her hands fidget constantly,
her fingers curl around each other, they
trace the lines on her palms, the minute
ridges on her nails.

her hands are restless,
her fingers become entwined in themselves, they
are akin to snakes coiled together, string
in a tangled mess.

her hands flutter nervously,
like wings, and try to take off. They,
are stained with ink and
green and sky.

her hands are pale as chalk dust,
are enveloped by air, they
flit about her like sparrows
or restless bats.

her hands rub together,
imitating the sounds of a jungle, they
do not stop until they are
raw and red.

her hands tap each other lightly,
tapping messages in morse, they
sound like sudden rain
in high summer.

her hands are angry,
they turn white, they
curl themselves into fists, her nails leave tiny
crescents imprinted on her palms.