This story is about a girl named Jen Ledger, she had blonde hair and blue eyes. She gets abused by her parents everyday. She doesn't bother asking them anything.

She locks herself in her room always cutting herself. She always wore her sweatshirt with her hood up. To cover up her scares.

She's the girl who has no hope, nobody cares about her. She's left alone, she has nobody to go to, and she has to deal with her problems everyday. No one is there to help her. Why aren't they helping her? Can't they see that she is hurting herself? They are to busy about themselves, then to look at Jen.

All those thoughts made her cry and made her cut herself even more. She watched her crimson blood come out of her arm. Nobody cares about her... she would say that over and over to herself.

What did she do wrong for her parents to hate her, and people? She must of done something wrong, but what?

"I have no hope, no life, nowhere to go." Her arm was almost covered in blood, it kinda hurt her. She didn't care one bit. The pain did comfort her.

Suddenly her mother yelled through her bedroom door. "No supper for you!" Her mother didn't even care about feeding her, she doesn't deserve to eat.

"I don't give a care, go away." Jen replied crying.

Her mother walked away.

Jen dropped the knife on the floor. Her back was against the head board of her bed, her legs were close to her chest, her hands were hidding her face.

She rather die then live, she doesn't want to deal with her parents who hate her. Hopefully one day somebody sees her pain, and takes her away from her family.

She hopes that happens to her, she just has to get out of here.

"Am I left to die?" She wondered if this is going to be her last night feeling like this, and her last night to live.