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Chapter 3


The day after we returned from France I was in my apartment watching an episode of 'Iron Man: Armoured Adventures' while eating a bowl of O-tees.

I know, I know, I'm a nineteen-year-old! Why am I still watching cartoons? Because I like it! Just because I'm a genius doesn't mean that I don't enjoy watching cartoons and besides; I get lots of ideas for awesome gadgets from cartoons!

Take this morning for instance: Tony, the Iron Man one, got caught by a guy who had a suit that that turned him invisible and allowed him to walk through walls. As soon as the episode ended I was in front of the drawing board. Simple invisible suits already existed but I wanted to make a more complicated one…

The next day, around twelve-ish, I had a prototype glove. I sat back and looked at it with satisfaction. I then picked up the phone and called Mrs Mason, Sky and Storm's mom, and organised that they could come over to my place after school. It was a little difficult but Mrs Mason always likes it when I offer to help the girls with school. When I was finished I checked the time, to make sure that it was break time, and called Storm.

"Hey Tony, what's up?" she answered

"Hey Storm, you and your sister are coming to my place after school." I informed her

"Dude, you do remember who our mother is right? We just got back from being away for a week. You know we're gonna have to stay at home for the next two weeks at least." Storm replied

I smiled smugly, even though I knew she couldn't see me, "Yes Storm, I do remember your mom, and that's why I already called her. Just make sure you girls bring your maths and science books with."

Storm laughed, "Tony!"

"What? It was her idea!" and it had been, kind of.

"Sometimes I don't understand my mother." She said in a disbelieving tone

"So I'll see you after school." I said

"Yeah Tony, see you then." She said and hung up

I checked the time again and saw that I had two hours to shower, eat, hydrate and sleep a little. I shook my head realising that I had pulled another all-nighter. The girls were gonna kill me.

"So what was so important that you risked phoning our mom for?" Sky asked as she and Storm got into my car after school, "And why do you look like you only slept for one hour, of not less?"

I decided to ignore the sleeping topic for now, "Good afternoon Sky, it's good to see you too. I'm fine, thank you for asking. How are you?" I answered her

""Hey, Tony." Storm said pointedly, "Nice to see you, what's up?"

"Sorry Tony. Hi." Sky said, still eyeing me suspiciously, she obviously hadn't forgotten that I looked like I had only slept for an hour, though I had in fact slept more than that.

I chuckled, "Hi Sky, hey Storm. You girls are gonna have to wait until we get to my place to see what I want to show you."

Sky and Storm sighed loudly, which just made me laugh.

Ten minutes later the girls and I were standing in my lab in my apartment.

"So I was watching Iron Man yesterday -" I started but was cut off

"Oh no, Tony, your surname is Hunter, not Stark!" Storm said, holding up a hand

"I – ahw, no awesome iron armour?" I asked, giving them my best disappointed face. I decided not to remind them that my parents actually named me after Tony Stark.

"No awesome iron armour." Sky said as Storm shook her head

"Okay, what about the facial hair then?" I asked, smirking as I rubbed my fingers over an imaginary beard.

"No!" Sky and Storm protested in unison

"Tony, I can't even imagine you with stubble!" Sky exclaimed

"Yeah, so definitely no facial hair, please!" Storm added

I just laughed, "As I was saying," I said, getting back to the point I had been trying to make, "I was watching the Iron Man cartoon, where he's younger -"

"Oh I love watching that!" Storm cut me off yet again

I just ignored her and carried on, "An in that episode Tony was kind of careless and the bad guy found out who he was as stole the specs for his Iron Man armour."

Storm and Sky let out a collective sigh

"What?" I asked, confused now

"Not another security upgrade!" Storm groaned

My security systems were state-of-the-art and didn't need an upgrade for another week at least. The girls hated it when I upgraded because I always tested my security out on them and always beat them with it.

I shook my head, "Maybe next week. What I'm trying to get to here is the bad guy. He used technology that turned him invisible and let him move through solid objects and walls. That, coupled with the fact that you two nearly got caught in that white room last week -"

"It's kind of difficult to hide in a room with no shadows." Sky interrupted me

"I know, that's why I decided to make Chameleon Suits." I said

"Chameleon Suits?" Storm asked

"Yeah, they're full body suits with a few thousand microscopic cameras sewn into the fabric so it reflects your surroundings and renders you completely invisible." I explained

"Isn't that the same as a normal invisible suit?" Sky asked

"Almost, except these suits can also look like a normal set of clothes, so you don't have to leave clothes behind or have clothes stashed." I said, "And they're not as heavy as your average invisible suits and they're just plain cooler."

"Tony, that is awesome!" Storm said

"Oh yeah, totally!" Sky agreed

"Thanks, girls." I said, grinning, "Since I've only been working on it since… for a short while, I only have a prototype glove so far." I said as I took the glove and held it up for them to see and them I handed it to Storm.

"It's much softer than I thought I was expecting!" she said in surprise, and then slipped it on

"Wow Tony, that's so cool!" She said, "And it fits perfectly… like a glove!"

I nodded as I chuckled at her lame pun, "I designed it to adapt to the person who wears it, so it will always fit… like a glove." I said with a grin and a wink in Storm's direction as I turned to the nearest of my twenty-eight keyboards, "Keep it on and I'll turn it one quick."

I typed in the starting sequence and hit enter. Her hand disappeared until her wrist a few seconds later.

"Awesome." Sky said

Storm was staring at her now-non-existent hand in wonder, "This has to be one of the coolest things you have ever invented."

I smiled, "Thanks, check this out." I typed in the sequence that makes the glove mimic the wearer

Suddenly her hand reappeared, minus the glove, even though she hadn't taken the glove off.

"Way cool!" She exclaimed, closely examining her hand

"Wait." Sky said suddenly, eyeing me suspiciously again

I knew that look; it meant I was in trouble. I looked at her with the most innocent expression I could muster.

"You said you saw that episode yesterday." She said, "And I know you work fast, Tony, but I also know for a fact that that T.V. show comes on around mid-morning. There is no way you'd have gotten this much done if you had gotten at least eight hours of sleep in, stopped to eat, shower and hydrate."

I knew I was busted as she glanced at my work station

"You did only get, like, one hour of sleep in, didn't you?" she asked and I could see that she was not happy and neither was Storm, who seemed to have forgotten about my awesome glove.

"No." I said defensively, "I slept for more than an hour."

"Oh yeah? How much more?" Sky asked sceptically.

She and Storm were both giving me this look that made some of the scariest bad guys we've faced want to crawl into a corner and cry for their mommies, but I was determined not to show them my fear.

So I looked down at the keyboard, started turning the Chameleon glove off and mumbled, "Fifteen minutes."

"Excuse me?" Sky asked in a dangerously soft voice

I glanced up and as saw that she now had a raised eyebrow, which only made the glare worse.

"Fifteen minutes." I mumbled a little louder

"Fifteen minutes? You've only gotten an hour and fifteen minutes' sleep since the night we got back?"

I nodded, now only pretending to type stuff on the keyboard.

"Tony!" Storm groaned, "Please tell me you at least ate and kept hydrated!"

I glanced up at her sheepishly. Usually I'd put up more of a fight but almost twenty-four straight hours of designing the suits and building the glove was starting to seriously catch up with me.

"Well, I had a bowl of cereal this morning and, like, three glasses of water." I said, stifling a yawn.

Storm and Sky both rolled their eyes at me.

"Alright, that's it." Sky said, coming around to me and grabbing my arm

Storm followed a few seconds later, after taking the glove off, and grabbed my other arm. They pulled me to my room and basically shoved me onto my bed. I wanted to argue but then the lack of sleep really caught up with me and I was out in three seconds flat.