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Chapter 1


I was hosing myself and so was my sister, Storm. The thing was though, I couldn't remember why and I don't think Storm could either. That's just how we were sometimes; we'd laugh over the most random things and then forget why we were laughing in the first place.

I noticed a guy standing at a news stand a few metres behind Storm who kept glancing at us.

"Okay, that guy is definitely following us." I said, sobering up a little, "What were we laughing about?"

Storm grinned and shrugged as she pulled out her compact mirror to get a look behind her. She had also noticed someone following us a few times that day. I'd spotted this guy at least twice before and had a sneaking suspicion that this was the same guy Storm had noticed.

"Sis, I think you're right."

"Is it the same guy you saw earlier?" I asked her

"Yeap that's him," She answered, "He really sucks at following people."

I nodded, "Yeah, it's the same guy I've been noticing."

We were enjoying a nice cup of coffee at a cute little café in Paris. We'd had a long week of shopping, sight-seeing and kicking bad guy butt and we had thought it would be nice to catch a little break before going back home, but this guy was seriously ruining it.

"Let's get him into a quiet corner and see what he wants." I suggested

"Good idea just let me finish my coffee quick." She answered, taking a big sip from her mug.

I rolled my eyes; my coffee had been finished two, if not three, minutes ago, "Sometimes you're just like mom."

"That's not true! I usually prefer tea over coffee and," she protested, swallowing the last bit of her coffee, "I finish my coffee faster than mom does."

I smiled, "True, but you still take longer than I do."

"Only when I'm really enjoying it." She shot back

"Also true." I admitted as I pulled out my phone and dialled Tony's number.

He answered on the second ring, as usual, "Yello?"

"Hey Tony," I said, "We've got a tail. Just gonna find out what he wants quick."

Tony instantly became serious, "Is he a threat?"

"The way he tails? I seriously doubt it."

"Alright, get rid of him and then meet me at the hotel. Be careful."

"Okay, we will. See you soon." I said and pressed the 'end call' button, then I turned to Storm, "Tony says to meet us at the hotel when we're done."

She nodded and then checked over her shoulder. I checked too and saw that our tail was had moved closer.

"Allons-nous*?" Storm asked me, switching to French

"Oui, allons-y*" I replied, standing up

We linked arms and started heading to the nearest deserted alley while continuing to look like your average French citizens of Paris.

It took us a few minutes to find a suitable alley. When we did we turned into it still chatting away in French. It was at that point that I realised that our tail really did suck at tailing because he followed us straight down the alley.

"Is this guy for real?" Storm asked, still speaking French

"Apparament." I answered, echoing Storm's tone of disbelief.

"We haven't been tailed by an amateur in ages."

We stopped and spun around just in time to see him dive behind a dumpster.

Storm sighed, "Was that the best he could come up with?"

We walked around the dumpster and I grabbed him by the collar and slammed him against the wall before he could get away.

"Qui êtes-vous et pourquoi êtes-vous nous suive?" I asked him harshly

"Uh… sorry, no comprende." He answered in a fake American accent.

"That's Spanish you idiot." Storm told him and I could practically hear her rolling her eyes, "She said, 'Who are you and why are you following us?'"

"I'm Harry and I'm following you because you're hot!" he answered, winking at me, "And I see the feeling is mutual."

"If you think we're hot, why did you hide behind the dumpster?" I challenged him

"I was pretty sure you'd freak out, like you are now right now, if you guys saw me following you down an alley." He answered matter-of-factly

I looked over my shoulder at Storm, "What do you think?"

She was excellent at reading body language and therefore could easily tell when someone was lying. As she studied him closely I got a good look at him too. He was actually kind of good looking and you could see that he knew that in the smug look he was directing at Storm now that her attention was properly focused on him.

"He's telling the truth. He's nothing but a jerk who thinks he's God's gift to women." Storm answered me after about a minute, reverting back to French.

"What was that, Sweet Cheeks?" he asked in a tone that I did not approve of being used on my little sister.

"She said, 'You'd better get your ugly bum out of here before we kick it out." I answered him, using a tone I usually reserved for people who really annoy me (Storm calls it my Batman voice), as I let him go.

"Ahw come on, toots, don't be so mean!" Harry tried

"I'm going to count to three." I said in the same tone of voice

"I'd suggest running now." Storm told Harry

"Alright, fine, I know when I'm not wanted. You guys just missed out on a whole lot of fun." He said, obviously trying not to sound wounded.

He turned around and walked out of the alley, holding his head up high.

When he was out of earshot Storm and I burst out laughing again.

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