The One With The Green Eyes

"Come on, come on." Celeste muttered as she pulled up her jeans further, hoping to make them fit. She sucked her belly in even further, teetering on the edge of control, until she let go and threw her hands up dejectedly.

"It's hopeless." She sighed, and picked up the other failed attempts on the floor. Ever since last year, she had really given in to food, and now she didn't look like the model she'd looked like fourteen months ago. She gazed into the mirror; at her dark brown eyes, her long, crimped auburn hair, her lightly curved eyebrows that made her look definitely sexier than she really was.

She wasn't really fat, and she didn't really mind, but she didn't think she could wear a bikini at next summer's pool party. The sound of ABBA's 'Gimme, Gimme, Gimme' could be heard vaguely in the background, if Celeste strained to hear it. She ventured into the living room to turn up the Bose when she noticed a distant pair of eyes out of the back window, staring back at her as if daring her to follow them. Bright blue eyes.

Celeste felt a shiver go up her spine as she peered back at the eyes of the wolf, which was creeping so close to the edge of the forest Celeste wondered why it wasn't retreating by now, like she would expect most wolves to do. But it just watched her with what seemed to be interest and even curiosity.

Bright blue eyes. Did wolves even have blue eyes? All Celeste could think about were those bright blue eyes. Soon after, another pair of eyes joined the current one, this time stormy gray. That was more believable than the other one, but this wolf didn't even seem to be animalistic at all. It regarded her with an arrogance that bordered on boredom, almost oozing contempt.

Could wolves have expressions like this? Celeste wondered. Yet another set of eyes joined the pack. These eyes were a deep emerald green, like the forest itself in summer. They were different from the others; a boldness could be seen and recognized easily. Eagerness shone from the wolf's very being, and Celeste drew closer to the back window, hoping that this one would come near, as well.

Deciding to take a chance, she reached for the door handle and slowly, cautiously opened the sliding back door. To her disappointment, though, the wolves panicked and fled the scene immediately—except for the one with the green eyes.

He seemed to hesitate before joining the others in departure…or was Celeste just imagining things? Her hopes were dashed as the wolf crept away silently in withdrawal. Would she ever see him again? She didn't much care about the other two, with the powder blue eyes and stormy gray. Only her wolf. The one with the green eyes.