge of my bet and ran my hands over my face and through my brown hair. Maybe that's it, I thought to myself, maybe a makeover would make me feel better.

I brought up B.L.U.E, but didn't dare use the personal option. You could use B.L.U.E and a great many features without having the lady herself show up. All you had to do was select the setting on your wrist band. I of course made sure I had that option selected. The last thing I wanted was another awkward encounter with her.

I found the appearance tool, and spent the next few minutes changing my hair color. I must have changed it to every color in the spectrum before giving up and restoring it to a simple brown.

I laid back on my bed in defeat, and let my mind wander. I thought about the creator's speech, the deer and B.L.U.E's strange behavior. I thought about how unnerved I was, and how that damn deer seemed to be the source of my vexing situation. Then I thought about how stupid it was that I let my emotions keep me from killing dragons with my friends.

I sighed and rolled over. The fantasy realm truly had to be my favorite of crystal earth's realms. In crystal earth there were an infinite number of planes designated to a certain activity, like dragon hunting, fishing, or even dancing. Each realm was run by a large team and headed by a team leader.

I sat up and brought up B.L.U.E's menu. I spent a good hour researching all the realms, and their staff. It wasn't the most interesting, but hey, it kept me from thinking about how unsettled I was. I spent the most time of the fantasy realm; more specifically I spent time learning new sword techniques.

I smirked; the guys are going to be so impressed when I chop a dragon's head clean off.

After looking up a plethora of fighting techniques and glazed over the staff page. I stopped and read the sample biography of the head man. It was no secret that the head of the fantasy realm was hailed as a genius; he was responsible for perfecting its features and advancing just about every aspect of the realm.

What a cool job. I thought, maybe when I would one day become a head of a realm, it was kind of the coolest job ever.

After I grew tired of researching, and resorted to pacing. I walked around my room and pondered my circumstance.

I didn't know what to do with myself. I had all these strange feelings churning inside of me and I didn't know why or where they had come from. And no matter what I did to distract, reason, and pacify myself, I still found the strange feeling ticking in the back of my head. The dread from the speech and followed me, and would not go away.

My pacing had gotten me about half way to the window, when I heard it; a loud, ear shattering thump.

A thump that knocked me off my feet, and left me sprawled helplessly on the floor. I heard screams and shouts of surprise that told me I wasn't experiencing this alone. A force, had knocked me down, it was as if someone had grabbed my room and shook it.

I heard a shrill scream erupt from outside. I scrambled to my feet quickly, and braced myself for another quake. When it didn't arrive, I only stood baffled. I heard a woman's voice outside,

"What the hell is that?!"

The voice held both fear and confusion.

I bolted for my door and raced to get outside.

When I finally exited the building, I saw people; some were just now standing up from the quake, while others still lay on the ground wearing expressions of shock. All of them, men, women, children, old, young, were gazing up at the sky in surprise.

I slowly followed their gaze, and found myself sharing their horror.

In the sky, just above the peaceful, mundane residential area, there was a mob of hundreds dragons.

We all watched in painful silence as the dragons neared us.

"Aren't you guys in the wrong realm?!" a man in the mass of people shouted.

Whispers broke out among the crowd. I stood in the midst and felt that damn feeling rise in me slowly, but surly. My ears were flooded with gossip in the crowd

"Is this a joke?"

"One mother of a glitch."

"did those tech guys fall asleep?"

"is this a publicity stunt?"

Then before we knew it, the dragons were upon us. They circled and circled as if waiting for something. The people just gazed at them, unsure what to do. Some laughed, others were nervous.

But I was terrified; the dread, from the speech had evolved into pure terror.

"Hey!" the same man who had shouted before once again spoke up. "What the hell are you things doing here!?" her questioned angrily.

He caught one of the dragon's attention. For it landed on the ground across from him and stalked over. It stopped about ten feet away from the man and cocked its heads.

Just like B.L.U.E. I remembered my interaction with her, and how she did the same thing.

The man puffed up his chest and growled.

"I said, what the hell you are doing here?!"

The people around the man shrunk away nervously, and he soon found himself alone.

The Dragon craned its head this way and that, sizing up the man, who seemed to be aggravated by its every movement.

The man opened his mouth and went to spit out a remark, but never even breathed the first syllable of whatever word he had poised.

In an instant, in one lightning move, the dragon had closed the distance; and lodged its razor teeth into the man's head.

It happened so fast, no one really saw it. All we saw now was the man's limp body dangling from the dragon's mouth. A few inhuman noises escaped the man, but were washed away, when his body distorted and disintegrated.

We all stood, frozen. We know what we had just seen, but it was impossible. Crystal earth was free from these kinds of things. Crystal earth didn't have what we just witnessed. Crystal earth didn't have death.

We stood like statues, petrified by horror. The dragons dived and joined the grounded comrade. I slowly tilted my head up at the sky. Where there was once a clear blue sky, dragons covered every inch. Thousands, swarmed.

The dragon that had killed the man raised its head. There are several things in life that you never forget. And this dragon's battle cry was one of them. It released a haunting, bone-chilling dirge that caused every fiber of my being to beg for mercy. The howl left a deafening silence in its wake.

A shrill screech from a terrified person broke the trance, and in one fluid movement the crowed dispersed into a chaotic dash for safety.