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"One of the greatest philosophes of the age of Enlightenment was Rene Descartes. He discovered a number of things, but one of his most important ideas was his idea of Cartesian..." My teacher rambled on. I blinked my eyes a couple of times to prevent myself from falling asleep. I was not the only one. I sat at the back of the classroom, so I could do something else while Mr. Birch lectured us about the "significant" events about the Enlightenment. I really tried to pay attention. Time for my book.

My hand stretched in my book, searching for The Cathedral. It's a good book. But for some strange reason, I could not find it! I picked up my bag, and shuffled through it. But I could only find one book. I've never seen it in my life, though. It was a large, hardcover book, around 400-500 pages. It was a dark, shiny black with gold embellishments off to the side, running intricate patterns .The title of the book was on the top, in fancy cursive writing, Story of My Life. I searched for the author's name to see if I would recognize it, but it wasn't shown anywhere. I opened the book and checked the inside cover, nothing. Things were getting weirder and weirder. But hey, no harm in reading, right? I flipped to the first page, and started to read.

You lived a normal life. And yes, you. Don't play games with me. Anyways, you lived a normal life. Went to school, had friends, great grades, all that jazz. So let's bring this up to speed. It was February 1st. You were walking to your next class, and WHAM. Walked right into the most popular guy at school. Both of you stood up, and since both of you had the blame for bumping into each other-

"Hey, Hazel," someone whispered to me from my left. My head swiveled, glaring at the person who had interrupted my reading. It was a weird book, but it was getting interesting. The person who had interrupted me was none other than Ryan Grey. His eyes flicked to the . Birch caught me. The entire class was staring at me. Ryan mouthed something to me out of the corner of his mouth, something that resembled Descartes.

"Um, Descartes?" Birch scowled, and continued the lesson. Yeah! I whispered a thanks to Ryan, and he just grinned at me. I decided to play it safe and pay attention to the rest of the class.

The bell rang, and I was the first person out of class. I stopped by my locker before lunch, and exchanged my things. After that, I continued on my way to the cafeteria. I strolled around the corner, and walked right into a soft wall. Correction: Ryan Grey. We both stood up hastily after we collected our books, Ryan gave me a nervous smile at me, and I wondered why he wasn't with his popular clique. I usually see him with them. "So-", we both began, than stopped. "Um, so-"we started again, and then stopped again. We laughed awkwardly, and then he tried again, "Yeah, sorry about that."

I gave a small smile, "Um, no worries. " I made a motion to leave, when he saw my book in my hands.

"What's it about?" He asked.


He flipped it open, and read the 1st paragraph, then laughed outright. "Hey, we bumped into each other too! That's strange."

"Yeah." I tried to get my book back, but he kept reading it.

"Both of you didn't know it at the time, but that would be the start of a beautiful friendship. Both of you decided to eat lunch," he flipped a couple of pages. "You decide to check the tryout sheets for the swim team you signed up for. Did you make it? " He gave the book back to me. "Hmm. The book's kind of weird, but in the good way."

I nodded, "Yeah."

He suddenly gave me a grin. "Why don't you sit with my friends and I? We could tell them all about your book and the coincidence." That coincidence wasn't that good.

"Um, no thanks-"

It was no use. He dragged me to their table, and everyone said their hellos to us, except his girlfriend Sofia Smythe, she gave that mean look. But I was used to it, she always gave it to me. He told them about the book, & the encounter. After that, everything was pretty boring. Ryan tried to keep me into the conversations but frankly parties that I wasn't invited to didn't seem too interesting.

The next day, I was late to school. But before I went to my 1st period, I checked the signups for the school's swim team. Did I make it? I saw my last name in the middle. Yes! My first period was study hall, so I had time to continue my book in there.

Over the next few days, bizarre things started to happen. Everything in the book, all the events, turned out to be true. Ryan, my new friend, noticed it too, since most of those included him also. What was happening?

I finished part one of the book, and it ended with this sentence: This book is not what it seems, go forward or forever hold your peace. What? And that's when it hit me. This book was not a book on mere coincidences, or a book that tells the future. No, this book is about the story of my life. I flipped to a random page and checked it. At work, your boss finally gives you that raise you have always wanted. Yep. That's definitely the future. I had the urge to check the last page. See what happens. Did I? Did I not? I'm deciding not to tell. What would you do, if you had the choice?