Once the pack had shifted back for the day, they brought her to their cabin, since they figured that she was pretty obviously one of them. The girl was grateful for everything; they could tell because she would not shut up about how she was so thankful—not to say that the pack didn't appreciate it. New wolves knew virtually nothing about them, but they were a relief of sorts, a breath of fresh air into innocence.

Peter got along with her a lot more than the others; he related to her more. His story was not one he liked to talk about, like Lyla, who clearly didn't feel ready to tell the pack her experience being turned. Only two months ago, Peter was taking a trip to their current town of Pine Valley, Minnesota, and he'd gotten lost in the woods—now his pack's woods. He had the unfortunate fate of crossing into the extremely territorial Chloe's personal area, and an angered she-wolf had bitten him, forcing him to change his skin every night like the rest of them.

Once the pack made sure that Lyla was situated comfortably in the loft, Andrew called a meeting outside, an uncommon frazzled look on his face. All six followed him, until every unique eye was on him, awaiting their pack leader's word. He sighed heavily, "Alright. Who changed her."

Everyone looked around, implying that it was not them. Andrew glanced at Chloe and the others followed suit, until she snickered, "Why does everyone always think it's me?"

"Because it is always you, Chlo." Andrew said disapprovingly, then asked the question everyone wanted him to ask, "Did you turn her?"

She snorted, "No. Why would I change a wimpy little loser like her?"

Eric sighed. "She does have a point. She's usually pretty picky." The rest of the pack nodded in agreement, then turned to Andrew in unison. He scanned everyone with a judging eye, then asked, "Did anyone else change her? Because if no one here did…."

He exchanged a speaking glance with, for some reason, Chance, who didn't look haughty, for once. "If no one did, what?" Nathan took the liberty to inquire. His question hung in the air but was not met with an answer, only a labored sigh from Andrew and a turned away head shake, his universal sign for, 'Just go for a while, okay?'

The pack slowly but surely emptied into the cabin, until all that was left was Andrew, Chance, and the whistling wind. Chance just looked at Andrew, not even needing to say a word, almost as if he was still communicating the way his wolf-self had.

'You know they're coming, Alpha. We knew they would.'