Ever since Jessica told me she loved me. I couldn't stop thinking about her in a way then you wouldn't think of a friend. I stared at her, her hair, I wanted to touch it, her skin. It was very awkward when my thoughts drifted off to that, I was afraid she would read me, but she seemed to be keeping her promise. But just to make sure I still tried my hardest not to.
She was still wearing my clothes but she was lying on the bed. It was 12, we had not slept at all. I saw her covered in the blanket. She turned herself side ways and faced me.
I was sitting cross legged next to her looking through my backpack. I stopped and looked at her. I felt my face turn red as her eyes looked at me. I pushed up my glasses up from the tip of my nose and coughed nervously. She didn't say anything as her eyelids started to droop. I saw them close slowly, her breathing slowed. She was asleep. I stared at her. She was beautiful, how could she have fallen in love with someone like me? How? My finger went to her cheek, I stroked it carefully.
"Miles..." She said. Her eyes still closed. I removed my finger quickly.
"Yes?" I said nervously.
She didn't respond, she just kept sleeping. Maybe she was talking in her sleep? I chuckled to myself. My eyelids felt heavy. Someone knocked on the door. I got up and looked through the screen next to the door displaying what the camera outside the door was seeing. It was Rhett. I opened it.
He saw the sleeping Jessica and smiled. Then he turned to me. "Adelaide said to rest, we would leave at night, around 9, gather in the parking lot. Amador went to find a car."
"Where are we going?" I said stepping outside and leaving the door open just a notch.
"Huh? Why?"
Rhett sighed. "Well none of us have any family, except you, so she thought we should go some where far and where there were people somebody knew."
I nodded. "Okay."
"So..." Rhett smiled. "What's going on between 01024 and you?"
"N-nothing!" I said a bit to loudly and I felt myself blush.
Rhett smirked. "Okay, I believe you." He laughed to himself as he walked away.
I sat on the bed carefully trying not to wake Jessica.
"My..." Jessica whispered. I stiffened.
"My..." She whispered again then turned on her back.
She talked when she slept. I chuckled. I laid down on my side of the bed and felt my eyes close. I grabbed my phone and set an alarm for 8 p.m. Then I drifted off to sleep.
I felt my phone vibrate, my eyes opened, it was dark out! The only thing lighting up the room was a little lamp in the corner. Something soft tickled my nose. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light I saw. I had Jessica. Her arms were around my neck, my arms around her waist, her leg over my hip. I stiffened for a moment. I did not remember moving into this position. I felt her move. She looked up at me. She took a while I guess, to notice the position we were in, because she turned red and pulled away from me immediately. She stood up. "I'm sorry. I like to hug things in my sleep, that's why I sleep with lots of pillows." She said rapidly.
"It's...it's okay." I said as I got up myself.
I explained to her Adelaide's plan. She nodded.
I took my backpack and she took a bed sheet and laid it on the ground. Soap, shampoo and lotion with our clothes flew into the sheet and it wrapped itself as Jessica stood In front of the mirror pulling her hair into a high ponytail. Stood there speechless for a moment. Then I took my shoes from next to the bed and put them on. So did Jessica. Her shoes were much smaller than mine and floated towards her. I went to the little fridge and took out two bottles of water and some sandwiches that were wrapped up in paper. I gave the biggest one to Jessica. She took it and immediately. She sat down on the bed and ate it. One of the water bottles in my hand flew towards her hand as the lid came off and she sipped from it. I was amazed by seeing this. I had never seen an experiment do anything before, except Grace's sad attempts to make me smile.
I began to eat my sandwich on the floor when Jessica dropped everything and turned to me. She jumped at me before the door burst open.I felt my head hit the ground when everything disappeared.
I opened my eyes and saw it, the tele transportation. I had just jumped through space a second time. We were in a tight spot. Seemed like a hole. I had no idea were we were. I was so close to Jessica. But my mind went towards my claustrophobia. I wasn't majorly afraid of closed spaces. Except when they were very tight spaces. I started to breath hard. I closed my eyes. I panicked.
"Miles." Jessica whispered. Her hand ran through my hair then she struggled and put her hands to my cheeks. "Chance, calm down. Open your eyes."
I can't. I thought.
"Yes you can. Open them and look at me." She whispered.
I opened them I looked into her eyes. They glowed faintly. Almost like glow sticks.
"Now breath in and out." I noticed her breathing sounded nervous too.
I took deep breaths without looking away. Then I felt myself calm down enough to speak. "Where are we?"
"In a closet in a boiler room, underground, below the motel." She added. Her eyes never left mine. I noticed that the yellow around her pupil looked like a sunflower. Surrounded by light green mixed with hazel. I tried to keep my mind off that we were buried underground.
"What about the rest?" I whispered.
"They just wanted the altered." She said coolly. "They only took Hunter Noble."
"What about Grace and the blonde guy?"
"They left with Felix to find a car." She said. It looked like she was searching through her mind.
"Did they kill him?"
"What would they want with him?" I asked curiously.
She sighed again, but it was a worried sigh. "They want the altered that escaped. Those men are hunting us down."
"Apparently, the Altered in section M out in the west coast rebelled. They killed a lot of people on their way out. The order to eliminate the rest of the experiments to prevent from further destruction was given by a man named Elias McIver. The Vice President of the Genetic Experiment Organization known as the GEO. He sent these men to retrieve the escaped altered. They are still having trouble finding these secret organizations conformed of escaped Altered. They are afraid there could be war, between them and the pure. Which is bad for them, because they can't control us." She sighed.
She then looked upward.
"I think it's safe now." She looked at me then hugged me once more, and we were out. The light blinded me for a second then I saw Hope. She looked surprised as she saw me appear. Or because I was hugging Jessica so closely. She separated and I saw everyone except Hunter. Adelaide looked worried as she saw me surprised. She was biting her nails and her hair was untidy.
I saw Hope's curly hair once more. Then I remembered, there was someone missing. Zelda. The last time I had seen her was at the shore of Lake Michigan. I turned to Jessica. She looked at me. "She's okay. She ran off with other people."
I felt relieved and terrible for forgetting her. At least she was okay.
The men were gone, the hotel room was a mess. They all stood around.
Rhett sighed and picked up our stuff. "We better get going." Hope ran outside as the engine of a car was heard. It was a truck, a blue one with a camper on the back. We were all relieved when Amador stepped out with the blonde guy and Grace.
"What happened?" I asked Rhett.
He sighed. He looked scared. "They jumped in the room. They asked us questions like where we were from, and I guess they tracked us through the bracelets, they shocked Hunter and took him away, seeing that he was the only one wearing a brace, they all thanked us for our cooperation, but man, there wasn't anything we could do." He seemed worried.
"It's nobody's fault." I said. "They didn't say anything else?"
"They said the penalty for hiding an Altered was death." He turned as opened the door to the bed of the truck and threw the stuff in. Jessica got inside the camper. Everyone else got into the front. I was left outside. I sighed and got into the back of the truck with Jessica.