Love for Sale

In the 1930's, during the Great Depression, there is a woman named Roxanne. She is a desperate, young woman in her early thirties who is a prostitute and a drugee. She does want she can to make money, but still can't pay her rent: one reason is that she spends the money on drugs, preferably cocaine. By her physical appearance, she has been rejected, harassed, and god knows what by her "clients". At night, she wanders alone on the streets with a lighter to guide her through the dark alleyways.

Roxanne: When the only sound on the empty street
Is the heavy tread of the heavy feet
That belong to a lonesome cop
I open shop

(She flicks her lighter on.)

A homeless man named Benny, who Roxanne knows as a fellow companion on the streets, sits on the ground, playing the saxophone. With a lack of voice, he has his trusty sax, which he plays to get money.

Roxanne: The moon so long has been gazing down
On the wayward ways of this wayward town
That my smile becomes a smirk
I go to work

(Roxanne turns off her lighter. She peers out of the alleyway, making sure the police is nowhere around. She pulls up her sleeve as a gust of cold wind blows. Roxanne starts to walk down the sidewalk.)

Roxanne: Love for sale
Appetizing young love for sale
Love that's fresh and still unspoiled
Love that's only slightly soiled
Love for sale

Who will buy
Who would like to sample my supply
Who's prepared to pay the price
For a trip to paradise
Love for sale

(Roxanne turns to see a policeman barking at a homeless woman, who is just sleeping on a bench and not bothering anyone.)

Policeman: Hey, you! Get out of here! Go on!

(The homeless woman has no choice but to obey the policeman's orders. Roxanne stays out of sight as the policeman walks in her direction. Once he is gone, she continues her way back to her apartment.)

Roxanne: Let the poets pipe of love
In their childish ways
I know every type of love
Better far than they
If you want the thrill of love
I have been through the mill of love
Old love
New love
Every love but true

Love for sale
Appetizing young love for sale
If you want to buy my wares
Follow me and climb the stairs

love for sale

(Roxanne walks up the stairs to her apartment. She pulls out the key from the inside of her shirt. When the door opens, a surprised visitor greets her: Lieutenant Marshall.)

Marshall: Evening, Roxanne.

(Roxanne jumps back, nearly having a heart attack.)

Roxanne: Marshall! You scared the hell out of me!

Marshall: Sorry. It's a habit.

Now, the lieutenant and the young woman are not strangers to one another. Marshall met Roxanne when she was found intoxicated two years ago. Since then, he has been on her case and on her nerve apparently. He sees her on the streets, in the park and at the station constantly. They would chat a bit, but they never considered themselves friends. Since they met, Marshall has grown a liking for Roxanne. He found her annoying sometimes, but somehow he sees true beauty in her and she can be nice when she wants to. There are times he feels sorry for Roxanne.

Marshall: Where have you been?

Roxanne: That is none of your business! And you can tell that to your friends at the police station.

Marshall: Calm down. I'm not going to arrest you. I'm off duty.

Roxanne: Then what do you want? And how did you get in my apartment?

Marshall: The landlord let me in. Speaking of which, he told me that you are still behind on your rent.

Roxanne: I told him I get him the money as soon as I can.

Marshall: Well, you better tell your clients to bump up the price. Like it's worth it, anyway.

Roxanne: I think you should go.

(Roxanne pushes the lieutenant aside as she enters the apartment. Marshall sits down on the couch.)

Marshall: Look, I just want to talk.

Roxanne: There's nothing to talk about.

Marshall: I'm only concerned about you. Your condition, that is.

(Roxanne scoffs as she pours herself a drink.)

Roxanne: That's a first. No man has ever felt pity for me.

Marshall: The men you been with are complete assholes.

Roxanne: Good point.

Marshall: Where do you get your meals from?

Roxanne: I go to the soup lines. Sometimes, the old woman down the hall gives me food.

(She starts to rub her arms and hands together.)

Roxanne: Her blueberry muffins are really good. She also gives you some painkillers whenever I get migrants.

Marshall: How often do you get these migrants?

Roxanne: Why do you keep asking me questions? Why don't you leave already?

(Roxanne starts to go through her drawers, looking for something.)

Marshall: I'm only doing my job.

Roxanne: Yes. Being the annoying cop you are!

(Marshall reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small bag of cocaine.)

Roxanne: Where is that damn thing?

Marshall: Looking for this?

(She turns around and sees Marshall holding up the bag.)

Marshall: I can see why you're behind on your rent.

Roxanne: Give it to me.

Marshall: Is this why you get migrants?

Roxanne: I said give it to me!

Marshall: Roxanne
You don't have to put on the red light

Roxanne: I'm not in the mood for this, Marshall!

Marshall: Those days are over
You don't have to sell your body to the night

(Marshall holds Roxanne back as she's trying to grab the bag.)

Marshall: Roxanne
You don't have to wear that dress tonight
Walk the streets for money
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

You don't have to put on the red light
Roxanne, please
You don't have to put on the red light

(Roxanne throws her drink in Marshal's face, taking the bag when she can. Marshall tries to stop her from opening the bag.)

Marshall: Don't put on your red light!

Roxanne: Get the hell off of me!

Marshall: Don't put on your red light!

Roxanne: Marshall, please! I need this!

Marshall: Don't put on your red light!

Roxanne: Just leave me be! I'm begging you!

Marshall: Don't put on your red light!

Don't put on your red light!

Roxanne: Stop!

(Becoming more aggressive, Marshall grabs her arm and twists it behind her back. Roxanne lets out a whining sound as she falls to her knees. With much pain, she lets go of the bag. Marshall releases her and picks up the bag. He straightens himself up; adjusting his tie and brushing his suit off.)

(Roxanne starts crying)

The lieutenant didn't mean to do what he just did, but it was for the best. There nothing really he can do now. He could leave just as she wanted. Marshall looks down at the poor woman; her whole body is sweating and shaking. He couldn't just leave her like this.

(Marshall holds his hand out to Roxanne as she wipes her tears away.)

Marshall: You need to lie down.

Roxanne looks at his hand with surprise. This is the first time a policeman has been this nice to her, especially after the way she acted. She looks into Marshall's eyes; those beautiful brown eyes staring down into her green ones.

(Roxanne takes his hand. Marshall helps her to the couch. He grabs a blanket and wraps it around Roxanne. Once she lies down, he goes to get a wet rage.)

Marshall: I'm not a doctor, but this should help.

(Roxanne holds the rage to her forehead.)

Roxanne: Why are you doing this?

Marshall: It's my duty to help those in need. You may not see it, but there's something inside of you that makes you unique and special. There's more to you than you think and you can't just waste your whole life away. I want to help you, Rox.

(Marshall sets his hand on top of hers. Roxanna rests her head on his chest. He wraps his arms around her, holding her close.)

Marshall: I loved you since I knew ya
I wouldn't talk down to ya
I have to tell you just how I feel
I won't share you with another boy

You know my mind is made up
So put away your make-up

I'll tell you once I won't tell you again

It's killing me.

(Marshall gets up and walks out the door.)

Roxanne: Thank you.

(Marshall turns to Roxanne and gives her a smile.)

Marshall: If you need me, you know to find me. Take care, Roxanne.

(He shuts the door as he leaves the apartment.)

Roxanne is once again alone. There is nothing, but embarrassment and shame filling up inside. Then, she thinks of Marshall. How could someone like him love someone like her? A prostitute and a policeman; that's quite a combo. No one has ever truly loved her, not her clients and not even her own folks. They were always faking it. But not this one. This one is real. She remembers meeting Marshall at the police station two years ago. She was drunk, but the conservation they had was quite humorous. On the streets, Roxanne sees Marshall sitting in the park, reading the newspaper. She would sit down with him and have a nice chat. Whenever he's around her and when he was off duty, Roxanne is happy. Day and night, she is always thinking about him. In her dreams, he would be there. But when she wakes up, reality sets back in.

(Roxanne stands up, letting go of the blanket. She walks to the window.)

Roxanne: Love for sale
Appetizing young love for sale
If you want to buy my wares
Follow me and climb the stairs

Love . . .

(Through the window, Roxanne watches Marshall take a taxi home.)

Love for . . . sale.

You don't have put on your red light. No.

(Sad, Roxanne slides down against the wall to the floor. She pulls out her light and flicks it on.)

Roxanne: For Sale.

(The lighter shuts off.)



"Love for Sale" by Cole Porter

"Roxanne" by The Police

Inspired by the performance by Idina Menzel LIVE: Barefoot at the Symphony

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