Reality, reality,
Sweet, sweet reality,
Reality, reality
Where's my reality?

A/N: I've been writing a lot lately! Anyway, I got this idea from a FanFiction I was writing that I then deleted cause it sucked. But anyway, this is sort of just to introduce you to the characters and make you really really confused. Don't worry! It clears up in the next chapter! But, I won't be able to post for a bout a week, so you can just be... Confused, I guess. I'll have a few chapters done though, I hope! Anyway, enjoy!

I wandered down the road. It was midnight, much pass Curfew. I could only hope no one sees me. I tucked my hair underneath my grey and white striped hood and continued to meander along the road. A large crack in the road opened up, but then closed just as fast. Hills along the road shifted and flattened, taking buildings and houses with them. Suddenly, a door opened.

"Get in here, girl!" a voice snapped. I sighed, but entered the building. "What are you doing out, you silly thing? They'll shoot you for being out this late!" I sighed again.

"My name is Hanna, thank you," I said, pulling a heavy wooden chair from its spot and twisting it before plopping down into it, leaning my front against its back.

"I would thank you not to mess with my things," a woman said, walking into the room, "I'm Elizabeth. This is Thaddeus, my husband."

"You managed to get a marriage license?" I asked, my eyes widening, shocked.

"Well, we do have some leeway with the Above," Elizabeth said quietly.

"Betsy, stop," Thaddeus commanded, "We don't know Hanna."

"Well, I'm very, very, very far in the Below, so you can't worry too much," I chuckled. I scraped my hood back to show the classic cut of the Unimportants. Short, stingy, and dyed in odd stripes. Of course, my hair had grown out over the years, and was now quite long and showed a lot more black hair than dyed. A special band of green dye around the bottom of the stripes signaled that I was an orphan.

"Oh, child," the tall woman said, pressing a hand against her mouth, "Thaddeus, please, we must help her!"

"Well… I.. Alright, dear," he relented. Elizabeth pulled a pair of scissors from the pocket of her apron and begin to snip at my hair and neatened it up.

"Thaddeus, this house isn't moving? Why?" I asked him, looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

"Because, well, because… I work with the Above," he sighed, "I'm not proud of it, but I do." My eyes widened.

"Then you know how I am, what I do?'

"The Unimportant Orphan, yes," he whispered.

"Thad, stop," Elizabeth said warningly, "Hanna, darling, we don't blame you. I was a Below once, not that Below, but I know how awful it is. We won't turn you in, I promise." Elizabeth continued to cut and brush my hair until it resembled hers. Her hair was light brown and fell to her shoulders in soft waves. When she was down with mine, it resembled hers but in black and with loose curls. I held the mirror farther from my face. It had been a long time since I'd seen myself. Elizabeth had cut bangs that just covered my eyebrows. My grayish blue eyes peeped from underneath them. My face, always fairly thin, was given an essence of plumpness with the new haircut.

"Oh, Elizabeth, thank you," I said softly. She smiled down at me. "Now, Thaddeus, I have a question."

"Yes, Hanna?"

"Are you the man at the meetings wearing the black mask with the single gold bead?"

"Yes, Hanna, and you wear the feathered one," he replied.

"Hard to miss, that's me," I smirked.

"I recognized the hoodie too. Same acid stains," he added, nodding to my hoodie which id taken off.

"Couldn't help that. I worked in the acid factory," I sighed.

"That is no place for a child!" Elizabeth gasped in horror.

"I'm 15, hardly a child," I scoffed

"You would've still been if things had been right here. If things hadn't gone so wrong, so very, horribly wrong," a feeble voice said, one of a lady I hadn't noticed.

Word count before author's note: 633(with poem)