The Bird and the Fish

The fish said to the bird, "I wish I could fly, just as you can."

The bird replied to the fish, "But you cannot, for you are a fish without feathers, wings, nor have strength to keep yourself in flight."

"I have wide fins," said the fish, "so they should be enough for me to fly."

The fish zipped and zoomed and leapt and leaped until he jumped on land, and got stuck on the shore. As he was struggling for breath, he thought he was surely going to die.

Just as the fish was gasping for his last breath, another fish swam by, jumped out and grabbed the helpless fish by the tail, and pulled him back in the water. "What were you trying to do?" asked the second fish.

"I was trying to fly," replied the first fish.

"But fish can't fly."

"I know that now, but I still wish I could fly."

"Why would you want to fly in the air when you're already flying in the water?"

The first fish thought about this. "What do you mean? How is swimming flying?"

"Our colorful reflective scales are our feathers, our wide fins are our wings, and our tail is the source of our strength. See?" The second fish swam and swum up and down the pond in, out, and in between the reeds and dived and rose and spun and twirled just as fast and just as dynamic and just as gracefully as any bird.

The first fish saw this and smiled. "You are most right. Let us fly together from now on."

"Yes. Let's."