When I first met Tony Lugosi on the night shift at the chemical plant, he seemed to be a pretty decent guy with nothing wrong with him and that made us become good friends and unable to keep any secrets including the nasty ones from each other.

That is so I had thought because it was on this one night that I had off that I went over to the home of my girlfriend Heather Wahlberg with the intention of inviting her to join me and Tony for dinner at Red Lobster because I was hoping that she would see what a great guy I thought he was.

But as soon as I got to the house, I was confused to see the front door unlocked and opened which made me go inside and start looking all over the place for Heather and make sure that she was still in one piece.

That was before I walked up the stairs and heard the sound of someone moaning behind the same bedroom door that I had slowly walked towards and opened to see my darling Heather helpless on the floor and the one guy who I had called my best friend sucking every last drop of blood out of her.

That was when he looked up at me with blood dripping from those nasty fangs of his and said, "I really am sorry about this, Michael. If there really is a way for me to travel back in time and erase the mistakes that I made so far, I would do that! But I can't! It's impossible!"

And after he cried in front of me, he lifted his head back up and said, "There is something else that is impossible for me to do! I can not control my hunger! My hunger for human blood! I must have more! I MUST FEED!", before I backed into a wall with total fear in my eyes and broke a wooden chair into pieces.

And when he lunged toward me like a savage animal, I quickly raised one of those pieces of the chair up in order to defend myself and saw that the sharp end of that piece had gone straight into his heart like it was a wooden stake before he dropped to the floor, raised his hand and begged me to forgive him for his past deeds.

But when I looked into the bedroom and saw Heather's lifeless corpse on the floor, I turned my angry eyes back toward Tony, placed both of my hands on that makeshift wooden stake and yelled with pure rage in my voice, "GO TO HELL AND TAKE YOUR LIES AND THAT BLOODSUCKING DISEASE WITH YOU!", before I shoved it so deep into the heart of that walking nightmare that he was unable to stop himself from dying by my own hands.

Now I know that what I told you so far sounded more like something out of an episode of 'Tales from the Crypt'.

But in spite of that, I know that I was telling the truth about being betrayed by my best friend, the vampire.