There is a gaping hole inside me,

Expanding every moment,

Turning my whole life inside out,

Because all I could see was darkness,

Gone was the light that used to fill the space.

Lost in a world where I felt abandon,

Trapped in thoughts of the past.

Days past by numbly,

I watched as the clock ticked by, feeling empty,

Time had lost the meaning it once held.

People drank themselves into oblivion,

To wash away the sorrows ,

And find comfort in a warm cocoon,

Made solely just for them.

I, drown my sorrows in the world of words.

I picked up my pen once more,

Writing out words and creating worlds,

Not just because I want to enlighten the world with words,

It was just a way for me to hide my pain,

And to put on a brave smile and said that I am fine.

Time began to have meaning once more,

As I stared at the computer screen,

Waiting with bated breath to see how the readers react,

Sleeping and eating were not important anymore,

Writing had become my whole world,

The only thing that matters.

It had become an obsession,

I had lost all conscious for the outside world,

Drawn deeply into my imagination and continuously creating stories,

Never pausing for a moment,

For fear that the emptiness inside will engulf me.

The sadness and sorrow inside have not fled,

It was merely hidden under layers,

Threatening to emerge anytime, anywhere.

The space inside had merely been filled by obsession,

But was it for the better or the worse?

Only the future will tell.