Do you ever just want to fall back? To let yourself go, and shatter into a million pieces upon hitting the tile? To just let yourself fall, and let the world spin on around you, crashing and burning in loud oblivion, while you fall into a bed of flowers. No, not flowers; roses. Because falling isn't all gentle peace. There are thorns, too. Falling wipes away the present, blurs the world. But nothing can stop the memories. The pain, the anger. You're falling, and now you can't stop. There's nowhere to go but down. But then it's over. And the world hasn't stopped. You come awake, and everything is still happening around you. You're just bruised on the floor. And the thorns are still there. And there's nothing you can do but fall again. But then something happens. You fall, and then you stop. You haven't even hit the floor yet. But you've hit something. There's someone there. Because we're not alone. There are people like us everywhere. And when you see someone falling, you know if you don't catch them, they'll fall again. And you're falling, and then someone catches you, and it's the most wonderful feeling in the world. They catch you, and they draw out the thorns. They trim the roses, and the next time you fall, it doesn't hurt so bad. You can get back up. Because you know that if you fall again, they will catch you. They'll wrap their arms around you and never let go. Because they know what it's like, to have fallen for so long and then to be caught. Warm hands and soft words. And they want you to know that feeling. Because it's wonderful. And it's coming. It may take weeks, years, or seconds. But one day you will fall, and someone will be there to catch you. And you may wonder where God is, but He's there. And He's waiting. And the person behind you is already stretching out their arms for you. The fall is coming, but so is the catch.

Kristina Rathmore 12/28/2013