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Not very long ago, there was a ship called Molice, shipping Molly and Alise as a bromance. The ship was threatened, by many terrorists, with arson and bombs. The ship's only protectors were a relatively new race of dolphin called the shipping dolphin. This is the tragic tale of one extraordinary baby shipping dolphin.

J: We have dolphins that can blow up your bomb, magical shipping dolphins.

M: Navy are sent to capture passengers, and they will be put in prison.

J: Dolphin weeps, as she has a baby who is now abandoned in the ocean.

M: The dolphins are spared.

J: Dolphin is happy.

M: They are bionic dolphins, they will kill the human race, they will walk one day, with guns.

J: Dolphin smiles.

M: The bionic dolphins will rise again and kill everyone. Everyone.

J: Dolphin dances a happy dance, dolphin spits jets of rainbow water at Molly.

M: The dolphins will have to side with someone.

J: The dolphins side with Molice. Dolphin has made its decision.

But there was another threat to the Molice ship. Alise's OTP was with someone called Tyler.

J: Dolphin venges to seek out Tyler and burn the heart out of him. Dolphin must leave, Baby dolphin is hungry for Tyler meat.

M: Dolphin will kill, dolphin will feast, dolphin will feast on Tyler flesh.

J: Fresh human meat will feed dolphin.

M: Dolphin enjoys human flesh, dolphin wants more.

J: Baby dolphin hungers for sweeter meats.

M: Baby dolphin seeks the purest of all meats.

J: Tyler meat.

M: Baby dolphin hunts.

J: Baby dolphin learns world is not fair. Baby dolphin eats one of its own kind.

M: Baby dolphin is sent away from dolphin-kind.

J: And yet Baby dolphin is still yearning for Tyler meat. King of the shipping dolphins banishes baby. Baby dolphin does not weep. Baby dolphin still seeks sweet, sweet Tyler meat to this day.

M: Baby dolphin hunts at night, hoping that it will come across Tyler. It never has. Tyler is the master of the night.

J: And yet Baby dolphin still hunts. The cravings for tender, juicy meat are too overpowering.

M: Tyler has body guards.

J: But Baby dolphin knows Tyler's one weakness.

M: Baby dolphin looks into buying a gun. Baby dolphin looks up to its mother. It enjoys guns. It enjoys Tyler's one weakness. It feeds from the weakness. Baby dolphin hunts down Tyler. Baby dolphin finds Tyler. Baby dolphin knows what it must do.

J: Baby dolphin knows the pleasure a corpse of sweet meat can bring.

M: A lot of pleasure. Baby dolphin becomes obsessed with the idea of killing.

J: Baby dolphin seeks any sort of release.

M: Baby dolphin has a therapist. It has had many therapists. It killed them all.

J: But like sweet meat therapists will go, into its stomach.

M: Baby dolphin is running out of options. It has nowhere to hide from the truth.

J: Stress overwhelms Baby dolphin.

M: But Baby dolphin cannot return to its mother because baby dolphin is banished. Baby dolphin finds its mother is dead from cancer. Baby dolphin weeps.

J: Baby dolphin finds Tyler is the creator of cancer and its vengeance returns.

M: Baby dolphin throws a chair in anger. It breaks a shop window. It gets a law sue. It owes £200.

J: Baby dolphin knocks over a lamp made of sea shells. Baby dolphin is in debt. Baby dolphin weeps.

M: Baby dolphin seeks lawyer.

J: It is not accepted in today's modern society. Baby dolphin sinks into a pit of despair.

M: Baby dolphin seeks professional help once more.

J: Dolphin hungry.

M: Dolphin seeks sweet meats. Sweet Tyler based meats.

J: Dolphin enticed by sweet, sweet smell.

M: Dolphin intrigued. Dolphin wants more.

J: Dolphin saunters towards Tyler.

M: Dolphin has gun.

J: Tyler body-guard tackles baby dolphin to floor.

M: Dolphin has teeth. Dolphin bites.

J: Dolphin bites Baby dolphin sized hole is body-guards.

M: Baby dolphin is stronger than body guards think.

J: Body guards weep for human-kind.

M: Baby dolphin wrestles body guards to the floor. Human-kind panics. Fires start.

J: Blood seeps through cracks in floor boards. Dolphin is victorious. Tyler cowers in corner.

M: Baby dolphin feeds.

J: Tyler makes for door. Tyler is baby dolphin's next victim. But Tyler runs. Tyler may have broken leg, but Tyler runs. After all, Tyler's middle name is Forrest.

M: Baby dolphin has chariot. Baby dolphin rides chariot.

J: Baby dolphin whips horses.

M: Baby dolphin chases Tyler Forrest into the city. The city is big. Tyler stumbles to floor. Chariot looks out of place in the city. People stare.

J: Baby dolphin hails taxi. Taxi swerves.

M: Baby dolphin shouts at cabbie. Tyler runs.

J: Tyler stumbles through pets at home. Dolphin has to look civil in pets at home.

M: Pets at home stocks hounds. Hounds chase Baby dolphin.

J: Baby dolphin proceeds down aisle 3.

M: Baby dolphin cries.

J: Baby dolphin wipes salty tear from eyes.

M: Isle 3 is where the pet food is.

J: Baby dolphin stuffs face.

M: The hounds are distracted by pet food.

J: Baby dolphin manically laughs. Baby dolphin's work is nearly done.

M: Baby dolphin is within a flippers reach of Tyler. Tyler screams.

J: Tyler hurls trolley into Baby dolphin.

M: Trolley slows down Baby dolphin.

J: Baby dolphin's scream echoes.

M: Baby dolphin quickens its pace. Tyler leaves pets at home.

J: Baby dolphin reverts to jet pack.

M: Baby dolphin follows.