Hello everyone, StarWarrior-Sakura16 here with my first story! This is a mixed with Mythology, Adventure and Mystery genre book rated Teen with some exceptions that will be noted at the top of a chapter where some more mature elements will be posted in. This chapter will be having some bit of blood. The full summary will be in my profile for all of you. Now without further delay, let's start!


Candles barely lit a room where there were twelve different pedestals, each having a different a different marking that was barely noticeable in the dim light the candles provided. Pacing around the room, a man in his mid-thirties examined the pedestals as his servants were placing different weapons on the pedestals. The man signaled the servants to leave once the weapons were placed on the pedestals and were protected by a magical barrier. The room grew silent until the man crept up to the pedestals, one by one. "Such beauties you all are. You all will serve your purpose soon, the end of all wars on the mortal world." The man said proudly as he stopped in front of a crystal scepter with a Libra sign in the crystal. The crystal glowed in a soft silver color in the man's presence before stopping as a commotion was going on outside the room.

"I'm sorry sir but you can't go in!" A female shouted before a younger looking man stepped into the room, very angry-like. The servant came in. "I'm sorry Master but he just wouldn't stop."

"It's alright Alice. I'll deal with him. You just go." The other man said with assurance in his voice. Alice calmed down and nodded before leaving. "What is it that you want Draco? I thought I had told you to never come here again."

"Oh come now Ophiuchus, do you honestly believe that I would listen to this rule for another century?" Draco questioned before noticing the weapons on the pedestals. "Nice toys you have there." He reached over to grab the scepter before being stopped by Ophiuchus.

"These are not to played by your dirty hands or by others of your kind."

"And what kind are you considering us to be?"

"The kind that works for the Lord of the Underworld."

"I see. Speaking of the big man from downstairs, he caught wind of your new weapons and how they are to bring peace to the mortal realms. He doesn't plan on allowing you to use them."

"So what does he plan on doing?" Ophiuchus said with caution as he was preparing to grab a rod with a fire orb on top, labeled with the Sagittarius mark. He was stopped when a snake had slithered up his spine undetected and bit him in the back of the neck, injecting poison into the system. Ophiuchus collapsed to the ground in pain and glared up at Draco, who proceeded to collect the weapons.

"Hades plans on taking you out of the picture and use these weapons to create more wars and collect more souls to fuel his army against the heavens. I hope you don't mind on dying while watching your home burn." Draco walked off as his snake slithered up his legs and wrap around his torso. Ophiuchus started speaking that caught their attention and after a few moments, the weapons disappeared. "What did you do with them!?"

"I . . . sent them . . . to the mortal . . . realm." Ophiuchus responded as he staggered to get to his feet. "They will be . . . protected from you." He breathed heavily as the poison was draining his energy.

"Oh we will see about that, old friend." Draco waved his hands and the lights went out. As Draco left the room, his pet dealt with his former and, most likely, eaten friend. Draco took out a book and began reading the pages out loud in ancient tongue that translates to 'Twelve constellations, twelve unique symbols. Be possessed by the souls of the dead and be cursed by the ranks of the Underworld'. Draco then disappeared in shadows, his pet soon to follow as it left a trail of blood behind it.

A village rested in a valley of hills as the sun was shinning. The young boys were playing with each other as men were gathered in the farm fields and the women and daughters were working on knitting clothing. A few teens were just outside the village, wrestling each other and proving who the strongest of them could be.

"There's no way you can overcome me!" One teen shouted as he toppled another over. Something glistened in the sunlight that got him distracted, causing him to be shoved into the ground. As the other teenage boys wrestled each other, the one teen walked over to what caught his attention. He picked up a rod with the Sagittarius mark in the orb on the top. The orb glowed an eerie red color. "What is this?"

"Wield me, mortal, and I can grant you great power." A dark, male voice echoed in his head. The teen's eyes was covered with a dark red haze and a smirk crossed his face. He heard his friends calling for him to come back, but he had other ideas as the voice spoke to him.

End of Chapter