I listened as you'd call my name

Has it been forever since then?

The olden days

The days of healing

Remember, I, your maiden

Once stood by your side

I held your spear

As your sword reflected daylight

Hilt caught in so tight a grasp

The world could never break it

I recall a time

That very grasp was on my hand

We swore never to part

Was that all a dream?

I wonder as I stare down the point of a blade

A blade so mirror-like

I see my own white face

Sweat beads on my forehead

Drops glistening onto my reflection

I cannot look upon the hand

The beautiful hand which embraces the hilt

Just as you embraced my slight body

In arms gripping gentle

But vice-like as steel

My pale skin prickles, yet

And I feel the memory of your tender touch

Is this all I can think of?

When I stare down my death

Coming by the hand of my love