The artificial light came in through the windows. It made artificial shadows of the furniture made out of artificial wood, artificial was all this place was. It was the beginning of another stressing day like the rest. I laid there in my bed and rubbed my eyes, in an instant they flicked towards the bedside table. The glass screen showed 6:00 a.m. In big green digital numbers. I sat up, sighed, and put on my glasses. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I sat there for a moment. I looked around my apartment. The whole thing was white and gray. The carpet was black. There as just a bed, a table with a TV and a couch. Passed that was a kitchen. Only I never used it. To the right was a bathroom. Everything so simple. So plain.

On my way to the bathroom I tripped over my shoes. I laid on the ground and sighed. I clearly was not happy with my life. I dragged myself to the bathroom, my gray sweats creating static with the carpet. I got up when I reached the tile in the bathroom. In the mirror I only saw what I saw everyday. My dark hair, my dark eyes, pale skin, basically my scrawny self. I reached for my toothbrush and turned it on. I smiled in to the mirror revealing two lines of clear braces. The toothbrush ran down my teeth. I would have gotten my braces taken off when I turned 17, but since I started medical school and work in the experiment lab, I had either worked or went to school during appointments with the orthodontists, or I was so tired from work and school that I just decided to miss. That's why two years later I still have them. I got into my jeans, white T-shirt, and socks, Put on deodorant and the stupid shoes I had tripped on, and grabbed my phone and my backpack, which only contained my personal tablet and my credit card and ID and stuff. Breakfast, I would have at the 7:00 a.m. Break. I walked out the door. I sighed as I saw Hope Halifax run towards me. I pretended not to notice her as I walked rapidly towards the elevator.

"Chance! Wait for me!" I made out her bouncy red hair through the corner of my eye. I had known Hope since freshman year in high school. We had both been picked to come and 'contribute' to the experiment. Which I regretted the first week we had come. I had only decided to because they said they would pay for all my career and pay me for working in the science lab. Only the top three at the best schools were offered the opportunity to come. You also had to be under 16 or 16 and in perfectly good health. Unfortunately, I was.

Before, I had attended one of the best high schools in the country, but my mother was working too hard to pay the tuition that we sometimes barely had enough to eat. I felt bad because of it, but she wanted me to be educated and live a better life than now. I tried going for scholarships, but they were also very hard to get. I had always been introverted so I almost had no friends, but it wasn't really because I couldn't make friends, I just didn't like people. So then these weird people came to the school and asked to talk to Hope Halifax, Sandra Hernandez, and Chance Miles Davenport. They explained that they had been conducting a secret type of experiment for the government having to do with genetics, that we were chosen from the best school on the state to be offered a chance to be involved and contribute to the experiment. They were only excepting very outstanding students age 16 or younger with perfectly good health. They did not tell us exactly what we would be doing unless we agreed and signed a contract. Sandra immediately said yes, Hope hesitated, I asked if I could talk to my mom first. She was happy that I was chosen and insisted I go because it was a great opportunity.
Of course they somehow knew my situation and told me they would pay my whole career. And I would get paid for going, and so would my mom. So I eventually ended up going. Hope and I were sent to the same experiment, Section L, Sandra was sent to one somewhere south. Or well that's what they told us. Hope and I were sent on a jet to a big stone building, somewhat like a cylinder in the middle of water. It looked like only the top stuck out from the water. So I've been here three years now. Started medical school a year ago. They pay me 125 dollars an hour, I work 3 hours, 6 days a week. Same goes to my mom.

Hope was carrying a tablet in her hands. She ran her hand through her curly red bush of hair, I was surprised it didn't get stuck. It was much longer than when we left home. She was also wearing a white long-sleeve. Dress code. We all had to wear white shirts, it did not matter what bottom you wore as long as you wore white shirts.

"How was your morning, Chance?" She asked me as we arrived in front of the elevator. Hope wore glasses like me. She was a bit tubby, and a great deal shorter than I.
I sighed and pressed my thumb on the elevator's scan pad. After a beep, the glass elevator doors slid open. We stepped inside.

"Crappy as always." I responded as I pressed the button with white number reading '3'.
Hope frowned as she reached in front of me and pressed '5'.

"Yeah," Hope sighed too. I guess maybe she was also as stressed as I was. We did have the same jobs. Monitoring the Experiments' brain activity. Okay, this is were it gets a bit confusing. The human experiments are all kept track and with a bracelet that neutralizes any abnormality. It shocks them when the brain activity gets to a certain point, disabling them from going further until the brain activity goes back to normal. I know them very well because I helped design the new models.

The next ten seconds were an awkward silence as the elevator made its way from level 78 to 5. Hope waved and got out. I nodded just as the doors slid closed and in half a second they slid open again and I stepped out. I yawned and walked down the hallway my footsteps echoing. The hall was too bright and too white. I reached a door that read Lab 57 and stood In front of the scanner.

"Chance Miles Davenport." I said into the microphone and after a beep the door slid open. I stepped in and saw a dark skinned man sitting on a chair with wheels named Rhett. He turned to me and smiled a bright white smile.

"Good morning Davenport," he said returning to the screen in front of him.

"Good morning Holloway." I responded as I reached for my lab coat which was hung next to the door. I hung my backpack next to Rhett's.

Most labs were round. Like this one. Three doors, one on the far end, and the others opposite from each other. There were three stations, Rhett's which was next to the entrance door to the lab, mine which was across. The other was empty next to the third door. In the center was a giant screen used for displaying information.

The third station was empty because the person who worked there had passed away. James Bass. He was an old man about in his 50's. All his work had been passed off to me.

I heard squeaking of Rhett's chair turning. "Davenport, Adelaide told me to tell you that you are assigned to experiment 01024. Direct monitoring." Rhett told me without looking away from the screen. He handed me a thin glass card. "I'll be taking care of 00987, 00988, and 00989, 00990, am I correct?"
I nodded. "But, I've never worked directly with the experiments before." I said nervously as I reached for the card. It had engraved 'E.A.G 01024'.

He typed something on the tablet next to him. Then turned his chair to me. "I guess she thinks your ready, anyway, experiment 01024 is just a few weeks from being released."

He shrugged. "A very easy Job, that also means you're moving up." He half smiled and returned to his screen.

I moved to my station at the end of the room. I sat down, pushed up my glasses, and ran my thumb over the engraved letters. I sighed then put it into the slot at the edge of the tablet. A scanner screen popped up. I placed my thumb in the middle and the file opened up.

Gene Altered Experiment 01024
Tremaine, Jessica J.
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Birthdate: November 8, 2116
Origin: Chicago, IL.
Psychokinetic TK TP LV TelP
High Hazard Level
Listed: December 23, 2121
To be released: November 9, 2133

"High Hazard level?" I read out loud. Sort of panicked.
Rhett turned in my direction. "Yes, without the EN bracelets." He turned back to his screen. "Why do you think it requires special monitoring?"

I leaned back in my chair and sighed. I looked at the ceiling. I read most of the observation notes until my phone vibrated.

I looked at the screen as I swiped across. It was 7:00. Time to eat breakfast. I got up and so did Rhett. We hung up our lab coats and headed out.

Rhett was about in his mid twenties. I can't remember. One of the only people I socialized with. He was as tall as I. Except he was sort of buff, I was a stick. Which I did not understand because I ate a lot.
"Davenport you look really tired. Man, I think you should go out. You know. Like on a date." He laughed.

I forced a laugh. See I wasn't a guy girls wanted to date. "Um, I think I'll pass." We kept walking.

I read the observations a little more on the elevator. Basically the experiment was very smart and introverted. I had to move down to my new station after breakfast. Which was artificial eggs and artificial meat. Let us not forget artificial orange juice made of you know what.